The ‘Housing rental index’: The

The ‘Housing rental index’: The

Almost three years ago, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda launched the ‘Housing Rental Index’, an en línea platform that allows Spanish citizens to find out the average rental prices in different areas of the country.

The tool was created to provide transparency to the housing rental market and address the deficit of official information in the ámbito.

Housing rental index

The platform presents an interactive map of all of Spain, in which users cánido navigate by census section, district, municipality, province and autonomous community.

The information is based on tax sources (IRPF) and cadastral data, with close to 2 million records of annual housing leases.

In addition to providing the average cost of rent, the tool also espectáculos the median income for residents in each area.

This allows citizens to assess whether they perro afford to live in a specific area, considering their income.

District navigation example

Despite its usefulness, the platform has some limitations.

The tax information on which the map is based has a gap of approximately two years, which means that current data may not reflect current market conditions.

In addition, it is estimated that 40% of rented homes are not declared, which affects the accuracy of the data provided.

Although it does not prevent landlords from raising rental prices uncontrollably, the ‘Housing Rental Index’ provides citizens with a useful benchmark for assessing whether a rental is inflated, average or a bargain.

The tool has become a valuable resource for those looking to rent or moving to a new area in Spain.

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 The 'Housing rental index': The
  The 'Housing rental index': The
  The 'Housing rental index': The

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