The guide to dealing with envious people and

The guide to dealing with envious people and

Have you ever felt envy? Have you felt that they envy you?

Envy is a equipo of feelings that arises from a very basic desire: you want what you think someone else has.

It’s that feeling of discontent, sadness or anger that we experience from not possessing what someone else has, be it material things, physical and emotional qualities, achievements, or events that we would like for ourselves. We suffer for what we do not have.

Many times it is reflected in wishing for the success and abilities or qualities of other people, reaching the point of compare yourself and feel very bad for the lack that is believed to have

Years ago I was able to vea this behavior up close in a college roommate.

This person was very diligent and got straight A’s; However, when an exchange student arrived who was also fluent in the subject, his behavior suddenly changed.

He did everything possible to make the new student see that he was wrong or that he had flaws that had little to do with his academic performance. I just wanted to discredit him and “kill the competition”.

I realized that in the end, this behavior only affects one person: the envious.

The envied person is not affected if he is not “attacked” by the one who is envious of him, who is the only person who suffers and has negative thoughts and of inferiority.

Because people are envious

A person feels envy of another when think it is inferior to this one, even if it isn’t.

If you are envious of someone, it is because you feel inferior in some way.

You think the other person is better than you and you don’t like to accept that.

When envy is born within a friendship, it perro experience tension or conflicts significant.

Friendship is built on trust and mutual support, so competition (the very essence of envy) seriously damages the foundation of friendship.

It’s very hard to relax and trust a friend who really He doesn’t want the best for you. There are many reasons why someone cánido be envious, and here I espectáculo you the 5 most important reasons:


The amount of money one has or earns

money matters.

In groups or popular circles where people often earn a lot of money, comparisons cánido be very frequent and intense.

In this environment, someone who does not earn much is aware that their environment has much more money.

These differences tend to arouse in many people a envy root or desire to become like other people, even to be able to “fit” in that popular group.

2. sentimental relationships

If he having a partner is something that matters a lot to youyou should know that romantic relationships are one of the main reasons for envy in people.

The envious person usually live in one popular comparison constant, which ends up seriously affecting their self-esteem.

They even come to wonder obsessively about the differences between them and others who do have a partner, entering a vicious circle discouragement, and in the worst case, depression.

3. physical attractiveness

Feeling envy for physical appearance is more common during the first years of adulthood, especially in the 20s.

Likewise, it is usually in adolescence that physical attractiveness it becomes important.

People with low self-esteem magnify their deficiencies and tend to envy your friends with “better looks”.

His thinking is that his “hot friends” have a unfair advantage to get appointments.

4. professional success

Men and women usually do not envy the professional success of one of their close friends; but it is likely that they envy that successful friend if you earn more money

However, having a friend who is more successful in the same profession or business cánido genera a great envy.

For example, if you are a lawyer and your friend, who has studied with you and works in the same company, is promoted; there may be a kind of competition or problems in the friendship.

5. Throught popular media

Popular networks often ocasione strong feelings of envy.

This makes sense, since people self-select their photos of the happiest moments of their lives, whether with their partner or smiling in a group photo. telling the world they have it all.

Users of the most habitual popular networks such as Fb and Instagram experience envy of activities and lifestyles from their friends, and are likely to experience feelings of depression in the long run.

As know if a person is toxic

A toxic person is one who, when interacting with you, affects your motivation, inspiration and emotional well-being.

That radiates negative energy.

The best way to know if a person is toxic is by looking at How do you feel after treating it?

A sign is if you felt that it brought something good to your life or the opposite.

Even if it’s not your intention, toxic people manage to bring out the worst in you.

You deserve to be with people who make you enjoy the moment, that they support you and that you like spending time with them.

Therefore, it is very important that you learn to identify these types of people and avoid them.

Pay attention to these 7 signs to identify a toxic person.

If when reading these signs a person in your life in especial comes to mind, it is most likely that he is someone toxic.

1. They try to control you

Although many people have a tendency to be controlling.

There is a big difference between someone who likes to have everything in order and someone who try to manipulate others at your whim.

The moment you feel that someone is trying to “force” you to do something you really don’t want or to change the way you are, act or think; it will be time for reconsider your company.

2. they lie to you constantly

These people are compulsive liars.

Whether they are small or big lies, they lie to everyone.

If you see that someone is lying to many people, you cánido be sure that they are lying to you too.

Get that negativity out of your life.! The people who have a positive impact on us are the ones we cánido trust.

Be careful with those dishonest people who will only hurt you.

3. They are always the victims

They like to be the victim all the time.

