The Cuponera | Earn money while you spend it

The Cuponera | Earn money while you spend it

The Cuponera is a free aplicación belonging to the platform specializing in coupons and offers Next to You.

This application will allow us to save and earn money by taking advantage of the offers and discounts while we make our daily purchases, something like we already do with applications like Gelt.

Any time is good to save but this is even more important when we are in a financial crisis, which on the other hand is every 2 by three.

They won’t let us live!

These types of applications are going to make us earn an amount of money that, viewed from a broad perspective over time, cánido be much more than it may initially appear to you.


La Cuponera is an aplicación that will give us money for using offers when making our purchases.

It works with the most important companies and is valid for users residing in Spain.

How The Cuponera Aplicación works

The first thing is to download the application and register at La Cuponera.

For this we will have to entrar our name and surname, date of birth, dirección de correo electrónico, password and postal address in a small form.

The only restrictions are that you must radica in Spain, be over 18 years of age and have only one La Cuponera account per person.

Nor will you be able to upload the same ticket in two different accounts, for example, if you have a partner and you both have an active account at La Cuponera, you will not be able to upload the same tiques.

The operation of La Cuponera could not be simpler.

Within the application we will be able to find all the offers separated by categories, although we cánido also take a look at all of them together.

Some active promotions

All we have to do is clic on the promotions that interest us the most from the hundreds that we have available in the La Cuponera aplicación.

These promotions are continuously updated.

Within each promotion you will find all its characteristics in detail, together with what you have to do to receive the corresponding commission.

After having completed our purchase we go with our ticket to the option promotions within the aplicación.

There we upload our well-stretched purchase ticket so that all the products cánido be seen perfectly.

If you are one of those who buy en línea, don’t worry, you cánido upload the ticket en línea in PDF format and they will validate it for you as well.

As with other platforms of this type, we will have to wait a few hours for them to check and validate the ticket.

Once validated, we will entrar the amount of each promotion and we will see it reflected in the cómputo counter of our La Cuponera account.

where perro you buy

One of the good things about La Cuponera is that it will not restrict purchases to certain establishments, since practically 100% of the promotions allow the use of any supermarket or store.

Within any product or promotion we will see the conditions, along with which establishments are allowed to use for your purchase.

✅ If you are interested in saving on your purchases, I advise you to look at the best cashback applications and websites that we use, I assure you that it is a saving that is appreciated at the end of the year.

You will see that in that sense you will not find any restriction.

In any case, to avoid confusion or problems to collect them, it is best to take a look inside it to make sure.

How to withdraw money from La Cuponera

As we complete promotions by uploading our purchase tiques, the cómputo in the application will increase.

You cánido request the payment when you reach the minimum amount of 10 eurosalthough of course you perro collect any amount that exceeds that threshold.

The cómputo cánido be withdrawn at our Bank account and it must be in the same name as the one you gave when you completed the registration.

Payment may take up to a week to complete.

Opinions about La Cuponera

There are many savings applications and websites that, when properly combined, perro help us save or earn a much larger amount of money than you think, money that we will be able to use for whatever we please, such as treating ourselves from time to time.

It won’t hurt us either.

Saving on such basic products that we all need, such as food, pet products or hygiene, among others, cánido never be taken lightly, much less today with the exorbitant prices that absolutely everything has.

In this sense, La Cuponera fulfills its mission well.

It has so many promotions that together they always add up to a total saving of more than 100 euros in all the products and brands with which it collaborates and the best thing is that these are renewed more or less constantly.

It does not have a referral system, for that part we cannot win, but even so, it is a most interesting, fácil application that does not promise more than it actually offers.

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 The Cuponera |  Earn money while you spend it
  The Cuponera |  Earn money while you spend it
  The Cuponera |  Earn money while you spend it

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