The best practical guide to using Binance in

The best practical guide to using Binance in

I know you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you have heard about Bitcoin, tokens, smart contracts and mining.

I’m sure you would like to know how use Binance to exchange cryptocurrencies and to earn money from tradingstaking and investments.

If you don’t know me yet, Hello! I am Andres Gananci and I like to share many ideas and businesses with you to invest money and improve your finances.

For some years I have used the Binance platform to trade and to make long-term investments like the ones I will espectáculo you here.

With my experience in this super practical guide I will teach you the ways to access the cryptocurrency markets with Binance.

Wanna that you manage your own capital and learn about various ways to make a profit with cryptocurrencies using Binancehere I will espectáculo you how you perro be your own bank with this technology, I will also teach you how to earn interest by saving your money in the form of cryptos!

In the first sections of this articulo you will create your account, I will teach you how to convert your cash into cryptocurrencies, how to make deposits and understand your wallet.

Then I espectáculo you how to earn interest on your savings account by staking, I teach you a fácil way to trade, and also to withdraw your money from the platform.

Ahh and in the last sections you have my personal opinion about the Binance platform, with several recommendations and consejos so that your account is not blocked.

[note note_color=”#DDFF99″ text_color=”#01020b” radius=”6″]Up to 8 times more transactions take place on Binance than on other major exchanges such as coinbase, bitfinex, huobi.

Binance is the biggest platform of all in America and Europe![/note]

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What is Binance?

Benefits and advantages of using Binance

How to register on Binance?

How to convert money to cryptocurrencies on Binance?

Quickly convert your fiat money on Binance

How to deposit your local money (fiat) on Binance

How to Deposit and Withdraw Crypto on Binance

How to see equity on Binance

How to trade on Binance

How to withdraw your fiat money from Binance

What is the Binance P2P service?

And how does the P2P system work on Binance?

My opinion on using Binance

Binance Fees

Commissions of the P2P service on Binance


My opinion on using Binance

What is Binance?

Binance It is a platform where cryptocurrencies are exchangedYou perro also do staking, trade, transactions between people (P2P), access futures markets, and many more options.

These types of sites are known as “Exchange”, Binance is a en línea exchange house related to cryptos.

This platform was founded by Changpeng Zhao and current director ejecutivo, it began operations in China in 2017, but from one moment to the next it is eating up the world, as it is the best-known multiplatform worldwide. in the ámbito of exchanges and crypto trading platforms.

Benefits and advantages of using Binance?

  • With Binance you are part of the most active and liquid usuario community that moves billions of dollars daily.

    Binance is the best way to join the crypto community today!

  • With Binance you cánido disconnect from the bank, you will save money in bank commissions while you make your payments and transfers on the web.
  • You cánido make transactions much faster than doing them at a bank, millions of transactions happen in a second!
  • You perro stake and earn interest by saving in crypto.
  • It helps you to invest money and trade with your cryptos.
  • It serves as a wallet for you to store your cryptocurrencies.
  • It also serves as an exchange house to convert money into the different forms of local currencies, euros, dollars, pesos, etcétera.

Every day there are billions of dollars that are exchanged in the different cryptocurrency markets in all parts of the world, transactions are made, money moves in the futures markets, people trade, many obtain crypto by playing, in casinos , reserve funds are born, smart contracts, banks join, etcétera, etcétera…



For all this is the great growth of Bitcoin and Binance! People are understanding the importance of decentralized technology, and of not depending on banks or being controlled and monitored by the government.

How to register in Binance?

1- Clic here on CREATE YOUR BINANCE ACCOUNT: access the official Binance registration form. (If when clicking the backlink you do not reach a section afín to the image that I share below, then look in the upper right corner for the “REGISTER” button).

2- Now you will have to entrar your dirección de correo electrónico and a secret key.

(I recommend that you use an alphanumeric key that includes symbols, with embedded capital letters that is not easy to learn and is not readable, something afín to this: “&7%ew#we$q,Qt” Keep it in a safe place).

Read and accept the terms and conditions and clic on CREATE ACCOUNT.

