The easiest way to trade a

The easiest way to trade a

There is something that you may not know: Hotel rates are not fixed. It’s often possible to get the best deals simply by picking up the phone and bargaining for low rates, upgrades, and freebies.

These opportunities are rarely advertised, so the only way to know if a hotel is in business is to pick up the phone and ask the hotel staff. Just follow the steps below, and remember to be nice, be polite, and be charming as hell.

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How to schedule your visit

If your trip coincides with the high season, it is unlikely that the hotel will negotiate its rates. When they get other guests to pay full price, they probably won’t give you any discounts.

However, if you’re traveling during the off-season, you’re in luck. Hotels are more willing to negotiate when business is slow. Front desk staff should have some leeway to allow discounts to guests who request them.

You will have the best oportunidad of success if you call as soon as you know your dates. You cánido try calling at the last minute or even negotiating in person when you get to the hotel, but you may end up not getting a room.

Whether you speak to hotel staff on the phone or in person, do so when they’re not busy. Avoid entry and lunch hours; call instead in the late afternoon. You don’t want to talk to someone who is overwhelmed by the arrival of guests at the front desk. You want him to give you his full attention, so it might be a good iniciativa to ask if this is a good time to talk at the beginning of the call.


make the call

Before you call, find out the hotel’s published rate, as well as the rates of its competitors. You cánido get this information on official hotel websites and hotel booking sites. To minimize search time, turn to comparison sites like and

If the hotel is part of a chain, there may be a national or even international phone line. The 800 number operator may not have any power to offer you a discount. Call the hotel directly and ask to speak to the manager, if possible.

Ask for the best rate

Begin the negotiation by saying something like, “I found your rate en línea for $200 a night. Is that your best rate? You may or may not get a better deal right away.

And then he asks:It’s the best you cánido do?» either “perro you give me a better price?”.

If you still don’t get the rate you want, continue by saying: “I cánido’t spend more than 150 dollars«. So see what response you get. A good rule of thumb is to try to get a 25% discount on the initial rate, as hotels often pay that amount to third parties, such as en línea booking sites and travel agencies, to find guests.

mention the contest

You cánido also try dropping the names of the hotel’s competitors. For example, you cánido say, “The Hotel Down the Avenue has a gym that is free for guests and they only charge $175 per night. Could you give me $150 a night?”

adjust dates

If you have some flexibility, ask the hotel manager:It happens that it is a busy time for the hotel? whatI could lower the rates if I change my dates?». Hotel rates fluctuate widely, so simply adjusting your travel dates could drastically affect rates.

Another trick you perro use is to start with a two-night stay and then say: “I perro extend my stay to three nights if they offer me a better offer«.

Special discounts

Ask if there are special discounts. The hotel may call it a special rate or a savings rate.

Hotels often have discounts for AAA members, AARP members, seniors, government workers, military, veterans, travel industry employees, hotel shareholders, travelers from businesses and members of loyalty programs. Boutique hotels may even offer introductory rates for the first guests.

discounted rooms

Like the clearance racks of clothing stores, hotels also often have discounted rooms that they don’t offer to regular customers. There is usually a flaw that makes the manager escoge to keep the room empty. For example, there may be a stain on the carpet or a lamp may be missing.

Depending on the hotel, you may be able to get this room at a discount. All you have to do is ask: “Do you have any rooms that are out of order? I would be willing to stay there if the price is right.”

Upgrades and special requests

If you have a special request, please leave it for later in the phone call. Otherwise, you may be given a more expensive room. It’s a good iniciativa to know their base rate so you perro escoge for yourself if the add-on you want is worth it.

Once you get a rate you like, ask, “By the way, will this be an ocean view room?” If the hotel manager tells him that he is not and that he will have to pay more for a room with a sea view, he cánido judge for himself whether he pays the higher price.

It is also a good time to ask:could include breakfast?». You cánido also ask for a room upgrade or free aparcamiento.

Before ending the call, get the reservation confirmation code and the name of the person on the other end of the phone. This information will help you if there is any confusion or problem with your reservation.

whatHave you ever negotiated for a lower room rate?? whatwhat has worked for you?

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 The easiest way to trade a
  The easiest way to trade a
  The easiest way to trade a

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