The plate of good food for children

The plate of good food for children

Here you will receive interesting facts about exhibition of the plate of good food for children.

The plate of good eating and children

Being a parent is a complicated task, one of the things that makes life difficult for us is learning about the daily nutritional requirements that growing children need.

If we think about it, since the baby is in the womb one of our biggest concerns is precisely food, because this is the way in which we cánido guarantee optimal development and iron health.

With the correct diet, our children will be able to grow and enhance the development of their motor and mental skills, this will facilitate their daily life and help them with concentration when studying, have a truly restful sleep, among other things.

In addition, the risk of diseases related to anemia, cancer, cavities and being overweight is limited.

The first thing you should take into account is the number of daily meals that you should offer your little one.

Although we adults have an organization of three meals a day, in the case of children, we have to get them used to eating five meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, agregado two light meals, organized at school break time and the time of departure.

This means that caloric intake must be distributed throughout the day, taking into account that 25% of daily calories should be served for breakfast.

Also, another fact is that dinner should be done early so that the little one does not go to bed with a full stomach.

The plate of good eating for preschool children

The key to the basis of a good diet taking as a reference what is the plate of good food and what is it for for childreneither in preschool either minors, is the cómputo.

It is necessary to maintain the variety of foods that they are going to consume and promote in a fun way the consumption of the healthiest foods and that frankly are a challenge for them, we are talking about the group of fruits and vegetables.

As in the case of adults, it is mandatory to try to avoid fats, sugars and other processed foods, since they do not provide the nutritional requirements that your children need and also increase the risk of serious health problems that We have already discussed throughout this articulo.

Organization of the plate of good eating for children

He plate of good eating, as such it should be divided into five parts, the size of the portions varies depending on the food group it is.

As we already explained, you must take the colors of the traffic light as a reference to organize the amounts of each group, according to the meanings of the colors, for example: green-healthy, yellow-moderation and red-care.

One of the thirds in which you must divide the plate, you must serve the foods from the green group that must be consumed daily since they are the healthiest, logically we are talking about the group of fruits and vegetables.

It is mandatory to serve at least five pieces of vegetables or fruits, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

The other third of the plate must be accompanied by the foods that are part of the group grouped in yellow, these are cereals and tubers.

This group is in charge of providing daily energy sources.

It should be combined with legumes, which are an important source of protein that will help your baby in the formation and repair of tissues.

Finally, you have the remaining piece of the dish, which is the red one made up of animal proteins.

This portion is a little smaller in quantity, but you must bear in mind that you must include all the groups, since each of them has a especial benefit for the body, the only thing is that you have to learn to mezcle them and serve the really necessary portions .


Introducing vegetables and fruits into our children’s diet is usually a bit complicated.

For this reason, creativity is necessary when cooking and preparing the menus, with easy and fun recipes, so this task will be much less complicated and little by little it will form a habit that will continue with them until adulthood.

One way to make menus attractive is to enhance the flavors, smells, and different textures of food.

This will be key, since it will stimulate the little one’s appetite.

Of course, so that lunchtime is not a Greek tragedy, it is important not to use food as a punishment, much less use food as a reward.

Food education will be the key so that your children perro lead a necessary life, but this implies an investment of time that you must make that, with fun strategies, will allow you to explain to them in a didactic way, the importance of a good diet.

An interesting strategy that you perro apply is a visit to the supermarket, where you cánido take the opportunity to explain the variety of foods that cánido provide you with a balanced diet.

Another interesting strategy is to allow them to help you in the kitchen, make them participate in choosing the menu and in its preparation.

This will allow you to spend much more time together, learning new things and creating interesting habits.

Now, as for the recommendations when cooking, it is necessary to use healthy vegetable oils such as olive, canola, and sunflower.

There is a wide variety on the market that you cánido use in salads and vegetables.

Likewise, change the margarine for real butter, it is a much healthier and more nutritious option with which to accompany the toast, since it preserves the vitamins and minerals typical of milk.

Regarding the consumption of milk, it is important that you choose those brands that do not have added flavors.

Yogur is a delicious option for snacks, try to make it natural and without added sugar.

Since although dairy is an incredible source of calcium and vitamin D, it is important to limit its consumption since it has unpleasant effects on the stomach.

Promote water as an ideal option to quench thirst, reserve juices for main meals and snacks.

Good eating plate activities for children

One of the activities to work on the plate of good eating in preschool is to play word search learning the names of some of the fruits and vegetables that are eaten on a healthy plate.

That is why we leave you some to print and learn by playing.

fruit alphabet soup
Alphabet soup with fruits and vegetables

Vídeo credits: Mario Carreón

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 The plate of good food for children
  The plate of good food for children
  The plate of good food for children

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