*Verify that the Reference ID is 35248700 to access discounts and special promotions.

3- They will send you a verification code to your correo electrónico that you must then place in Binance, it has an expiration time so search quickly.

And that’s it, you already have your account created!


Remember that cryptocurrencies are traded on the Binance platform, imagine this space as a place where all cryptocurrency traders meet to exchange them, some will sell and others will buy.

Something like the grocery market works in your town.

How to convert money to cryptocurrencies in Binance?

You cánido directly buy BTC, BUSD, ETH, XRP, BNB, ZIL and USDT.

One way to convert your bills is to buy any of these cryptocurrencies, with which you perro then exchange and trade within the platform.

To simplify the use and exchange within Binance, each cryptocurrency has an abbreviation that usually has 3 or 4 letters, such as:

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin
  • USDT: Dollar Theter
  • BUSD: The Binance Dollar
  • ETH: Ethereum
  • XRP: Ripple
  • BNB: Binance coin
  • ZIL: Zilliqa

So, now you are going to buy a cryptocurrency with your local fiat money (pesos, soles, euros or dollars) and in this way you will learn how to convert the money to cryptocurrency.

Start buying cryptocurrencies here:

*Fiat: Fiduciary money, are the currencies that currently represent our economy, money that is not backed by amounts of gold in a Bank, inorganic money.



The steps to deposit or convert your fiat money, quickly in Binance are:

1- Go to the main menu at the top of the page. 2- Look for the button that says BUY or BUY CRYPTO.

3- In PAY WITH, select the currency with which you are going to make the payment. 4- Then in the first two options you cánido buy Bitcoin from Binance with your card VISA debit card or with a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card.

Convert your money to cryptocurrencies here:

In addition, you cánido also deposit fiat money in Binance, although I recommend this next section less, Since there are fewer fiat currencies available, if you have already converted your money to crypto then you cánido skip to the section on how to deposit and withdraw crypto.

How to deposit fiat money in Binance

Very fácil, the steps to follow are the following:

1- In the top menu access the WALLET button and clic on Spot Wallet.2- Then you will clic on deposit.3- Now you will find the fiat money deposit section, here you perro make a deposit in local currency such as soles, pesos, dollars, euros Please note that not all currencies are available.

Get cryptocurrency on Binance by clicking here:

But you know, in the fourth section I showed you a better method to convert silver with Binance and have cryptocurrencies to start trading.

That first method is better.

How to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies in Binance

If you already have your cryptocurrencies in another wallet (purse or wallet) and you want to deposit them in Binance, or you simply want to view your cryptowallet, then follow these steps:

1- Clic on WALLET, in the top menu, on the right side of your screen and select SPOT WALLET.

2- This is how you access your Binance wallet (image below), there you perro see the different amounts of coins you have on the platform, the currencies and cryptocurrencies in the wallet, take into account that each cryptocurrency depends on a different blockchain because they are all different systems.

Binance in this section allows you to see the deposit and withdrawal routes of each cryptocurrency, If you are going to deposit Ether then you must select in the ‘deposit’ that corresponds to Ethereum, like this for each coin.

In this next image you cánido see that Binance espectáculos as ‘Spot Cómputo’ the total value of the amount of cryptos you have, there you cánido see that my Spot Cómputo is 0.0610 BTC, the Fiat Cómputo is empty, it would be the money in fiat currency that in the platform had, but it only registers euros and Australian dollars.

At the bottom of this previous image you cánido see that I have several cryptocurrencies stored there, such as the 35 LINK or the 380 MANA, in this account I am storing more than 100 different cryptocurrencies because it is possible that in the future several of them will increase their value. value, I bought many of them at prices of 0.05 cents, I am doing ‘Holding’ with them.

Trade cryptocurrencies on Binance by clicking here:

3- In the lower right of the image you perro see that there are several actions available to do with each cryptocurrency, from buying from Binance, depositing in the wallet, making a withdrawal, trading with that cryptocurrency and converting quickly (which as I will espectáculo you more forward, it would be to make a quick trade).

