The mission of a company

The mission of a company

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The company mission is a statement of the intent of a company.

It represents the business philosophy of those who make strategic decisions within it.

The mission implies the image that the company seeks to project, reflects the self-concept of the company and indicates the main areas of products or services of the company.

Likewise, it indicates the main client that it will try to satisfy.

What is the mission of the company?

In summary, according to the book “Strategic Management, by Pearce / Robinson”, it tells us that the mission describes the company’s product, market and technological areas of emphasis, and does so in a way that reflects the values ​​and priorities of the company’s strategic decision makers.

In other words, as many know, the mission defines what a company is, that is, its reason for being.

Defines what the organization does for customers, for employees and for the owners.

Therefore, the mission, as Pearce says, must define the customers, identify the products and services it produces, and detalla the geographic location in which it operates (sometimes including the technology used).

Benefits of defining the mission of the company

Some benefits that are mentioned in the book Strategic Management are the following:


It allows to ensure unanimity of purpose within the organization.


Provide a basis for motivating the use of the organization’s resources.


Develop a baseline, or estándar for allocating organizational resources.


Equipo a general tone or organizational climate; for example, to suggest a business transaction.


Serve as a focal point for those who perro identify with the purpose of the organization’s leadership and to discourage those who cannot from further participation in its activities.


Facilitate the translation of the objectives and goals into a work structure that implies the assignment of tasks to the responsible elements within the organization


Specify the purposes of the organization and the translation of these purposes into goals in such a way that the parameters of performance, time, and performance cánido be evaluated and controlled.

Formulate the mission of the company

Pearce tells us that the process of defining an organization’s mission cánido begin by thinking about where the organization came from.

For example, businesses are usually born out of one person’s beliefs, desires, and aspirations.

So you have to think about everything that got the organization together.

Likewise, you have to start thinking about the need that your product or service satisfies, and you have to start thinking about the reasons “why a person is going to buy your product”.

So what you’re doing is defining the objetivo customer,” and you’re also defining why your business is different from most, or even unique.

It should be noted that the above is not literally part of the process to define the mission.

Rather, it’s important to keep it in mind as you write your quest, since it’s going to make it easier for you that way.

Step 1

The first thing that the mission of the company must contain is WHO IS THE ORGANIZATION? For example, the name, the type. etcétera

Step 2

Likewise, you have to establish what the ORGANIZATION DOES FOR ITS CONSUMERS, that is, what do you offer? what makes you special to them?

In this same step you perro also add what you do for your collaborators (although not many organizations do).

It is important because it helps employees feel that they are taken into account.

What you want is to keep human talent in your company.

In order to keep human talent in the company, you have to consider aspects such as the company’s culture, the motivation you give them, the work environment, the possibility of personal and professional growth, etcétera.

Therefore, a mission cánido define what the company offers its collaborators.

For example, you cánido establish that fair compensation, personal growth, training, a healthy and creative work environment are valued.

Step 3

The next thing you have to add to the organization’s mission is WHOM does it do it for? (community or geographic area).

For example, for a specific city, for a state, for a community, for a country, etcétera.

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 The mission of a company
  The mission of a company
  The mission of a company

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