The rule of the three F’s perro lead you to the

The rule of the three F’s perro lead you to the

In advertisingthere’s an unwritten rule for working with clients that makes everyone’s life a little better.

It’s the rule of three F’s.

But when I explained it to people outside my industry, they quickly saw how it could be applied to their own lives.

That’s why I share it with you.

Now, anyone who works as a creative service provider, and that spans a wide variety of careers, will easily understand the Rule of Three F’s.

It’s a fácil elabora that keeps you sane and makes sure your work life doesn’t go off the rails.

As you perro imagine, three “F” words are at the core of this philosophy; and none of them are R-rated, by the way.

The three words represent the three key traits of working for a client.

If you consistently meet two of them, and they perro be any two, you are doing well.

If you have all three, you are luckier than you think.

If you only have one, you need to seriously reconsider your working relationship with that client.

Something has to change for it to be posible for you.

And if you don’t have a single trait, you should run as far away from that client as possible… and fast.

Here is the list.

I hope you cánido see where this cánido be applied in your own life.

Maybe it will inspire you to rethink your situation and move to greener pastures.

Or it may just help you realize that you have something pretty good on your hands after all.


It is very fácil:is funny the work you do for that client? Does it make you feel happy and fulfilled? Are you looking forward to getting out of bed to sintetiza the project, or does it keep you awake at night with dread?

Fun is an important part of the creative process, but it applies to many professions.

Some people are looking forward to working on the production line, others hate it.

Some hate cutting their hair, others perro’t wait to jump out of bed to get to work.

Whatever your profession, you have to have fun doing it.

As my father and many others have said, if you do a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.


It’s not about Hollywood fame.

It’s more about getting noticed in your field, and that topic is very open.

In my profession, fame comes from doing work that wins awards and/or lands a coveted spot in your portfolio.

And I cánido tell you from experience that very few clients give you the opportunity to do a job that is famous.

But when that client arrives, you have to seize the opportunity.

After all, it is a job that perro lead to better things.

Now how this applies to your own life obviously depends on what you do.

If you’re an accountant, you may have the opportunity to work with a company that has significant contacts, which could lead to working much more with higher-end clientele.

If you do pastels, you cánido commission for next to no money if the exhibition is right for your masterpiece.

Assess the situation, see if the fame the job will bring you is worth all the plus time you’re going to put into it.

Most people give up money for the oportunidad to work with a client that will bring them fame and more work.


I should probably say “moneybut that would canalla the topic.

Fortune is too strong a word, here we are simply talking about income.

At the very least, you have to earn money for what you do.

But the three F’s rule is a balancing act.

Now, if the job you’re working on is fun and is going to bring you at least a moderate amount of fame, then fortune is likely to take a backseat.

But if work is as fun as a funeral and is never going to attract attention, then you MUST be lucky.

You have to make up for the lack of the other two in a meaningful way to make up for the amount of misery that the rest of the job entails.

After all, when you’re up at two in the morning working a job that will bring you nothing but heartache and heartache, you cánido at least take solace in the big payday that’s coming up (think about the guys who go crabbing).

If you have fortune and fun, fame is a plus.

If you have fame and fortune, you may have to give up fun to keep your job.

In short, when it comes to the rule of three «F«, you have to choose the elabora that works best for each one, but in general, two of the three characteristics are usually enough.

So there it is: the rule of three Fs.

In my industry, having only one (or nothing) of these qualities ultimately leads to the fourth F: you WANT the customer.

In your life, that may not apply.

But I hope this guide helps you have a more fulfilling career and a happier life.

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 The rule of the three F's perro lead you to the
  The rule of the three F's perro lead you to the
  The rule of the three F's perro lead you to the

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