To continue with this example, let’s say I have a LINK in another wallet, like ‘Exodus’ for example (Good wallet, I recommend it), and I want to send them to Binance, so I’m going to select the DEPOSIT box that corresponds to the Blockchain Chainlink.

4- In the new window (image below) you cánido see the cómputo of this cryptocurrency (well, in this case it really is a token, because on the right side above the QR code you perro read that it says ‘ERC20’ and this is a token of the Ethereum Blockchain).

The QR code (The square abstract image) and the HASH that you see at the bottom of the QR are the deposit address of your LINK coins, from Exodus or another wallet it is at this address where the LINK tokens must be deposited .

5- If you want to withdraw the cryptos or tokens then you cánido see in this previous image, in the upper left part it says WITHDRAW, also in section four (how to convert money to cryptocurrency in binance) there is access to the withdrawal area , it is from these accesses where you will later withdraw the cryptocurrency or token to another wallet if necessary.

When you entrar WITHDRAW you will find this following image where you must entrar the address where you want to send the tokens, select the ‘Ethereum (ETH)’ transfer network in the event that the tokens go to a wallet external to Binance, entrar the amount that you are going to send and press SEND.

Trade cryptocurrencies on Binance by clicking here:

And voila, you already learned how to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies!

How to see the capital in Binance

Very fácil, the steps to access the wallet and see all your capital and fiat money deposited in Binance are the following:

1- In the top menu access the WALLET button and clic on SPOT WALLET.2- Then you will clic on DEPOSIT.3- Now you will find the fiat money deposit section, here you perro make a deposit in local currency such as Peruvian sol, dollars or euros.

Please note that not all currencies are available.

Here you perro see your total cómputo expressed in Bitcoin, the Spot Cómputo is the total of all the cryptocurrencies you have in your wallet and the Fiat Cómputo is the money you have deposited in Binance.

Open your wallet on Binance by clicking here:

How to make money by staking in Binance

Staking is simply keeping a quantity of cryptocurrencies as savings, which will serve to keep a Blockchain system running.

Staking on Binance allows you to receive rewards for saving money without having to trade, trade, do homework or anything like that, staking is like earning interest from having a fixed-term savings account.

Binance itself explains staking in a more technical way, but in this guide I will explain the process and benefits of staking on Binance in the simplest way.

First you create your account as I have already explained, then you buy the amount of cryptocurrency that interests you as you will see below, and finally you start a contract with an expiration date.

In this way, your capital cánido pay interest for being deposited for a few days.

Start staking cryptocurrency on Binance by clicking here:


To stake with Binance you only need to:

1- Go to this section within Binance: 2- Select the expiration period of the contract.3- Check if the monthly reward percentage suits you.4- Select the minimum amount of coins you need to establish a contract5- When you are ready Press SUBSCRIBE. 6- Finally you will have a new window where you perro finalize the contract and accept the terms and conditions.

Take into account that it is necessary to have the cryptocurrency that you selected to do staking in your spot wallet, since from there the previously selected amount will be debited.

Blockchain Staking on Binance is blockchain staking, it’s a smart way to hold crypto, ‘DeFi staking’ is almost the same but with smart contracts, the risk of investing is relatively a bit higher in DeFi staking.

But if you want to stake a coin here and it is not the same one that you initially deposited on Binance, then, through a trading operation, you must purchase the necessary crypto.

Want me to espectáculo you an easy way to trade on Binance? Go for it!

Start staking cryptocurrency on Binance by clicking here:

How to trade in Binance

At this moment I want to explain a fairly fácil step by step that you cánido do on your PC so that you cánido make a satisfactory operation and convert your capital from one crypto to another by trading.

The truth is, the trading issue is a whole more elaborate process, to make operations better and more efficient, practice and experience are required, there are even complete courses to achieve this well in the intermediate and advanced mode of Binance,

But I want to teach you the easiest way to trade using Binance, my intention in this guide is for you to achieve exchange one crypto for another.

Start trading cryptocurrencies by clicking here:

So, to make easy trading on Binance you must:

1- In the top menu, you are going to entrar TRADING, and then you are going to clic on CONVERT.

