The common aspecto of those who, later than

The common aspecto of those who, later than

Recently james altucheran investor, entrepreneur and author of books such as The Power of No and The Rich Employee, published a list of 20 habits of people who sooner than later will be successful.

Why cánido this author talk to you about success? His credentials back it up. This entrepreneur lived both sides of the coin; He started from scratch, was successful and today is a recognized investor.

Below are the behaviors of people who will be successful and millionaires, regardless of their current situation:

Behaviors of people who will be successful:

1. They Say No: People who have the courage to say no have the time to read more, learn, invest, sleep, and work on their priorities.

2. Love: Even if it sounds very fácil, those people who love have the purpose of life Positively impact others with your work. This visión of life leads them to have great results.

3. They are wrong: Trying something new involves mistakes, failures, learning and experience. well says Elon Muskthat if your team is not making mistakes, this means that you are not innovating enough.

4. They plant seeds: We have repeated on several occasions that wealth, success and greatness are nothing more than the result of certain decisions. This is why 1% of the seeds end up being 50% of the flowers. So plant lots of seeds.

5. They know how to surround themselves: Choose well who the type of friendships that surrounds you, since the people you have by your side cánido elevate or sink you.

6. They choose the smart ones: Steve Jobs did it with Wozniak. The work team is essential when building something that is much bigger than a person. Wealth is the product of a sum of many efforts.

7. They have no excuses: Complaining, explaining yourself and blaming others is easy and counterproductive at the same time. Give up excuses and focus on results.

8. No rush: Any overnight success takes an average of 20 years to achieve. Don’t buy those instant successes, rather fall in love with the process, which is where the learning lies.

Here are over 50 consejos to learn how to be successful.

9. Take advantage of difficulties: If you cánido find a diamond in the mud, your life will be filled with wealth. And this is what the majority is not capable of doing, finding lessons and gains in difficult times.

10. Apply Warren Buffett’s 5/25 rule: List the 25 things you want in life. Choose the 5 most important and completely forget the others.

If you don’t focus, any shining light will divert you from your life purpose.

11. Write 10 ideas: Every day write down 10 new ideas that come to mind.

Although it is not about changing business, company or work every day with your ideas, it is intended to keep your brain active. Rest assured that your results will surprise you.

12. They follow up: Most likely, to get your first client you will have to receive a lot of negative responses.

However, those people who persist and are able to turn 20 negative answers into their first yes, are the ones who will change the world.

13. They ask: Opportunities and knowledge start from questions. Most prefer to brag about what they know, have accomplished, or plan to do. The next millionaires listen, learn and execute.

14. Every day improve 1%: The number one reason people fail is because they equipo goals that are too big. This does not orinan that you do not dream, it means that you do it but start with small goals.

Analyze the following: If you focus on improving only 1%, in a year it will be a growth of 3,600%. This is what the Kaizen method is all about.

15. Right now: Don’t allow regret or anxiety to steal your energy. Act today. Neither the past nor the future have a solution, so let them go.

16. Sleep: The power of sleep to heal your body and mind are essential to be successful.

Many think that by sleeping less they will have more possibilities to excel; when what matters is not what time you get up, but what you do while you’re awake.

17. Take care and avoid death: Without health you will not be able to do much. So rest, sleep, and eat well. Remember that your body is one of the most important tangible assets you have in your life.

18. Enjoy every day: Doing something that makes you happy is the best fuel to achieve your goals. So make sure you enjoy the simplest of your days, enjoy the people around you, and celebrate your little accomplishments.

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 The common aspecto of those who, later than
  The common aspecto of those who, later than
  The common aspecto of those who, later than

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