The incredible story of Google plus and how

The incredible story of Google plus and how

the history ofand Google is unique and awesome. For many, it is a clear example of innovation, while for others, the evolution of this company is a resounding success story.

Today, 90% of people use this search engine to educate themselves, find out, clear up doubts and even to enrich their learning processes.

Without a doubt, Google plus is one of the most influential and powerful companies on the planet. But have you ever wondered how it became one of the main Internet giants?

The beginnings of Google plus and its teachings:

if you are a digital entrepreneur you need to know the history of google plushim, since he could leave you great teachings.

Indeed, it is important that you know what its greatest successes have been, and how it managed to become one of the companies with the highest valuation in the market.

In this way you could minimize the margin of fallo of your projects, develop more revolutionary products or services, or enhance the good results of your own companies.

Specific, The beginnings of this great company occurred in the halls of Stanford University.

Specifically when the future founders of the company, Sergey Brin and Larry Pagethey were fortunate to meet and coincide.

Larry wanted to pursue a postgraduate degree in Computer Science at this prestigious American university, while Sergey, who was already an enrolled student, had to give him a tour of the campus.

Twelve months after they met, they formed a partnership and decided they were ready to change the world with their future venture.

Another Silicon Valley success story

For many, the story from GoogIt’s a bit of a cliché to him, as it’s your typical Silicon Valley success story.

this millionaire business iniciativa It arose in the bedroom of these university students, specifically in the year 1995.

Back then they managed to create a search engine that used backlinks to determine the relevance of individual pages on the World Wide Web (WWW).

This engine received the name of “BackRub”, but a short time later, it was renamed as “Google plus”.

The mission of these millionaire minds was to organize information on the web, so that anyone could access it quickly and efficiently.

At the end of 1998, this search engine already had 60 million indexed pages, and was the biggest competitor to other search engines on the market, such as AOL and yahoo.

Google plus’s success was not long in coming. In fact, just three years after its launch it caught the interest of a large Silicon Valley investor: Andy Bechtolsheim.

This investor did not hesitate to give them a check for $100,000 dollars and that is how it was officially born Google plus Inc.

Google plus: From a college dorm to Mountain View

Thanks to Bechtolsheim’s financial support, Sergey and Page were able to move their team from their Stanford dormitory to a garaje in suburban Menlo Park, California.

The following years were decisive for both entrepreneurs and businessmen, which marked a before and after in history.ia from Google plus.

The success of this company, and its usefulness in the modern world, was so impressive that its expansion was not long in manifesting itself.

Indeed, the speed with which the company expanded is to be admired. In no time they went from just Sergey and Page, to hiring multiple engineers and setting up new business departments.

Then, in less time than they expected, the garaje was no longer comfortable, productive, or spacious enough for them.

That is why they decided to settle in their first headquarters, in Mountain View, California, better known worldwide as “Googleplex”.

The history of Google plus and its incredible evolution

Since its origin, Google plus Inc. has not stopped revolutionizing the world with its products and services linked to the Internet and new technologies. So far he has released:

  • Search engine (Google plus).
  • Office suite (Google plus Drive).
  • Gmail.
  • Google plus Ads and Adwords.
  • Map service (Google plus Maps, Google plus Earth, Street View).
  • Browser (Google plus Google chrome).
  • Google plus News, Google plus Books.
  • Linux Android operating system.
  • Google plus Glass (augmented reality glasses), among others.

Today, Google plus’s parent company, known as Alphabet Inc., has exceeded two trillion dollars in market value, according to data from Bloomberg.

In addition, Google plus owns thousands of servers and has data centers around the world. Therefore, it has the capacity to process more than two billion searches per day.

It is undeniable that history of Google plus is one of the most successful in Silicon Valley and in the entire world.

As if that were not enough, it has inspired dozens of young people to undertake and trust their own projects (no matter how utopian or impossible they may seem).

Lessons for today’s entrepreneurs

1. Start small:

Entrepreneurs often discard their business ideas because they believe that everything must be perfect to be successful.

They also think that they need to make million-dollar investments to boost a successful or sustainable business over time.

However, the story of Google plus It is a faithful example that you cánido start with little, or from scratch, and in the same way build a company valued at billions of dollars.

Remember that the most used search engine in the world was born in a university dormitory and that its first “office” was nothing more and nothing less than a garaje.