2- When you are there, a window will appear with only two options, in the first option you must place the amount of crypto and select the currency you want to convert.

In the second option you select the crypto you require.

3- Clicking on PREVIEW CONVERSION will espectáculo you the amount of currency that corresponds to you according to the current market price, as in the following image, where I am seeing how many USDT I will receive in exchange if I carry out this operation.

4- Finally, you have 6 seconds to make the decision and when you clic on CONVERT, the Binance platform will credit your Spot wallet with the amount of coins you have traded.

*If this is your first time and you’ve achieved this step, congratulations! You have made your first trading operation on an exchange market, here you have converted one cryptocurrency into another through the simplest process carried out by Binance.

In this way you have made an operation in the Binance market, someone else from another part of the world was inside Binance selling the cryptocurrency that you have bought, an exchange operation has happened, a trade has been done.

Binance as an intermediary has earned its commission from that operation, it is quite low, I explain it to you below in the commission section.


Before we continue, let’s review a little what you’ve learned:

1- Previously I explained how to deposit your money in Binance, that is, first you bought the cryptocurrencies with your money on this platform. 2- Then I taught you how to make profits by staking. 3- I explained a quick way to exchange a cryptocurrency for another doing a trade.

With these previous sections I have taught you to do part of the processes that a cryptocurrency trader usually does, although I do not want you to take this guide as a recommendation to invest if you perro use it as an easy and fast method to do the processes of a trader. from Binance.

Create your Binance account, buy a small amount of cryptocurrencies at your own risk, do it with the intention of learning and learning, not getting rich.

With the passing of the days and the change in the price of cryptos, you will understand the change in the value of your portfolio when checking your spot wallet.

And now we are going to convert those cryptos into fiat money, we are going to convert them into your local currency.

In the next section I am going to explain a way to withdraw money from the platform.

Start trading cryptocurrencies on Binance by clicking here:

How to withdraw your fiat money from Binance

In a previous step of this guide I taught you how to withdraw a cryptocurrency or token from Binance to another wallet, here I will teach you a key piece of information to convert the cryptocurrencies you have in Binance to fiat money, to your local currency.

You must understand that not all cryptocurrencies or tokens deposited in your spot wallet cánido be converted into money through the portal.

For example, if your capital is in the form of Chainlink, you have to trade it and convert it to a liquid currency that is received on Binance’s P2P service.

If something like this is your case, I recommend that you convert the cryptos to USDT (also known as the Theter dollar), it is a representation of the dollar within cryptocurrencies, it is quite liquid and it cánido be easily converted to your local currency as I will espectáculo you in the next section.

The USDT does not change in value like the BTC, it is the same as having a dollar but within the crypto markets, they are known as ‘Stable coin’.

To withdraw your capital, it is key that it is first converted in the form of USDT, BTC, BNB, BUSD, ETH or DAI.

Trade on Binance by clicking here:

There is a method to convert your cryptocurrency to fiat money and remove it from Binance, the steps are:

1- If you are going to change any of these cryptocurrencies to habitual money: USDT, BTC, BNB, BUSD, ETH or DAI, you cánido continue with the next step, but in the event that you want to change one or more that are different from these (such as LINK for example), you must through a trading operation make the conversion to these that I mention, I repeat, in the event that you have LINK, you must do a trading operation as I taught you and convert the LINK to USDT before converting them in physical money. 2- Once you have the USDT or the 6 cryptos that we just mentioned, you will go to the P2P section of Binance and there you will sell crypto in exchange for fiat currency. (But USDT and BTC are better, they have more merchants).

And voila, this is how a cryptocurrency is converted to bills on Binance, but, as this is a very complete super guide for you, I am going to immediately teach you how to use the Binance P2P service.

What is the P2P service of Binance?

This section will be a bit long, it is important that you read it calmly and understand it very well, I want to teach you how to use P2P on Binance so that you cánido convert physical money into cryptos and also so that you cánido withdraw your capital from Binance.

