The best paid surveys in Colombia |

The best paid surveys in Colombia |

We present you the best paid surveys in Colombia. We have prepared a list of the most beneficial platforms for users in Colombia and we answer the most frequent questions about paid surveys.

Paid surveys are one of the most habitual methods in the world to earn money on the web. From almost all countries we perro earn money by doing paid surveys, including Colombia. To work this way, you don’t need no specialized knowledge nor spend a full working day. A few hours a day may be enough.

In addition, there are dozens of platforms on the web that will allow you to earn money easily. And just as we said in our articulo about the best Paypal surveys, almost all platforms make their payments through Paypal, although some have other rewards such as gift cards.

Are you interested? Let’s see then the best paid surveys in Colombia.

The Best Paid Surveys in Colombia


Overall Rating

Ysense belongs to the category of paid tasks. Since it allows us to earn money in multiple ways: paid surveys, monthly offers, mini-jobs and a referral system.

The platform is available to all countries in the world and makes its payments from $10. The main payment methods are Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill and Amazon checks.


Overall Rating

With more than 5 million registered users in its favor, this is one of the best platforms for taking surveys today. We perro earn money in two ways: with paid surveys where we cánido get a good sum for each one and we will charge for each referral that registers with our backlink and completes 5 surveys.

The only payment method of the platform are the amazon checksonce we reach €25. It is available for Spain, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Norway and others. It is not available for Latin American countries, but countries like Colombia cánido participate using a VPN.


Overall Rating

The great particularity of Lifepoints is that its only way to earn money is with paid surveys, it doesn’t even have a referral system. But that is precisely why its forte is in paid surveys, offering us a good flow and good rewards.

Its main payment method is Paypal, but it also offers us different gift cards: Amazon, El Corte Ingles, iTunes, Media Market and Ikea. It is available in more than 70 countries in the world, with the exception of some countries in Latin America.


Overall Rating

Toluna is a veteran in the world of paid surveys. Each survey perro be completed in a period of 15 and 20 minutes and has a good flow per month. In addition to paid surveys, we perro earn money from paid offers. Toluna also allows us to earn money for testing products for free.

Make your payments with Paypal and some gift cards like Amazon, Spotify and iTunes. You cánido request your earnings from €35. With this platform you perro do paid surveys in Colombia, México, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, the United States and Spain.


Overall Rating

In good seasons, Mobrog will allow us to earn up to €5 a week. It also has a referral system that offers us €0.80 for each guest who completes their first 3 surveys.

€5 It is the minimum withdrawal amount that we cánido request through Paypal or Skrill. It has no geographical limitation.


Overall Rating

The reward for each survey is high compared to other platforms, from €1 to €3. In addition, it offers €0.50 for each guest who completes their first survey.

You perro withdraw your earnings with €10 (10,000 points) through Paypal or bank transfer. Colombia, Peru, México, Spain, Italy and France are among the accepted countries.

poll soon

Overall Rating

Pollpronto is a survey panel in which the users from Spain and several Latin American countries they cánido earn money for the fácil fact of giving their opinion. The platform has been en línea for several years and belongs to A&K International Inc, a company known for also owning Green Panthera and SurveyPronto. Registration is free and users perro start earning money immediately. All they have to do is fill out their profile, answer a few survey questions, and start taking surveys. Pollpronto pays through PayPal and users perro earn up to $5.

Gift Hunter Club

Overall Rating

GHB is a GPT, since it offers us multiple ways to earn money. For every survey we complete we will earn up to $1. But it also has a wall of offers to get points by watching ads, registering on some pages or playing games.

It has a section to do mini jobs and has monthly contests with which we perro win up to $35. It currently has 2 levels of referrals. The first offers us a 10% of the total earnings of each guest, while the second only a 5%.

It has Paypal as its main payment processor, although it also has Payza and Amazon gift certificates. Withdrawals cánido be requested from $2. It does not have any geographical limitation, so users from Colombia perro earn money with them. A agregado is that it has an application to perform these tasks from our mobile device.

King of Prizes

Overall Rating

Like the above platform, it also belongs to the category of GPT. It offers different types of surveys with which we perro earn up to $1. It also makes different offer walls available to us to perform jobs such as: view ads, download applications, play games, etcétera.

For every guest who makes their first $4, we will receive $2. The most important thing about King of Prizes is its wide catalog of rewards. In addition to Paypal and AirTM, they have over 250 gift cards available. It is available for all countries in the world.

Market Agent

Overall Rating

It is one of the best platforms to do paid surveys in Latin America. By registering, we will receive €1.5 as a gift and for each referral we will be awarded with €0.50, although the profit with the referrals may vary depending on the country of the referral. For every paid survey we complete, we will earn up to €2.50.

You have three payment processors: Paypal, Skrill and bank transfer. Although previously the withdrawal amount was €2, currently they are €10. All countries in the world are accepted.


