The Best Paid Surveys in Venezuela

The Best Paid Surveys in Venezuela

We have compiled the best paid surveys from Venezuela.

We espectáculo you everything you need to know to get the most out of paid surveys.

Venezuela has been going through a difficult situation for years.

But it’s not all bad news, since for some time the number of paid surveys in Venezuela has been increasing.

Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to earn money today.

It does not cost anything and you do not need to be a professional to earn money with paid surveys.

Most of the platforms use Paypal as the main payment method.

And they have referral systems or paid tasks that will help you increase your earnings.

If you want to know more about paid surveys in Venezuela, stay until the end of this articulo.

If you are from another country, you cánido look at our guide on the best paid surveys in Spain, México or Peru.

Best paid survey pages in Venezuela

We have prepared a list with the best paid surveys in Venezuela.

You perro use all these platforms from Venezuela without any problem.

Although if you have problems using one, you cánido use a VPN.


Overall Rating

Ysense is a veteran paid task platform, formerly called ClixSense.

The ways to earn money on this platform are very varied: paid surveys, mini-jobs, monthly offers and a considerably good referral system.

Unlike the previous one, they do not have any geographical limitation.

All users in the world cánido earn money with it.

Make your payments with Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer and Amazon checks.

With $10 you perro withdraw your money.


Overall Rating

YouGov is a survey platform that has more than 5 million registered users.

It has one of the best pay per survey currently.

It also has an affiliate system with which we will receive a good sum for each guest who completes their first 5 first surveys.

Surveys have a estándar duration of 15 minutes and they usually do not go beyond 25 min.

The platform only makes payments through Amazon Affiliates.

It is available for México, Argentina, Colombia, the United States, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and other European countries.

But it is not available for Venezuela, although you perro use a VPN.

Recommended platform for paid surveys in Spain.


Overall Rating

It is a somewhat unique survey panel, since it does not have a referral system or paid tasks.

Their real strength is in paid surveys, which have a good flow and reward for each one.

Make your payments through Paypal and with gift vouchers such as Amazon, Ikea, iTunes, Media Market and El Corte Inglés.

It is available for more than 70 countries in the world, but currently it is not available for Venezuela.

The good news is that there are some VPN’s that perro be used.


Overall Rating

Mobrog is another survey platform of German origin.

With it we perro earn €5 a week and has a referral system that offers us €0.80 for every guest who completes 3 surveys.

With €5 We perro make our with Paypal and Skrill.

It is available to users from all over the world and also has a mobile aplicación to take surveys.

Gift Hunter Club

Overall Rating

Gift Hunter Club belongs to the GPT category, since it offers us various methods to earn money.

With paid surveys, we perro earn up to $1 for each one.

It has a wall of offers to earn money by registering on pages or viewing ads; It has another section for mini jobs and some contests that offer us up to $35.

It has 2 levels of referrals.

In the first level we will obtain a 10%while with the second only one 5%.

Through its mobile application, we cánido easily do tasks from anywhere.

Its main payment method is Paypal, but it also has Payza and other gift vouchers where the most important are those from Amazon.

once you reach $2 you perro make your withdrawals.

The platform is also available to all users in the world, so paid surveys perro be done in Venezuela.

King of Prizes

Overall Rating

King of Prizes is a platform that will allow us to earn money for completing various tasks.

It has different types of surveys, with which we perro obtain up to $1 for each one.

It has several offer walls that offer us a wide variety of jobs: from downloading applications, playing games, watching ads, and even taking surveys from other panels.

For every referral that reaches their first $4, we will receive $2.

What is most striking about this platform is its extensive catalog of rewards.

Paypal and AirTM take a leading place, but it has more than 250 gift cards.

The platform is available to users from all over the world and almost always has tasks and surveys available for Venezuela.


Overall Rating

This is another veteran platform among paid surveys.

Paid surveys are usually 15-20 minutes long and the flow is usually good.

We may also receive rewards for completing some offers, such as registering on another website or seeing an advertisement.

It is striking that you have the option to try products for free.

Its payments are mostly processed through Paypal, but it also makes available some gift cards like Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify.

With €35 You cánido withdraw your money through Paypal.

It is available for México, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Portugal, Spain and the United States.


Overall Rating

This is one of the platforms that offers the most rewards for surveys, for each one we cánido obtain between €1 and €3.

With your referral system, we perro get €0.50 for each guest who takes their first survey.

This platform processes your payments through Paypal and bank transfer once we have reached 10,000 points or €10.

It is available for Peru, Colombia, Spain, México, Italy and France.

It is especially recommended for paid surveys in Peru.


Overall Rating

One of the best platforms to earn money doing paid surveys in Venezuela.

For just registering, we will receive €1.5 gift.

For each survey we conduct, we may earn up to €2.50.

And its referral system has a plus of €0.50 for each person we invite (it may vary depending on the origin of the referral).

It has three payment processors: Paypal, Skrill and bank transfer.

