The best paying bank accounts of

The best paying bank accounts of

Remunerated bank accounts represent a good way to make your money generate profitability.

In recent months it has been verified that it is, because in Spain, several entities have improved the interest on their accounts.

If you stop to think, it is better that your savings gradually generate interest than that they do not generate anything.

Seeing it from this perspective, a remunerated account is an excellent way to avoid and face inflation.

What to do with savings?: Remunerated bank accounts

Before talking about paid bank accounts, I would like to give you some advice regarding investments.

Today, many savers do not know what to do to make their money profitable without taking many risks.

To be clear, just when your money exceeds four figures is when you will have more opportunities to invest.

You may find quite interesting options, but you may also want to continue saving money.

At this point, you may find yourself in a dilemma where you must choose between taking a risk by investing in a business or not.

If you escoge to continue waiting and do not want inflation to affect your savings, I have the solution.

Remunerated accounts are perfect for all types of savers, especially if you don’t plan to touch that money for a long time.

Don’t worry, if you don’t know what they are, here you perro learn everything you need about these accounts.

What are paid bank accounts?

Remunerated bank accounts are, in fácil words, a deposit that offers its owners a certain return on their savings.

In other words, it is a product that allows you to charge interest on all the money you have saved.

In addition to the above, these accounts also offer the advantage that you perro always have a cómputo available for any situation.

This means that you cánido recover all your savings whenever you want, without paying penalties.

  • The word “interest-bearing account” is commonly used as a synonym for “savings account”.

    Although this is not always the case, since there are “payroll accounts” that are also remunerated on the condition of having your payroll.

    These terms refer to the types of accounts with which you cánido earn a return on your saved money.

  • Interest-bearing savings accounts are protected by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

    This serves as a mechanism that, in the event that the entity goes bankrupt, you cánido recover up to 100,000 euros.

Today, there are several entities that are competing to offer the best paid savings account.

However, let’s talk a bit more about these before we get to that point.

Types of remuneration

One of the main characteristics of these accounts, as we already mentioned, is the ability to have your savings on hand and generate profitability.

However, in terms of remuneration, these cánido be characterized by the following:

  1. If a franchise is established, a certain part of the money deposited and/or the cómputo you have in your account will not be remunerated.
  2. A minimum cómputo amount may be required within your account.

    If you comply with this, then your money perro be remunerated.

  3. Salaries perro be fixed or variable.

    Through cómputo tranches, different interest rates perro be applied independently.

    In this way, the interest generated perro also be progressive and will depend on the cómputo tranches in the account.

  4. Remunerated accounts without payroll usually offer less profitability, although, on the other hand, they also tend to demand fewer requirements.

On the other hand, it is also possible that the remuneration is limited in time.

For example, there are remuneration offers for a few months up to certain amounts.

General requirements to open remunerated bank accounts

As for the requirements to open one of these accounts, these depend on the entity you have chosen.

However, most banking institutions always ask for the same thing:

  • Be of age.

    If you want to open paid children’s accounts, then you must have the authorization of a legal guardian.

  • Your identification card (DNI).

    In this case, you cánido also present your resident card (NIE).

  • Proof of your address.
  • A personal dirección de correo electrónico.
  • Your phone number.
  • Last statement of your income, an employment contract or a copy of your last pay slip.
  • In several cases, it is possible that they offer you promotions if you present bills of more than 600 euros in direct debit.

    If you have a card, they may also ask you for a certain number of operations or a certain amount of money on it.

Generally, this is all you need to be able to open your bank accounts.

However, as I already mentioned, it is possible that some institutions request some other type of document, so inform yourself well.

Bank account on-line or traditional?

It is not a secret that digital banking is advancing in big and firm steps thanks to the preference of many users over it.

However, there are many people who do not dare to open a digital bank account and stay with the traditional ones.

This generates a fairly habitual enfrentamiento: Is digital or traditional banking better?

But those who escoge to have an account on-line they are the winners.

In this, the tradition is left behind due to availability and immediacy.

These are the main features, however, don’t forget to always read the fenezca print.

Those who choose the traditional way, mostly, it is because they assume that it is complicated to manage everything from the network, but it is not.

As long as you choose a bank that offers intuitive and fácil en línea banking, everything will come naturally.

What are the best remunerated bank accounts currently in Spain?

The list of the best accounts cánido change according to the offers of the banks and what they offer.

I have selected five bank accounts that I think are good options for their profitability and requirements:

The flexibility offered by these products is undoubtedly their strong point, and an excellent option to deal with the crisis.

Don’t you think it’s time to open a paid account without commissions?

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 The best paying bank accounts of
  The best paying bank accounts of
  The best paying bank accounts of

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