Overall Rating

Timebucks allows us to earn money with paid surveys, watching vídeos or ads, or with mini jobs. Each survey offers us a profit from $0.10 to $1. And with your referral system we will get up to fifteen% for the total winnings of each guest for life.

Timebucks does not support Paypal, but does offer AirTM, Skrill, Payeer, Neteller, and Bitcoin as payment methods.


Overall Rating

Swagbucks is another paid task platform. With it, we perro earn money by doing paid surveys, offers and various tasks. Swagbucks also has a cashback system so that we cánido earn money with our purchases. And its referral system offers 10% of the total earnings of our guests.

once reached $10 We may request payment by Paypal or Amazon Gift Cards. It has no geographical limitation. So we perro do paid surveys in Colombia with it.

Green Panthera

Overall Rating

Greenpanthera is a very habitual survey site on the web. The surveys offer a remuneration that revolves around $0.60 up to $1.50. Your referral system will allow us to obtain 10% of the total earnings of our referrals. And its particularity is that we cánido earn money making purchases through the platform (cashback).

We perro withdraw our money with $30. Almost all countries in the world are accepted.


Overall Rating

Just by registering on this platform we will receive a profit of $5. The reward that we perro obtain for each survey revolves around the $0.10 and $1.

Your only payment method is Paypal and it allows us to request it with $25. It is available for Spain, Brazil, México, Argentina and the United States.


Overall Rating

Irazoo belongs to the GPT category, since it offers us multiple tasks to increase our rewards. The main one is paid surveys, but we cánido also see ads, play games and download applications. Your referral system offers us $0.83 per guest and monthly we will receive some codes to increase our earnings.

This platform has no geographical limitation and only has Paypal as the only payment method for Spain and all of Latin America.

iSay ipsos

Overall Rating

Isay has a good flow of surveys and perro be completed in a 15 minute period. Your affiliate program offers $1 per guest. One advantage of Isay is its loyalty programs for the most active users.

We perro request our payments with €2 from Paypal or various gift cards such as Amazon, iTunes, Decathlon and Ikea.


Overall Rating

Owned by the same owners as Green Panthera, it is one of the best survey sites around today. It has one of the highest survey flows on the web and with each one we perro earn up to $1.60. It also has a wall of offers and a referral system that pays 10% for the total earnings of our guests.

A agregado is that we will receive $5 gift for just registering and completing our personal profile. Withdrawals are made through Paypal once we have reached $30. The accepted countries are: Colombia, México, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, the United States and other European countries.

Opinion Bureau

Overall Rating

As with SurveySoon, we will receive $5 gift for just registering. Surveys are highly paid, even €4 for each, even though her flow is low during the month. The referral system will allow us to earn €1 per guest.

We perro request payments from €10 with Paypal, Visa, MasterCard or Amazon checks. It is available for Spain, México, Brazil, Argentina, the United States and other European and Asian countries. We cánido use a VPN to do paid surveys from Colombia.

What are paid surveys?

Paid surveys are neither more nor less than a marketing strategy. Through them, companies collect relevant information from users to improve the quality of their products and services to meet consumer requirements.

Paid surveys are aimed at people who have the profile of potential consumers and are located in the regions where the product will be launched. This is the reason why filling out a personal profile is an essential requirement on these platforms.

Every time there is a new campaign these companies hire survey panels. The panels offer a platform for users to carry out surveys, are in charge of segmenting the information, processing payments, answering usuario questions, etcétera. And our task in all this is to receive profit for giving a small part. Everything is a legal method where all parties win.

Throughout this process, it is very important to complete the personal profile which, as we mentioned, is escencial to qualify for any of these surveys. In other words, you will only be able to participate in the surveys for which your profile is qualified.

All survey platforms will ask you to provide personal information to form your profile. You do not have to worry about anything, it is basic information that nothing puts at risk such as: region, hobbies, members of your family, tastes, etcétera.

Of course, none of these platforms will request information that could put you at risk, such as a credit card number. Beware of scams.

Are paid surveys free in Colombia?

Yes, as in paid surveys in Venezuela, take surveys from Colombia it has no cost. And not only in these two countries, in the whole world as well. All reliable survey platforms are free. Do not trust sites that ask you to pay to take surveys, as these are often scams.

How do paid surveys work in Colombia?

Another particularity of paid surveys is that they are easy to use. In addition to the dashboard interfaces being highly intuitive, none require specialized or technical knowledge from you. So let’s answer some common questions about paid surveys.

What do you need to do paid surveys?

The main thing is to find the platforms that are available in your country and register on them. Then, the most important step is always to complete your personal profile. In this, each panel is different, some will ask you to go to your account settings and add your profile information. Others will invite you to take an initial survey that contains the most important questions about your profile. And some have both.

