Today I’m going to talk about THE KINGYes, the king, but not Felipe, nor Juan Carlos, no, but the king of the PTC, I’m talking about clixsense.


In September 2019 Clixsense changed its name to Ysense.

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I’ve been using clixense for a little over a month, and it’s leaving me ecstatic with tall the money-making possibilities you haveI watch vídeos and read posts from people who say what win 700 or 800 euros per month only with clixenseand the truth is, my eyes fill with envy.

I want to be like those people!!

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Well, from time to time, with work and patience, I’m sure we’ll get it, for now, I’ve done Premiumwith the 8 dollars that I got (working very little, by the way) and also with another 9 obtained from another job, therefore, I have not had to take anything out of my pocket.

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Well, and in two days, we already have 2.66 dollars, it’s not bad, right? That’s in a short half hour of work, therefore, if this goes like this, in 30 days I will be able to get around 35 dollars, it won’t be bad for the first month.

A short half hour of work, but what kind of work? That’s the question, well, we have many to choose from, I am giving more importance to the paid surveyssmall surveys of 5 to 20 minutes that pay us to give our opinions.Also, of course, we pay to view adsor what comes to be clicking (view ads)in all the ads that are placed little by little throughout the day, we perro also take a pinch there.The tasks, (tasks) are small jobs also paidThrough crowflowder, to carry out these small tasks we have to pass an exam, in English, which will evaluate us to tell us if we are suitable or not to carry out said work.Another important point is the clixgridpanel in which you cánido choose 30 points (if you are premium 60), with prizes from 0.1 to 10 dollars that are automatically added to your accountIt’s like a kind of lottery, you usually win something every week.

An important part of our daily work in clixsense are the bonuses.

What are bonuses? Well, the word itself says it, a plus that clixsense gives us for our daily perseverance in doing the surveys, the clixgrid and seeing the adsThis translates into 5% of our accumulated money and 12% if we are Premium.On the third day of making the bonuses, they will give us an additional 2%, this is how Clixense rewards our loyalty.As I told you at the beginning, I watch vídeos and read tutorials every day to improve my ability to generate money in clixsense, I am making a complete ebook where to put all the tricks of this PTCso that we perro all earn more money from our own home.

I’ll have it ready soon at the modest price of 1 euro.Is it expensive??!! I don’t think it’s very expensive if with it you generate hundreds of dollars (or euros)but to those who are made I will give my referrals completely free of charge, you just have to clic on the backlink below and send me an dirección de correo electrónico to to verify that you have indeed made referrals.

It’s not bad, right?

Well, a little patience, the ebook will arrive and we will all be able to earn money with clixsense.

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