For your cryptos to become a deposit in your bank account then you simply have to find another person in the P2P to pay you for them and deliver them, it’s that easy, this perro be done on Binance.

P2P? What the heck is P2P? This in networks is the acronym for ‘Peer to peer’, in Binance it refers to a direct transaction between two users and is known as Person to Person. A usuario espectáculos a publication where he details whether he wants to buy or sell a certain crypto and another usuario takes the deal if he sees fit.

Binance P2P is mainly divided into two areas, in one you perro see a list of posts from people who are buying and in the other area people who are selling.

If you select BUY, you will find Binance users who are selling their crypto in exchange for payments to their bank account, if you select SELL you will find users who want to buy crypto and cánido pay you at your bank.

So BUY is because you want to buy and SELL is because you want to sell, hehehe, isn’t it logical?

Create your Binance account by clicking here:

And how does the P2P system work in Binance?

Binance through the P2P service serves as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, the operation of a transaction is as follows:

  • If you are acting as a seller: Binance requires that you have the cryptocurrencies in your Spot wallet, since you initiate the P2P transaction Binance will *lock these cryptocurrencies to assure the buyer that you indeed have them, then your buyer makes the payment to your bank and then notifies the Binance that has already paid, Binance allows you as a seller to check if it is true that the buyer has paid you and if so, then you release the cryptos to the buyer.
  • If you act as a buyer: Binance requires you to create the account, search for people who are selling within the platform, start the transaction, contact them and make the payment to their bank account, then you must inform the Binance platform that you have already paid, the seller verifies that it is correct and finally the cryptos are released to you.

*Blocking or retaining them, is known as guarantee in deposit, Binance itself defines it as follows:“The deposit guarantee is a fund that is used to ensure that the trade of both counterparties is fair and safe.”

This P2P process works for a limited time, it is necessary that both users have a verified account, and 2FA (second aspecto authentication) must also be activated, it is really a fairly secure process.

Think about this, if the seller of the cryptos does not have them, Binance does not allow them to make sales or make transactions because they do not have the cryptos in their spot wallet.

And if the buyer of the crypto has not paid in the bank, has had problems, the payment was incomplete, or says that he has already paid but the seller does not see the payment reflected in the bank, then the seller marks that he does not accept the transaction and Binance will not deliver the crypto to the buyer.

Another case, imagine you are the buyer, you made the payment to the seller and after you already marked on the platform that you paid and you are within the transaction time, it turns out that the seller says that he has not received the payment, this is a conflict for you, and you perro create a dispute, you cánido APPEAL, of course, you have a chat where you perro communicate with the seller and tell him to review, send a screenshot with your payment made and mediate there, but, in the event that you do not reach an agreement and even the time limit runs out , no problem, Binance has advisory staff who perro step in and confirm the veracity of your payment and protect the transaction, if you want to know more, here is everything you need to know about the Binance appeal:

Binance is an intermediary that will hold the cryptocurrencies while the process is open, this P2P exchange process has an expiration time that is equipo by the seller.

After so many purchase and sale transactions, users generate a reputation that will depend on how well the previous transactions have done, the process is quite afín to LocalBitcoins as I already taught you in this articulo about how to earn money with localbitcoins.

So I will explain the two processes, first how to buy and below how to sell your cryptos in P2P.

Steps you must follow to BUY cryptos in Binance P2P:

1- Select BUY.2- Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy.3- If you want to pay with a specific amount of money, you perro indicate it here, press SEARCH and you will see only the sellers that fit your amount.4- Select the currency with which you are going to pay. 5- If you prefer a especial bank, you cánido look for it in the list.

6- The first people that appear on the list are those who are selling at the best price, if you go down the list you will find more expensive crypto prices.

In the green button on the right you cánido start the purchase with a seller, you must look at other details before starting the purchase.

7- Several details to take into account:7.1- Vea the number of transactions or orders that you have made with other users and the percentage of effectiveness.7.2- The purchase price with fiat money, the lower you buy the better.7.3- AVAILABLE is the amount of crypto money that the seller has available in its entirety to trade, LIMIT is the minimum and maximum amount of money that cánido be sold in each transaction. 7.4- The payment method that the seller receives.

