The Best Paid SURVEYS in Spain

The Best Paid SURVEYS in Spain

Learn how to earn money doing paid surveys from Spain.

We espectáculo you the main platforms available in the country and answer all your questions.

There are multiple ways on the Internet to earn money.

But the one we like the most, without a doubt, are the paid surveys.

There are various platforms that are willing to pay us a certain amount of money to give our opinion, dedicating a maximum of 20 minutes.

And the best thing is that we don’t need any specialized knowledge.

Any usuario cánido earn money this way.

However, users residing in Spain are some of those who cánido benefit more from paid surveys, since the best survey platforms are available in the country.

And not only that, there will be times when we will have more payment methods available than in other countries: Paypal, bank transfers, gift certificates and others.

If you want to learn everything about paid surveys in Spain and how to get the most out of them, keep reading this articulo.

We have also prepared a list with the best survey platforms in Spain.

Best paid surveys in Spain

We have compiled the survey websites that we consider to be the most important in Spain and now we present them to you:


Overall Rating

With more than 5 million registered users, this platform is positioned as one of the most important web pages for conducting surveys.

With this site we cánido earn up to a good sum of money and the maximum time of the surveys is usually 25 minutes.

With its unlimited referral system, we perro earn a good sum of money for each usuario who registers with our referral backlink and completes 5 surveys.

You make your payments through Amazon checks and the minimum amount to make a withdrawal is €25.

It is not available for Latin American countries.

Only for users from Spain, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and China cánido use it.


Overall Rating

Its old name was ClixSense, but it changed to Ysense a few years ago.

This is a web page Very versatilesince we cánido not only earn money with surveys, but also with mini-jobs, monthly offers and its referral system.

The platform is available to all countries in the world.

Pay vía Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill and Amazon Gift Cards starting at $10.


Overall Rating

Opnio is an en línea platform that allows users to take surveys and earn money for their participation.

The surveys are available for all Spanish-speaking countries, which means that anyone who speaks Spanish perro sign up and start earning.

Opnio is focused on giving its users the best experience possible, which is why all surveys are designed to be quick and easy to complete.


Overall Rating

It is owned by Prodege LLC and has multiple ways to make money.

The main one is surveys, but also doing searches or completing some other task.

It has a referral system where we cánido earn the 10% of your lifetime earnings.

And unlike many other platforms, it has a cashback system.

He also emplees Paypal and Amazon checks as his main means of payment.

To withdraw our money we will have to reach $10.

It is available for all countries in the world, without limitations.


Overall Rating

Mobrog’s main forte is paid surveys.

Your weekly survey flow perro be enough to get up to €5 during that time.

It also has a referral system with which we will receive €0.80 for each referral that registers with our invitation and completes 3 surveys.

You only make your payments by Paypal and Skrill, once we have reached €5.

It is available worldwide, without limitation.

It also has a mobile application to take surveys from wherever we are.

poll soon

Overall Rating

Pollpronto is a survey panel in which the users from Spain and several Latin American countries they perro earn money for the fácil fact of giving their opinion.

The platform has been en línea for several years and belongs to A&K International Inc, a company known for also owning Green Panthera and SurveyPronto.

Registration is free and users perro start earning money immediately.

All they have to do is fill out their profile, answer a few survey questions, and start taking surveys.

Pollpronto pays through PayPal and users cánido earn up to $5.


Overall Rating

With Myiyo we will be able to win €1 to €3 for each survey.

In addition, this platform also has a referral system that offers us 500 points either €0.50 for every usuario who registered with our affiliate backlink and completed their first survey.

This website makes its payments through Paypal or bank transfer.

We will be able to withdraw, when we reach 20,000 points either €20. Myiyo is available in Spain, France, Italy, México, Colombia and Peru.


Overall Rating

Toluna is another habitual survey platform.

In addition to paid surveys, we perro earn money by completing different tasks.

Another particularity is that we cánido test products for free.

And for each referral we will get €0.25.

Toluna has a good flow of surveys and each perro be completed in a range of 10 to 20 minutes.