Your current minimum withdrawal amount is €10 and it is available for all countries of the world.


Overall Rating

This is a platform that is worth being on, since it gives us $5 for just signing up.

The range of profit for each survey carried out is between $0.10 and $1.

Make your payments by Paypal with a minimum payment of $25.

It is available for Spain, México, Brazil, Argentina and the United States.


Overall Rating

It also belongs to the category of GPT, since it also offers a wide catalog of tasks.

With paid surveys, paid tasks and its offer wall we cánido make some profit.

Swagbucks will allow us to earn money with our purchases through the cash back.

Your referral system for life with which we cánido earn 10% of the total earnings of our guests.

We cánido make our withdrawal by Paypal and Amazon gift cards with only $10.

It’s available to everyone the countries of the world, including Venezuela.

But we recommend it for paid surveys in México.


Overall Rating

Another habitual platform in the world of paid surveys.

The remuneration for each survey revolves around $0.60 and $1.50.

We cánido also earn money by doing tasks and we perro make CashBack through it.

In addition, its referral system offers us the 10% of the total earnings for each guest.

It is available for almost every country in the world.

Process your payments through Paypal and we will be able to make a withdrawal once we have reached $30.


Overall Rating

Irazoo is also a dynamic platform that offers us various methods to earn money.

Not only with paid surveys, but also with ads, games, and aplicación downloads.

Your referral system will reward us with $0.83 for each guest.

As a agregado, the panel offers us monthly codes to increase earnings.

It does not have any geographical limitation and the only method available for Spain and Latin America is Paypal.

ipsos isay

Overall Rating

Isay’s forte is paid surveys.

They have a good flow and cánido be completed in a estándar 15 minute window.

About your affiliate program, we will get $1 for each guest.

Another particularity of Isay is that it has a loyalty program that rewards active users.

The main payment method is Paypal, but it also has various gift cards such as Amazon, iTunes, Decathlon and Ikea.

Withdrawals cánido be made with €2.


Overall Rating

SurveyPronto is also owned by A & K International Inc, the company that owns Green Panthera.

We will receive $5 for just registering and completing the personal profile.

This is one of the platforms with the largest flow of surveys and with each one we cánido earn up to $1.60.

As something additional, it has a wall of offers to increase our profits.

And the affiliate program pays 10% of the total earnings of each referral.

You cánido withdraw your money with Paypal once you have reached $30.

You cánido receive various surveys, if you register and use a platform with VPN.

What are paid surveys?

Paid surveys are a market study that companies use to obtain relevant information from users.

The more satisfaction and excitement a product produces in consumers, the more successful the product will be.

But how do they get this information? That is where paid surveys come in, their purpose is collect data of the consumers themselves.

This is why paid surveys are limited to certain regions and why your profile must qualify to participate in them.

Since companies seek the opinion of users who meet the profile of potential consumers.

It makes no sense to ask for the opinion of a usuario who could never consume any of these products.

Every time a company wants to carry out a campaign, it contracts the services of these survey panels.

Among their services, these panels offer a platform for users to complete surveys, are in charge of reviewing them, processing payments, and answering usuario questions or complaints.

Our place in this whole process is to spend a few minutes answering these surveys and earn some money in return.

Some platforms are more complete and in addition to the surveys, they offer us paid tasks.

As is evident, there are no scams on these platforms, everything has a legal process behind it and all parties win.

Another important thing is that in most of these panels you will be asked to complete your personal profile to start taking surveys.

You must provide them with personal information such as: region, tastes, age, amount of monthly income, members of your family, profession, etcétera.

However, neither platform will ask you information that could put you at risk, such as credit card numbers or afín.

So be very careful.

How do paid surveys work?

If there is something that characterizes the survey panels, it is the simplicity with which we perro use them to earn money.

Usually the first steps are register and complete your personal profile.

Some platforms will ask you to go directly to your account settings to fill in this information.

Others will use an initial survey to learn your data.

As we have previously indicated, you must provide personal information such as: profession, tastes, hobbies, favorite food, estimated income per month and the role you play in your family.

This information is used to segment users according to profile.

Every time a survey is available you will receive an correo electrónico or it will appear on the platform.

Most use a scoring system that you perro then redeem for real money.

And Paypal is the most used payment method by these platforms.

How perro you make money with these paid surveys?

The main way is by doing paid surveys.

You will have to answer a series of questions to complete the process.

There are surveys that perro be answered in 5 minutes and others that perro last up to half an hour.

With some exceptions, the habitual thing is that all these panels have a referral program where we will earn plus money for inviting other friends to participate in the platform.

Other survey panels have offer walls, paid tasks, and monthly contests.

All of this cánido vary from panel to panel.

Are paid surveys free in Venezuela?

Yeah, are free.

And not only in Venezuela, but also throughout the world.

No trustworthy platform will ask you to make any payment to take surveys.

If any page asks you for a payment to register, run away! Is a gotcha.

You also don’t need any specialized knowledge to do paid surveys.

