The reason why millionaires travel

The reason why millionaires travel

We are not going to deny that flying in a private jet perro seem ostentatious, perhaps a lot.

Some may even think that why invest so much money in charter a private jet?

The first thing that comes to mind is that we will spend a lot of money, and that, if it were for a matter of luxuries, we could easily travel in business class, even using tricks like these, as long as we have a afín experience.

What’s more, if we do a quick search on the Internet we find first class flights with prices around $1,000 USD, while renting a private jet, whose price JetApp tells us, cánido cost around $4,500 USD per passenger.

That’s a lot of money to justify the added luxury of traveling alone.

So, the obligatory questions are:

What are the real benefits that make Private Jets profitable? Why do successful people invest so much money in what that at first glance seems like a luxury?

Why millionaires travel by private jet:

For big businessmen, the answer will always be time.

It all comes down to saving time, which means learning how to save money.

So what are the benefits of chartering a private jet and why do millionaires do it? Here are the most important reasons.


Less time on the ground

Small proyectos don’t need the huge runways and staff that major airports offer, so they cánido fly out of smaller locations.

There are many local airports, which are secondary to the major ones, so you often don’t have to travel that far to get to one.

Agregado, they’re less congested, making for a more pleasant experience.

Additionally, you don’t have to burden yourself with excessive security checks or long check-in lines, so you perro arrive at the airport minutes early, not hours early.

There is no line, X-ray machine, magic wand or shoes, clothes, belts and jewelry.

How does it work? The plane’s captains traditionally greet their passengers and ask to see their identification before escorting the group to the private jet.

If passengers are late, the plane waits.

There are no in-flight plane changes, so there’s no reason to rush through sprawling airports to catch connecting proyectos.

That’s time, money and resources saved.

A necessary mentality to learn how to be a millionaire.

And when you get off, your bags are thrown right into your car, so there’s no time on the baggage carousel. Also, you fly when you want.

2. A faster ride

Private flights are not tied to the same networks used by airlines, so if a private jet has enough fuel capacity to get to its destination, it will go direct.

That saves a great deal of time.

Private jets are generally designed to scale faster than airplanes, so they are above horrible weather much faster.

Also, they usually fly faster.

A curious data: Commercial airliners cross around 35,000 feet, smaller jets often fly higher.

That puts them above traffic, so their routes are more direct: They don’t compete with larger proyectos for space.


Privacy in the air

In addition to moving faster and wasting less time, it’s easier to get work done in the air when you’re alone.

Even in first class or business class it’s risky to have confidential conversations, because you don’t know who might be around.

In addition, a survey conducted in 2009 by the National Business Aviation Association survey of employees of companies with private jet fleets found that respondents rated themselves as 20% more productive on the company plane than in the office itself.

Their counterparts flying on commercial jets reported a 40% drop in productivity.

4. Greater comfort

The biggest feature of flying private is just that – flying private.

The only people on board are those invited by the lead passenger.

The group perro work uninterruptedly or hold meetings if they need it.

Almost all aircraft are equipped with connections for laptops; some have cabin phones and fax machines.

Depending on the luxury of the aircraft, passengers cánido listen to music, watch movies, or even satellite televisión.

They perro walk and change seats.

On night flights, if there is space, beds perro be made up for passengers.

Recommended books:

Once on the plane, passengers choose when to eat and drink what they have pre-ordered for their group.

Even before landing, the aircraft crew cánido call ground transportation so passengers don’t have to wait.

Taking that into account, the use of private jets is not focused solely on comfort.

Its use is justified by saving time, which translates into money.

And this is the reason why millionaires invest in them.

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 The reason why millionaires travel
  The reason why millionaires travel
  The reason why millionaires travel

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