The key to your life is how you invest your

The key to your life is how you invest your

Modify your life using your free time correctly. According to several investigations, it is said that 90% of what we do is the result of our daily routines and habits… And these routines even include what you do in your free time.

For example, without knowing it, you arrive at night and do the following activities: say hello, eat, watch the soap trabaja, watch popular media, and sleep.

In the end, they are not activities that you have decided to do during your free time.

No, they are activities that have been formed as part of your daily routine and that your brain assimilates them as activities that you must carry out systematically, which frees you from wasting energy thinking about what to do.

Watching movies that don’t help you, silly novels that excite you with an unreal world, smoking a cigarette before going to sleep, eating sweets without thinking while watching televisión, in short… How many negative habits and routines do we execute without thinking?

And what if you use that time in something different? How much knowledge to learn, how much new food to try, how many new clothes or styles to wear, how many new places to discover, how many new caresses to try, how many hugs that you have never given or have not given for a long time, how many calls, how many moments…

He tries different things… in a beautiful poem called moments or instants, it depends on which writer it is attributed to, he warns us:

“If I could live my life again.

Next time I would try to make more mistakes.

Do not try to be so perfect, I would relax more.

I would be dumber than I have been, in fact I would take very few things seriously.

It would be less hygienic.”

So adopt the lifestyle you want to live, and I’m pretty sure you don’t dream of growing old and lying in a house in a slum watching televisión, obese and sorry for the things you didn’t do and filled in your mind with a single sentence. …

“And if there were”

I am not telling you with this that you have to eat a healthy diet and exercise a lot, that is not what it is about: It’s all about living… But yes, never stop looking for what you love, as Jobs said “stay hungry, stay crazy”…

So, never lose that hunger and madness for life. Live the life you want by transforming your free time into small moments of happiness; discovering a new lugar de comidas, buying that jacket that you would never wear and that you fearlessly combined to look different, traveling at least once a year to a place where you have never been, walking barefoot in the sand, eating a delicious dessert savoring each flavor, anyway….

Live now and I hope you don’t die wanting to live but with the smile of having created, known, loved, lost, laughed, cried and of having given everything on the pitch even though your plan must be reinvented many times.

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Written by Paula Casallas

Being happy and healthy is a whole lifestyle.

Volunteer, Dreamer.

Fit Lover.

You perro follow her on instagram and Youtube.

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 The key to your life is how you invest your
  The key to your life is how you invest your
  The key to your life is how you invest your

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