Then, you just have to wait for an dirección de correo electrónico inviting you to participate in a survey for which you are qualified. Although as advice, it does not hurt regularly review the platform looking for new paid surveys.

Where do you send more paid surveys in Colombia?

There are countries where all regions of the territory receive the same flow of surveys, as in the case of paid surveys in Spain. But there are countries like Colombia where the flow of surveys will depend on the city. The Colombian cities that receive the most surveys are: Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla, Cúcuta, Soledad, Ibagué Cartagena de Indias, Bucaramanga, Neiva, Pasto and Montería.

How to earn more money filling out surveys in Colombia?

Like everything in life, paid surveys have some tricks that will allow you to earn more. These are some of the most important.

Filling the profile with your real data

fill in your profile personal is the most important thing to receive a greater flow of surveys. Of course, not all profiles receive the same number of surveys, because there are simply profiles that are more attractive to these campaigns than others.

Ideally, you fill out the paid surveys with de hoy information. Some users place false information to receive more surveys. The problem is that these panels have trick questions that verify that you have provided real information. That is why it is very habitual that in surveys they always ask you the same questions regarding your profile. If the information you have provided in your profile does not match your answer in the surveys, your account will be closed and you will lose all your earnings. So it remains at everyone’s risk.

As we also said before, you will only have to provide information that does not put you at risk. As a general rule, avoid placing any bank information, ID number or your telephone number. This way you will avoid contenido publicitario or any scam.

Sign up for various survey panels

A single platform by itself provides very little profit per month. Therefore, if you want to obtain good profits, you must register at the most platforms possible.

Pay special attention to those panels that offer higher pay, a larger flow of surveys, or have other alternatives to earn money (such as paid tasks). These are the ones that are most worthwhile and will account for the most revenue.

Referral program

With a few exceptions, the referral program is always a complement to all of these platforms. This will allow you to earn money in a passive way, since you will receive a reward for some actions that your guest performs or a percentage of the total amount of his earnings.

You perro invite your friends or others through popular networks or a blog.

perform other tasks

Platforms that have plus tasks usually offer higher remuneration. They complement the paid surveys or, failing that, they will allow you to earn money, when there are none.

Some of the most common tasks are: mini jobs, wall of offers, cashback, reading correos electrónicos, watching ads, playing games, etcétera. If you want to know more about these methods, see the best pages to earn money.

How much money cánido you earn with a survey?

Earnings depend on many factors. Everything perro influence, from the country or city where you live to your profile and the platforms you use. There are users who perro earn up to $400 with paid surveys. But the average is $50 to $200.

Are the surveys in Colombia reliable?

Yes, most paid surveys are reliable. On the web, you will find hundreds of proofs of payment that will help you feel secure.

We have also prepared a articulo with reliable paid surveys, in case you are interested in knowing which are the safest.

How perro you avoid scams?

Scams abound on the web. So keep in mind the following consejos to avoid falling into these traps:

  • Never pay to take paid surveys. No trustworthy website will ask you to pay to take surveys.
  • Beware of hard-to-reach rewards. Some platforms have very high rewards, which is absurd because no matter how hard you work and work, they will never allow you to get them. Evaluate that the payment per survey or task is equal to the minimum withdrawal amount. So you are not wasting your time in vain.
  • Never provide personal data that could put you at risk: Bank information, credit cards, ID number or telephone number are not data that you should provide.

Is it safe to put my personal data?

Taking into account the above consejos, it is completely safe to provide your personal data, since it does not really put you at risk. Nothing will happen to you for indicating what your tastes, hobbies, family members or afín things are. On the web, there are thousands of users who could have the exact same profile as yours. So don’t worry.

Opinions on surveys in Colombia

Paid surveys are one of the most habitual ways to earn money en línea today. And it is that you literally do not need much to increase your income per month. Normally, you don’t have to spend too much time and you perro do it from home without any problem.

Of course, the greater the dedication, the greater the remuneration. Earnings may vary from person to person and from city to city. But don’t worry if you don’t win as much as others, go at your own pace and try to get the most out of it. If you complete your profile well and use various platforms, you cánido earn good profits.

Also remember to watch out for scams. Never pay to take paid surveys! Since this is a free method. If you are interested, I have also prepared a articulo with opinions on paid surveys.

Retroalimentación about paid surveys

Not all platforms will generate the same earnings. Before you start, you cánido research which platforms are best for you to use. Otherwise, paid surveys are safe and a good source of income. Some live from this, but others only obtain an plus income, which is not bad at all.

And so far we have come with this articulo about the best paid surveys in Colombia. Is there something that is not clear to you? Do not hesitate to leave it in the comments and we will help you answer all your questions.

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 The best paid surveys in Colombia |
  The best paid surveys in Colombia |
  The best paid surveys in Colombia |

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