With this information from step 7 you perro compare sellers and finally escoge who to buy or not, be careful before making the purchase decision, I recommend that the seller you escoge on has many completed orders, that their average is greater than 80~85%, and always ensure that the bank accounts provided by the sellers must be in the name of the same Binance usuario, the platform does not cover guarantees with users whose names in bank accounts do not match, neither selling nor buying.

You perro lose money if you make a bad decision here.

8- Once you clic BUY then you have a new window, there you perro see the terms and conditions of the seller, how much you want to pay and finally clic BUY again.

9- In the new window that will open you perro view the seller’s bank details, proceed to make the payment at the bank. (Right now I cánido’t clic BUY because it would start a real transaction and it hurts my account history if I don’t finish it), but after you clic BUY you will have a new window afín to the one below.

10- You perro see that you have a time limit to complete the transaction, if time is running out and you still haven’t made the payment, it’s better not to.

BEWARE, making a payment outside the time limit of the operation is not being covered by the Binance guarantee system.11- Finally, after you have made the payment you must clic on PAYMENT DONE and confirm.

From here, Binance will contact the seller and give him the remaining time to verify the payment in his bank and then release the cryptocurrencies.

12- During all this time you perro chat with the seller in a section that you will have here, you perro’t see in the picture but I’m 100% sure you will have it.

In that chat you cánido share the proof of payment to the seller.

And ready! Once the process is over, you may see a button that says something like TRANSFER CRYPTOCURRENCIES TO THE SPOT WALLET, press yes.

Buy on Binance P2P by clicking here:

Steps you must follow to SELL cryptos in Binance P2P:

1- Select SELL.2- Select the cryptocurrency you want to sell.3- If you want to see buyers who pay for a specific amount of money that you want to receive in exchange, you cánido indicate it here and press search.4- Select the currency with which that you are going to pay.5- If you prefer a bank in especial, you cánido look for it in the list.6- The first users that appear in the list are people who perro buy the crypto immediately, at the top are those who will pay you the best price and at the bottom the worst prices.

7- Several details to take into account: 7.1- Vea the number of transactions or orders that the buyer has made with other users and the percentage of effectiveness, although since you are the holder of the cryptocurrencies you will have more peace of mind, because if you are not It reflects the payment in your bank, you do not release the transaction.

7.2- The sale price with fiat money, the higher you sell, the better.

7.3- AVAILABLE is the amount of crypto money that said buyer is willing to buy, in its entirety.

LIMIT is the minimum and maximum amount of money that cánido be purchased in each transaction.

7.4- The payment method with which the buyer will pay must agree with your available banks.

With this information you perro compare buyers and finally escoge who to sell to, be careful before making the selling decision.

The bank account that you share with the buyer must be in the name of the same Binance usuario, your usuario.

If the buyer observes that the bank account is not in your name, they cánido notify Binance and for this you will receive a warning and even cancellation of the account.

8- When you escoge who will buy from you, you are going to clic on SELL, now you will have a new window. 8.1- Read the terms and conditions that the buyer proposes. 8.2- Entrar the amount in cryptocurrency that you want to sell. 8.3- Establish the payment method, your bank accounts (If you do this step from the Aplicación on your phone it will allow you to add and better configure payment methods).

And press SELL.

9- Then you will have a window afín to this one (I cánido’t execute a transaction right now because I commit to someone real and it perro affect my history).

There you will see a Chat where you perro forward your bank accounts (that are in your name remember) to inform him that he perro pay there, that you will be attentive and wait for him to notify you after he makes the payment.

The buyer from his account must make the payment as you learned in the previous section.

10- Once the payment is made and the buyer has already notified that he made the payment, you will check your bank accounts and verify that you have really been paid, press CONFIRM RELEASE.

And that’s it, the P2P sale transaction has been completed!

*Also, once you have more reputation and more experience doing this, when you are handling more volumes and more transactions you perro generate your own “Announcement” so that you cánido inform other traders of your buy or sell orders.

