The elabora to make money with a blog

The elabora to make money with a blog

I’ve been chatting for a while working closely with many bloggers, following their stories very closely.

In many of them, I have seen their great evolution and I have seen them become true geniuses in their businesses.

This has led me to create this new project, the podcast, a program that we have titled as Gain Friday.

I want you to know too who are these geniuses, that you listen to their voices, the stories they hide in their lives of successes and also of failures.

And that you absorb with each one of them everything you perro to become that successful person you always wanted.

The voice that will guide you on this path will be Xavi Villanuevaa podcasting expert and a born fighter who will give you great advice in the next episodes.

why throw a podcast

a podcast is an audio program or vídeo that you cánido download from the Internet to listen to it whenever and wherever you want.

It is afín to a radio program.

The only difference is that you perro download the program and listen to it whenever you wantyou don’t have to watch out for it now that they broadcast it.

Podcasts were not invented now, 14 years ago they saw the light.

But it is now when they are having popularity.

And it is that anyone perro listen to a podcast, whether in the gym, running or on the subway.

And if it also teaches and gives advice to improve your business, all the better, don’t you think?

In Hispanic countries, the podcast is still taking hold.

But in a short time this digital medium will increase.

That’s why, from this blog we are going to make it reach more and more people to help them in their business.

Gain Friday

As the name suggests, We will upload the episodes every Friday.

The podcast will include interviews with digital entrepreneurs that they have been successful in their business and in their lives, and that after all they have managed to be happy and free people.

His stories They will lead us to discuss some topics about blogging and secret techniques to increase sales of a digital business, among others.

First episode by Gananci Friday

I don’t see another better blogger with whom to start the podcast in Gain Friday what with louis del valleprogrammer, blogger and passionate about what he does.

if you want to know the secrets that made Luis del Valle a successful person in its niche, the field of programming, I invite you to listen to the first episode:

What is episode 1 about?

Perro you make money from a blog? This question is asked by our readers on a daily basis.

And I always respond with the same answer: yes, you perro.

There are many ways to monetize a blogbut today we are going to talk about create a membership and en línea course packages.

In this episode you will discover what benefit a membership brings, how it differs from en línea courses and how our guest currently earns income through his blog.

Do you want to know what a membership is and how to form a private community that pays for your content? Is this a profitable elabora or is the option of selling en línea course packages even more profitable?

Well, press play or download the audio!

Remember that you cánido also follow the Gananci Friday podcast on iVoox from your mobile or browser.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to make money with a blog: necessary requirements
  • A method to generate income with a blog: membership, what does it consist of?
  • Luis del Valle’s personal experience:
    • How did you get started with your membership?
    • The members you started with and how many you have now
    • What valuable content have you used?
    • The benefits of creating a private community
    • Does a membership earn passive or recurring income?
    • If the audience is small, is it feasible to build a membership?
    • En línea course or membership, which is better?
    • Is a team needed to do all this work?
    • Consejos for creating a membership site
    • What media do you use to promote yourself?
    • The biggest benefit of a membership and the biggest drawback
    • Why you decided to package courses: your benefits
    • Consejos for listeners to increase their audience each month

Mentions made in the conversation:

Luis del Valle’s blog:

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 The elabora to make money with a blog
  The elabora to make money with a blog
  The elabora to make money with a blog

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