We perro make withdrawals by Paypal and checks from Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

Payments by Paypal are made once we have reached €35while for the other gift cards: €10 and €25.

Overall Rating

It belongs to the French company Cre En línea Affiliation.

This platform pays 500 points for each survey, which is equivalent to €0.80 and usually sends 2 surveys weekly (sometimes more).

Another particularity of this site is that we will receive a payment for trying free products and keeping them.

It also has a referral system that pays €0.80 for each referral that has registered with your backlink and completed their first survey.

In addition, if you are an active member and help others, you perro receive rewards of up to €10 by Amazon checks.

You make your payments through Paypal and Amazon checks, once we have reached 13,000 points either €10.

It is only available to residents in Spain.


Overall Rating

The only way to earn money on this website is through paid surveys.

He does not have other types of jobs and not even a referral system.

But all this it makes up for by offering a good flow of surveys.

It is available in more than 70 countries of the world, with the exception of some Latin American countries.

He pays mainly by Paypal, but also offers checks from Amazon, iTunes, El Corte Ingles, Ikea and Media Market.

With your permission

Overall Rating

Consupermiso falls into the category of PTR, because it offers us money for tasks and offers that we will receive in our correo electrónico.

The most striking thing about this platform is its cashback system, where we will earn money for making purchases.

It has a 4-level referral system and at each level we perro earn a 10% up to 50% of the total earnings of our guests.

You make your payments mainly through Paypal.

It is available for Spain and some Latin American countries.

Opinion Center

Overall Rating

The platform is owned by Survey Sampling International LLC, a marketing company.

The main method to earn money is through paid surveys.

Each survey has a maximum duration of 20 minutes and offers us a reward of €0.50 to €3.50.

You perro also complete your earnings through the referral system.

For each affiliate we will obtain €1.05.

In addition, it has a monthly draw that offers €1,250 to the winner.

Your main form of payment is Paypal and we will be able to redeem our points once we have reached €2.50 (0 50 points).

Other payment alternatives are Amazon and iTunes checks.


Overall Rating

IRazoo is also a very dynamic platform, since we perro earn money by doing paid surveys, watching ads, playing games and other things.

In addition, its referral system offers $0.83 for each affiliate.

The page offers monthly codes to help you increase your earnings.

It is available for all countries in the world.

But the only payment method available for Spain and Latin America is Paypal.

Ipsos I say

Overall Rating

This is another veteran platform in the world of surveys.

The main strength of this page is the paid surveys, which cánido be easily completed in a period of 15 to 25 minutes.

Your referral system will allow us to earn 100 points either $1.

I-say has loyalty programs that reward active users.

Make your payment by Paypal, Amazon checks, Ikea, iTunes and Decathlon.

You cánido withdraw your money with just €2.


Overall Rating

This platform is owned by A & K International Inc, the company to which the famous Green Panthera page also belongs.

By just registering and completing your personal profile, you will receive $5 gift.

In addition, it is one of the pages with the highest flow of surveys daily.

For each survey we perro earn from $0.6 up to $1.50 and each lasts between 5 and 20 minutes.

It also has a wall of offers to do some fácil tasks.

Their affiliate program offers a 10% of the total earnings of our referrals.

Process your payments through Paypal.

It is available for: Spain, Portugal, the United States, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, México, Argentina and more European countries.

If you want to work from Venezuela, you cánido use a VPN.


Overall Rating

In iSurveyWorld we cánido win $5 for just registeringIf you are not registered, take advantage of this offer.

Also, this is a survey page that emplees PayPal as the main payment method.

For each survey we perro earn between $0.30 and $1 The first payment cánido be requested from $25.

It accepts countries like Spain, Argentina, Brazil, México and the United States.

At CGD we really like this page.

Will you sign up?


Overall Rating

One of the most habitual paid survey sites on the net.

Greenpanthera gives you $5 for just signing up.

The flow of surveys is not bad at all and you perro get your benefits from $30.

Greenpanthera has been in the survey top for a long time, which is why it is in many of the CGD rankings, including this one.

That is why we believe that it should be among the best paid survey panels in Spain.