How cánido you earn more money?

If you want to learn how to get the most out of survey panels, keep the following consejos in mind.

Sign up to many pages

Paid surveys do not pay enough to dedicate ourselves to only one platform.

Therefore, if you want to receive good earnings, you should register on as many platforms as possible.

If you are from another country like México, I recommend that you look at surveys to do in México.

We recommend you opt for the platforms that are available for Venezuela, but that send several surveys per month and that the pay is considerably good.

Put your effort especially in those panels that allow you to reach the minimum withdrawal with ease.

Complete your profile correctly

We have repeated it several times and we emphasize it again.

The personal profile is escencial to receive a greater flow of surveys a month.

Of course, keep in mind that earnings may vary depending on the profile you have.

There are some profiles that are simply attractive to these companies and they receive a lot of surveys.

While others don’t.

Invite Referrals

It is not usually the main source of income, but it does help a lot.

Every time you invite a friend and they complete an action you will receive an plus profit.

Sometimes you will receive an plus amount for each referral that completes a certain number of tasks.

But there are other platforms that offer percentages of the total earnings of each referral.

Do paid tasks

If the platform has paid tasks, make the most of them.

Some use a bid wall, while others have a separate section for mini jobs.

The truth is that paid tasks usually have a good reward.

And unlike paid surveys, it doesn’t rely on a personal profile, at least in most cases.

How much money perro you earn for taking surveys?

There are users who cánido earn between $200 and $500 for taking paid surveys, although the average is between $50 and $300 a month.

But the amount of profit perro vary according to certain conditions.

It depends on the type of profile you have, the platforms you use, the number of pages you use, the country you are in and your dedication.

In general, Venezuelan users do not usually have such high remunerations, because many platforms are not available in the country (thanks to the situation that exists here).

However, with a little luck and perseverance, we cánido receive good profits per month.

At least, more than what a Venezuelan usuario could earn working in another way.

How cánido you collect your money?

These platforms have several payment processors.

But Paypal is the most used payment method for most of the panels.

Most also use various gift cards, the main one being those from Amazon.

Other payment processors are Skrill, Payoneer, Payza, wire transfer and AirTM.

If you do not have some of these wallets, you cánido use the AirTM payment processor.

This will allow you to make changes between virtual wallets for a small commission.

Are these types of surveys reliable?

Yes, these paid surveys are reliable.

The web is full of hundreds of payment receipts that attest to this way of earning money.

How do I take surveys if the platform is not available in Venezuela?

Some of the platforms that we mentioned above are not available for Venezuela.

However, that should not limit us.

Most users use a VPN to register and take paid surveys without any problem.

Please note that some free VPNs are already registered by these platforms and will not be useful to you.

If yes, don’t give up, try others until you cánido.

Summary Table

Name Vote Category Minimum Payment accepted countries referrals
YouGov Paid Surveys €25 Spain, México, Colombia, Argentina, USA, France, UK, France, Italy and others €1.66
ysense Paid Surveys $10 All the countries 30% of total earnings
Gift Hunter Club paid tasks $2 or €2 Everyone 10% and 5%
King of Prizes paid tasks $10 Everyone $2
LifePoints Paid Surveys €5 More than 70 countries Does not have
toluna Paid Surveys €10 Europe and some Latin American countries $0.25
Myiyo Paid Surveys €20 Peru, México, Colombia, Spain, Italy and France €0.50
marketagent Paid Surveys $10 All the countries €0.50
greenpanthera Paid Surveys $30 Everyone 10%
swagbucks paid tasks $10 All the countries 10%
Mobrog Paid Surveys €5 No geographic limitations €0.80
iSurveyWorld Paid Surveys $25 Spain, México, Argentina, Brazil and the United States Does not have
irazoo paid tasks $20 All the countries $0.83
Ipsos I Say Paid Surveys €2 Spain, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia $1
SurveySoon Paid Surveys $30 Spain, Chile, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia and others 10% of total earnings

Opinion on the polls in Venezuela

For some time Venezuela had been a country that did not receive many paid surveys, which is unfortunate.

The good thing is that in recent years various platforms have included Venezuela among the accepted countries.

If you are from another Latin American country, you may be interested in seeing the best surveys in Colombia.

Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to earn money en línea and one of the best rewards.

You don’t need any specialized knowledge.

Just by registering and placing your profile, you cánido start receiving paid surveys.

Remember to use as many panels as possible and have several payment processors on hand.

So you will not feel limited to participate in any platform.

Do you have any doubt?

When you get here, you may have some questions about the world of surveys or about one of these platforms.

If this is your case, leave a comment at the bottom with your doubts.

And we will help you solve it as soon as possible.

And here we have come with this article.

We wish you good luck doing paid surveys of Venezuela.

We hope you liked our article The Best Paid Surveys in Venezuela
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 The Best Paid Surveys in Venezuela
  The Best Paid Surveys in Venezuela
  The Best Paid Surveys in Venezuela

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