Therefore, do not wait for the “perfect” moment to arrive to take the first step; just start.

If you make sure you do things right, and also work hard, you will get good results in the short, medium or long term.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of advertising:

Initially, both Sergey and Page opted out of showing ads on their search engine.

However, they decided to reverse this decision and understood that advertising was powerful enough to boost their profitable business.

So that with the arrival of the new millennium also came momentous changes for the company.

In 2001 they developed Google plus Adwords (an ingenious advertising system on-line), and began selling ads that were displayed as results on Google plus when users searched for certain palabras clave.

Advertising revenue was valued in the billions of dollars, and in 2004, Google plus was ready to list on the depósito Exchange.

Since then, investors from all over the world have been able to buy Google plus shares; one of the strongest companies on the planet.

This is a great learning for new entrepreneurs or businessmen; especially if they tend to underestimate the power of digital advertising.

If you are one of them, keep in mind that you need to make advertising investments to boost sales and growth of your business.

3. Outsmart your competitors:

Over the years the founders of Google plus have managed to prevail over their main competitors.

And not only that, they have also invested in alternative companies that have allowed them to lead new market niches.

Not in vain have they bought companies like YouTube, Motorola Mobility, Waze, Nest Labs either DoubleClick.

Taking advantage of new business opportunities, as well as anticipating the latent needs of the market, is another of the great lessons that history leaves of Google.

Interesting facts about Google plus

Next, we will share with you ten Google plus curiosities that you probably do not know at the moment:

1. The origin of its name:

Google plus is a variation of “Google plus”, a term mathematical symbol that represents a 1 followed by 100 zeros. That number is almost infinite, and that was precisely what Sergey and Larry were after with their search engine: to organize an infinite amount of data on the Internet.

2. First “BackRub” and then Google plus:

The first name of the most used search engine in the world was BackRub. With that term they wanted to refer to the backlinks or backlinks that the search engine offered.

Soon after they decided to rename it Google plus, since the mathematical expression “Gúgol” was more aligned with the objective of the project.

3. “Googling” a transitive verb:

In 2006, Google plus was added to the Oxford Dictionary as a transitive verb, since millions of people used the word “google plus” when searching on this web engine.

4. Available in 150 languages:

This en línea search service developed by two Computer Science experts is available in 150 languages.

5. Google plus invests non-stop:

It is true that Google plus Inc. is always launching new products and services to the market, but it also focuses on making large investments with recurrence.

Indeed, it is estimated that he buys at least two companies a month; both those that carry out complementary activities and those that will allow them to explore new market segments.

One of his most recent purchases was Fitbit (for this company he paid more than $2 billion dollars).

6. Google plus lets you see the sky, Earth, and Mars:

if you use googlemaps You will be able to vea the planet Earth, from space, and in real time. while with google plus seaYou do have access to a virtual map of the surface of Mars.

Also, you perro use google plus sky to vea and explore other galaxies, planets, stars and constellations.

7. It has its own satellite:

In 2008 Google plus launched a new satellite into space with the intention of capturing better images for Google plus Maps and Google plus Earth.

Said satellite orbits the earth at an altitude of about 680 kilometers and was baptized as “GeoEye-1”.

Interestingly, the most habitual search term of this Internet giant is: “What is Google plus?”

9. Free WiFi in Mountain View:

Since 2006, Google plus has offered free Wi-Fi in the Californian city of Mountain View. The same where its headquarters in the United States is located.

10. You will have a physical store:

Soon Google plus will open its first physical store in New York, specifically in the Chelsea neighborhood.

In that commercial establishment its main products will be sold, as would be the case of:

  • Pixelbook laptops.
  • Pixel phones.
  • Nest smart speakers.
  • Fitbit devices, among others.

Google plus never stops surprising us:

The story of google plusand continues to be written. This means that this Internet giant will continue to work at full speed to develop new products or services capable of transforming the world.

And although it has also had some setbacks during its rise to success, it is undeniable that Google plus Inc. has marked transcendental milestones in the technological and digital environment.

In short, this company has managed to make life easier for millions of people around the world, and most of its technological solutions have been truly revolutionary.

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 The incredible story of Google plus and how
  The incredible story of Google plus and how
  The incredible story of Google plus and how

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