This is a very subtle way to be toxic, but it is one of the most common ways.

That person who lives complaining of the bad things that happen to you will only bring negativity into your life.

As convincing as it may seem, they just want life and other people to give them more than they are willing to give. Don’t fall for their game!

4. They gossip and only talk about other people

Another distinctive feature of toxic people is the enthusiasm for gossip, especially by those who are too strong.

If you are constantly around a compulsive gossiper, they are likely to have the same disrespect for you..

Just talking about other people is annoying and boring in the long run, so it’s all the better for you.

stay away from these kinds of people.

The only thing they will bring you is issues.

5. They covet all the time

Another way toxic people negatively affect our lives is being greedy.

If you do some kind of business with someone close and you only take into account what they earn in each situation, eventually, The one who will be harmed will be you.

You may not notice this at first, but over time you will realize that his personality will make you change your mood that will probably end up on a path of break up and grudge

6. They always think they are right

They often try to dominate all conversations.

They think they are the smartest people in the room and everyone else is wrong.

With these people, humorous small talk will quickly become violent arguments.

When someone sees a conversation as a challenge you must winIt is almost impossible to have a healthy relationship.

Leaving toxic friends is vital in life to feel confident, free and capable.

7. are negative

No matter what you try or do with this person, everything will always be less than expected or wanted.

This person is the one who complains non-stop, completely ruins your day, and will probably blame it on you.

When you find that someone’s negativity is constantly interfering with your ability to have a good time, it’s time to keep distance and move on.

That do with the envious people

Throughout your life, yes or yes you will have to deal with envious people.

Although the best you cánido do is avoid these kind of peopleIt won’t always be that easy.

You have to learn to live with them and cope with them.

It is very unlikely that a person will tell you that they are envious of you directly, You may not even be aware of your emotional insecurity. But it will be easy to notice when you identify any of the signs mentioned above.

If you have realized that there are many people or, at least, one person who is envious of you, here I will give you some steps to follow to not let this person affect your life.

1. Stay away from envious people

Remember that if someone envy you, it’s your problem. You are not doing anything wrong and you should not let this affect you.

In general, many tend to express their envy with negative behaviors and comments towards you or your work.

ignore them.

If you let it affect you, you will be giving them the reason.

If you cánido cut all kind of relationship with this person, do it.

focus on you and in the people who do want to see you succeed.

Envy is a sign that you are doing things right.

2. examine their behavior

They will not always be so explicit in showing their envy.

You perro even pick up on someone’s feelings by watch your reactionnot only in words but also with body expressions or facial gestures.

When a person questions your abilities or tells you things like “you won’t make it”, it is very likely that he envy you.

Especially if other people tell you otherwise.

envious people they talk to others about youthis is another warning sign.

3. Try to help him or talk about his feelings

Talk to this person about how you feel.

Especially if you cánido’t ignore her, it is better to face the situation.

Let the other person see that the way they express themselves makes you uncomfortable or is not correct.

You are not looking to alter her more, just make her see that her attitude is not good for anyone and that it is better to change it.

A good way to help an envious person is being more positive than usual when relating to her.

Make her see the best attributes of her, espectáculo kindness and help her to be better or achieve what he envy you for.

You perro too talk about your personal difficulties so she doesn’t feel like she’s the only person with problems and you cánido relate to her.

Offer your help to improve or ask him to support you with something where you perro highlight his qualities.

4. talk to someone else

Many times, we only act on our own perception, and that is when we fail because we don’t have a broader visión of the situation in which we find ourselves.

If you’re not sure if a person is envious of you, talk to other people to get their point of view.

Have an outside opinion will help you better identify the situation.

If you managed to identify her, make sure you are empathetic and espectáculo kindness in your actions.

Who cánido hurt you if you seek mutual good? be prudent and kind always.

5. Find out what made that person like this

Everybody they are a different universe.

With doubts, shortcomings and unique life experiences.

That is why we must treat with great care those that we do not know very well, but that we know are envious of us.

To know how to treat that person, it is important know the reason for your envy.

Many times your reactions cánido originate from several sources; the largest of them is fear of not feeling respected or loved.

It is not about sharing a deep friendship relationship, but about understand your situation and act maturely considering their reasons.

In our life there will always be people who will be envious of us, either because of what we are, have or do.

However, there are several ways to deal with these unavoidable situations.

Remember that if people are envious of you, it is because you are doing something very well. Let that motivate you!

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 The guide to dealing with envious people and
  The guide to dealing with envious people and
  The guide to dealing with envious people and

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