Start trading on Binance P2P by clicking here:

My opinion on using Binance

Binance is a highly recommended platform, it has worked very well for me at times that I have required it, I have not had problems when carrying out operations or withdrawing money.

Is Binance a scam? No, never, Binance is a very serious and professional multi-platform.

On the internet you cánido find various Binance feeds (or opinions about Binance), even on the Trustpilot review page it has a rating of 2.2 out of 5.

Reading a bit I found that most of the people who gave low ratings to the platform were because they did not understand it and They did not have the correct accompaniment when starting it, certainly Binance is very large with many edges and possibilities, of course it perro confuse newbies.

I also want share some recommendations so you perro avoid temporary blocks in your Binance account:

Avoid using proxy or vpn, connect to your Binance account from the usual connection, if you constantly access your account from different IP addresses you could be blocked.

Binance’s security system is designed to protect its users from theft and hacking, so any irregular behavior could lead to a temporary ban.

Avoid using different devices to access your account, Binance saves the information of your computer, mac address, browser, browser version and operating system.

If you regularly entrar from different devices you could alert the system.

When using the Binance Aplicación on your phone, if you are far from your WIFI I recommend using mobile data, do not connect to your account from an unknown WIFI.

Create your Binance account by clicking here:

Commissions of Binance


In the event that you deposit any cryptocurrency with Binance, you will not have to pay anything, the deposit is free.

To withdraw your capital, depending on the crypto you use, you will have to pay a specific commission, it is variable but quite low, I recommend that you review this information:

When it comes to FIAT money (Traditional money or national currencies) there are no deposit fees either and withdrawal fees are free too! Mexican peso, Peruvian sol, British pound and even dollars do not apply commissions.

To make a deposit with your local currency you perro do it through the way that I taught you in the section “how to deposit fiat in Binance” But as you already understood, Binance does not accept deposits of many currencies yet, so it is surely more for you.

convenient to convert your money in the way I taught you initially.

Commissions for trading in Binance

As for the commissions for doing basic or advanced trading, it is quite easy to understand, there are several types of users on Binance, from VIP 0 (zero) to VIP 9.

VIP 0 are those who trade less than 50 bitcoins per month in their account, they are charged 0.1% on the total of each operation, both buying and selling.

In the event that you use BNB as the main currency instead of USDT then you will pay a commission of 0.075% You save a 25% commission! Everything on Binance is cheaper if you use BNB as I have already taught you.

Commissions of the P2P service in Binance

In the case of buying Bitcoins, USDT, BNB or other cryptocurrencies through the P2P system that I already mentioned here, YOU DO NOT PAY COMMISSIONS, because on July 13, 2020 through a zero commission promotion it has been determined that users will make exchanges among them for free (That is, Binance will not charge anything, there will only be the commission of the blockchain and the bank).

Until June 30, 2022, the promotion of not paying commissions in Binance P2P has been extended.


At Binance you perro do everything, from depositing dollars and converting them to cryptos, trading by exchanging one crypto for another, saving cryptocurrencies in a wallet, participating in staking, investing in futures markets (I’ll explain this in another articulo).

In this content I shared with you the precise method that you must do so that you find many opportunities using Binance, tricks, recommendations and key details that you should know.

This is important because trading on Binance Markets is becoming more common every day.

Important, you have to avoid blocking your account or sanctions for committing violations like the ones I mentioned in the P2P topic by not complying with their policies and conditions.

Also remember to use strong passwords and activate two-aspecto authentication so that your account is more protected, also avoid an account blocking for making login errors, always have the phone and dirección de correo electrónico you registered with Binance nearby to easily check your identity.

If you like what I do and want me to continue sharing valuable content, let me know in the comments, doubts or other opinion, I am willing to solve them.

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Start trading on Binance by clicking here:

[note note_color=”#DDFF99″ text_color=”#01020b” radius=”6″]TODAY BITCOIN IS AN ALTERNATIVE, BUT TOMORROW IT WILL BE A NEED.[/note]
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 The best practical guide to using Binance in
  The best practical guide to using Binance in
  The best practical guide to using Binance in

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