What are paid surveys?

Paid surveys are a marketing strategy used to collect information.

The success of a company depends on satisfying the tastes and needs of consumers with its products and services.

And what better way than knowing first-hand the opinion of the consumers themselves?

For this reason, each time a company carries out a marketing campaign, it will contract the service of one of these platforms to obtain the desired information.

In that sense, these platforms serve as intermediaries between businesses and consumers.

On the one hand, the platform collects and segments information for companies.

On the other, they help users to carry out surveys easily and safely; and they are also in charge of managing all payments for users.

In this whole process, each party benefits: The company obtains the desired information, the platforms receive a profit for the service and we will obtain a small part of that profit for giving our opinion.

How long do paid surveys last?

The duration may vary from survey to survey and from platform to platform.

There are paid surveys that you perro complete in just 5 minuteswhile there are others with which it could take up to more than 30 minutes.

But the estándar time of most platforms is between 10 and 25 minutes per survey.

And generally, the longer the survey, the higher the reward you will receive.

Are paid surveys in Spain reliable?

Yes, taking surveys in Spain is safe.

In fact, there are many reliable survey sites.

From experience, we cánido say that the Spanish are the users who cánido get more out of paid surveys.

Not just because most platforms (including the ones with the best rewards) are available in this region.

It is that there are also websites that offer a better reward, more payment methods and plus benefits (such as trying free products) for Spanish users.

Such is not the case of Latin American users, where the payment is usually lower, the payment methods are more limited and the flow of surveys is scarcer.

Is it true that you cánido earn money by filling out surveys?

Of course.

In addition to the fact that there are dozens of platforms on the web to earn money with paid surveys, there are users who earn their living in this way.

With just a quick search, you will find many proofs of payment and hundreds of positive reviews from users who dedicate their day to the world of paid surveys.

How much do they pay to fill out a survey?

There are many factors that influence the reward we will receive.

Typically, the pay range is between $0.05 up to $4 per survey.

But these amounts cánido vary.

Some platforms pay more than others for each survey.

It also depends on the type of campaign you are running and the duration of the survey itself.

How much money cánido I earn by taking surveys?

Taking into account the advantages of a Spanish usuario in paid surveys on Latin American users, the profits are usually higher.

A Spanish usuario cánido earn between €40 and €300 with paid surveys.

However, these numbers fluctuate based on the platform you’re using, the survey stream available, the payout for each survey, and whether you qualify for a campaign.

What’s more, the time you spend filling out surveys and how many platforms you use at the same time will also affect the total profit.

The truth is that as a Spanish usuario you perro earn more money at the end of the month than users from other countries.

How will the income I earn be paid to me?

Survey sites often use PayPal as the main payment method.

Almost everyone emplees this virtual wallet.

Sometimes you will also find other wallets available like Payoneer, Skrill, Payeer or AirTM.

Another frequent form of payment are gift cardswhere the most common are from Amazon.

How to earn more money with paid surveys in Spain?

There are different ways in which you perro take advantage of paid surveys in Spain.

As is evident, the more perseverance and dedication you have, the more money you perro earn.

In addition, it is important that you have the largest number of payment methods available.

This way, you will always be qualified for any survey platform.

However, we consider that the 3 main ways to earn more money with surveys remunerated are the ones that we will name below:

Filling out the profile correctly

Every time a company carries out a campaign, it seeks the opinion of consumers who meet certain characteristics.

Imagine that a company wants to sell baby products.

The safest thing is that you seek the opinion of mothers with babies.

It wouldn’t make much sense to survey a man over 70, would it?

For this reason, we perro participate in the surveys as long as our personal profile qualifies for such a campaign.

Hence, the first step in most survey platforms is that you first fill out all the profile information.

But remember: it is always better to use real information in the profile.

These platforms often have trick questions, which are designed to confirm the information you’ve provided.

If what you answer in any of these trick questions contradicts your personal profile, you could be penalized.

In the worst case, they will immediately close your account.

Targeting various survey panels

This is the main trick to earn more money with paid surveys.

a single platform it will not be enough to get a good reward, since surveys are not always available.

Therefore, if possible, use as many survey sites as possible.


Almost all of these websites have a referral system.

We will earn some profit for each usuario who registers with our affiliate backlink.

In most cases, the referral will have to complete a few surveys in order for us to receive our profit.

What is the best paid survey page?

As with everything else, there are undoubtedly platforms that are better than others: be it because of their flow of surveys, the remuneration for each survey, or other things.

But if you want our opinion, we think the best platforms to make money from paid surveys are: YouGov and Ysense.

YouGov is one of the sites that pays the best for each survey carried out, even €2.

In addition, it has a good flow of surveys And its referral system offers us €1.66 for each registered usuario with our backlink.

It is not for nothing that it has more than 5 million registered users.

Ysense, for its part, is a veteran platform in the world of paid surveys.

The payment range for each survey is between $0.30 and $4.

Its referral system is very juicy, we perro earn from %20 to %30 for the total earnings of each referral, $2 when you have completed your first $5 and other plus earnings.

In addition, it has alternative ways to increase our earnings such as: paid tasks, offers, advertisements, downloading applications, etcétera.

If you want to make good profits by taking surveys from Spain, these platforms should be on your priority list.

Opinions on paid surveys in Spain

As we have emphasized several times in this articulo, Spanish users are one of the users who perro benefit the most from paid surveys.

Most of the platforms are available to them and usually the flow of surveys they will receive, compared to other countries, will be much higher.

But you will also get some plus benefits.

One of them is that you will commonly have more payment methods available.

Another is that you will be able to have the opportunity to try products for free and get paid for it.

In most cases, you will be able to keep the products.

Therefore, as a Spanish usuario, you have the opportunity to earn more money than Latin American users.

Advantages of filling out paid surveys

These are some of the advantages of dedicating yourself to the world of paid surveys:

you work from home

You don’t need to leave home to earn money.

All the profits perro be obtained from the comfort of your home.

All you need is a computer or mobile device.

No need to meet schedules

You will not have a strict work schedule.

In most cases, you will just have to wait to receive a notification in your dirección de correo electrónico that surveys are available.

Although on some occasions, you will have to directly review the survey panel.

Also, completing the surveys will take you very little time, from 10 to 20 minutes per survey.

You don’t have bosses or pressures

You do not have to follow orders from superiors, you perro work how you want at the time you want.

This flexibility allows you to take breaks whenever you want and be free to pursue other trades.

You do not need to be a professional or specialist in any subject

Literally anyone cánido complete paid tasks.

Most of the questions you already know about them, because almost all of them will be about you.


However, paid surveys also have their drawbacks.

Not everything is rosy.

And keeping this in mind will help you not get frustrated on this path.

They will not always send us all the surveys we want

There will be times when you will find yourself with a lot of surveys and your income will increase considerably.

But there will be times where even weeks perro go by without receiving any survey.

It all depends on companies carrying out marketing campaigns.

If there is no interest in running campaigns, there will be no surveys either.

Sometimes we will not be suitable

We simply will not be able to perform all the surveys that are available.

Because not always our personal profile will agree with such surveys.

The amount of money you perro earn perro fluctuate

The above factors orinan that earnings cánido increase or decrease depending on the flow of surveys and the payment for each one.

In addition, you must take into account the dedication you have to conduct paid surveys and how many platforms you are using.

It is true that you will have more freedom to organize your day.

But if you work little, you will earn little.

There are also users whose profile is a magnet for marketing campaigns.

So there are certain profiles that will receive many more surveys than others.

That means that two users who spend the same time and effort have different profit ranges.

However, despite the disadvantages that we have mentioned above, dedicating yourself to the world of paid surveys is a safe way to earn money.

Much more, if we are residents in Spain.

And here we have come with this articulo.

If you want more information about a survey platform or a payment method, take a look at the posts we have prepared.

And if you have any questions, leave it in the comments.

We will help you answer them.


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 The Best Paid SURVEYS in Spain
  The Best Paid SURVEYS in Spain
  The Best Paid SURVEYS in Spain

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