The Best Paid Survey Pages of

The Best Paid Survey Pages of

We have prepared a list with the best paid surveys in México.

We clarify all doubts about paid surveys and give you some consejos to get the most out of them.

México is one of the countries with the greatest opportunities to earn money doing paid surveys in Latin America.

Many of the panels that are not usually available in other countries in the region, such as Colombia, are in México.

If you live in México, paid surveys are a great way to earn money.

In addition to the fact that you perro take the surveys from home, you do not need any professional or technical knowledge to work this way.

In addition, you will have the facility to receive your payments by Paypal or other payment methods.

Also, with enough dedication and a bit of luck, a typical usuario could earn between $100 and $200 a month.

If you are interested in knowing more, join us in this articulo.

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What are the best paid surveys in México?


Overall Rating

Formerly called ClixSense, this veteran is one of the best platforms to earn money by taking surveys.

In addition to paid surveys, we cánido also earn money with minijobsmonthly offers and your referral system.

That is why it belongs to the category of GPT.

It is available for all countries in the world.

And you cánido withdraw your money through Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer and Amazon cards.

$10 it is the minimum withdrawal amount and it is easy to reach with the number of tasks it offers.


Overall Rating

This is another of the most important survey panels of the moment.

It allows us to earn money in two ways: by taking surveys and by inviting friends to the platform.

The payment for each survey is around €2 and your unlimited referral system will pay us €1.66 for every referral that signs up and completes their first 5 surveys.

You only make payments for Amazon Gift Cards and your minimum withdrawal amount is €25.

The platform is available for México, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, the US, the UK, France, Italy and other European countries.


Overall Rating

LifePoints is one of the survey panels that does not have a referral system or any other form of income.

Its forte is in paid surveys, the flow and payment per survey is considerably good.

available for 70 countries of the world, including users from México, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Portugal.

Make payments with Paypal, but also offer us multiple gift cards such as: Amazon, Ikea, iTunes, Media Market and El Corte Inglés.


Overall Rating

Toluna is another veteran that will allow us to earn money in different ways.

The most important are with paid surveys that usually have a good flow and a duration of 10 to 20 minutes.

We perro also earn money with your referral system that you offer us $0.25 for each guest and making some offers.

This page is perfect for those who love to try products for free and get paid in return.

With the agregado that you perro keep the products.

The platform is available for Spain, Portugal and the United States and some Latin American countries such as: México, Chile, Argentina and Colombia.

You cánido redeem your points from €35 with Paypal and from €10 with available gift cards.

King of Prizes

Overall Rating

With a pleasant interfaz, King of Prizes will allow us to obtain good remuneration with its various tasks.

It has a high flow of surveys and for each survey we perro earn up to $1.

With its multiple offer walls, we will have enough tasks to keep us busy for a long time of the day.

Their referral system offers us $2 for each guest who reaches their first $4.

The rewards catalog of this platform is incredibly wide: from Paypal and AirTM to more than 250 gift cards.

It is available to users from all over the world, but they must be over 16 years of age.

Nielsen Dashboard

Overall Rating

Nielsen offers one of the easiest ways to earn money, easier than paid surveys.

We basically download the aplicación and use our devices like we always do.

In a afín way to paid surveys, we will be offered remuneration for the data we provide.

Only that we will not have to answer surveys, but rather that the application collects the data by itself.

Do not worry, it is not private data, it is things like: the pages you visit, the battery level of your devices, etcétera.

We have the possibility to install the application on several devices at the same time and we perro earn up to $50 year.

And we cánido make a monthly charge for a minimum of $5.

The payment method may vary by country.


Overall Rating

Myiyo is one of the panels that offers the highest remuneration for surveys for Latin American users.

The profit margin is between €1 and €3, completing surveys that usually last 10 to 20 minutes.

It also has a referral system that pays €0.50 for each guest who takes their first survey.

Myiyo makes its payments by Paypal and bank transfer.

Once we have reached 10,000 points, we will be able to exchange it for real money that is equivalent to €10.

It is available for México, Peru, Colombia, Spain and Italy.


Overall Rating

As with SurveySoon, we will receive $5 for just signing up.

So that’s a good reason to sign up, if you haven’t already.

On paid surveys, we perro earn from $0.03 up to $1 for every survey we complete.

Your main payment method is Paypal and we perro make withdrawals with $25.

Users from México, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and the United States perro register on it.


Overall Rating

Surveypronto is another recommended survey site.

It has a considerably high flow of surveys per day.

By completing surveys lasting between 5 and 20 minutes, we perro earn from $0.06 to $1.50 for each one.

It also has a wall of offers to earn plus money by doing tasks and its referral system offers us 10% of the total earnings of our guests.

If you register and complete your profile, you will receive $5 free.

Your only payment method is Paypal and you perro make your withdrawal with $30.

It is available for México, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Portugal, USA and others.


Overall Rating

With Mobrog we cánido earn up to €5 a week, thanks to the fact that it sends several surveys a week.

Its referral system offers us €0.80 for each guest who completes 3 surveys.

Mobrog makes its payments vía Paypal and Skrill once we have reached €5.

Users from anywhere in the world perro earn money with this platform.


Overall Rating

Gift Hunter Club is another GPT that offers us various ways to obtain rewards.

For each survey, we perro earn up to $1.

It also has a wall of offers, a section of mini jobs and contests.

There are contests with which we perro win up to $35.

For each referral we invite, we will receive a 10% or 5% of your total earnings, since you have 2 levels of referrals.

As a agregado, the platform has a mobile application that will allow us to carry out all these tasks with ease.

Make your payments by Paypal, Payza, Amazon checks and other gift cards.

You cánido redeem your points with just $2.

The platform is available to all countries in the world.

but his Objetivo audience are Hispanic countries such as: Spain, México, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile and others.


Overall Rating

Swagbucks is another way in which we perro earn money in multiple ways.

The main one is through paid surveys, but it also has paid tasks and a wall of offers.

All these alternatives offer good remuneration.

A peculiarity of this panel is that it has a system of cash back.

So it is a good alternative to make your purchases en línea and receive money in exchange.

With your referral system we cánido earn 10% of the total rewards of our guests for life.

We perro redeem our points through Paypal and Amazon gift cards with $10.

It is available for all countries in the world, but we especially recommend it for conducting paid surveys in México.


Overall Rating

It originated in 2001 and since then it has gained a good reputation among users.

For just registering, you will receive €1.5 Gift.

The profit for each survey is around €0.10 to €2.50.

And its referral system offers us €0.50 for each guest, depending on their place of origin.

The 3 main payment processors are: Paypal, Skrill and bank transfer.

One of the things that caught the attention of the platform is that we could withdraw money with only €2.

But currently, the minimum withdrawal amount is €10.

The platform has no geographical limitations.

Countries like Spain, México, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic are accepted.

Overall Rating

HintstersSurveys is a page that offers an exclusive paid survey service for México.

This means that you will receive more surveys and you will have better conditions if you radica in México and register through the backlink that appears below.

It is a survey platform exclusively for people over 18 years of age.

Opinion Bureau

Overall Rating

For just signing up for this survey panel, you will receive €5 free.

So, if we register with the Opinion Bureau, SurveyPronto and iSurveyWorld, we will have already earned €15.

We perro earn money by doing surveys or inviting friends.

Each survey perro be completed in 10 to 20 minutes and we will receive a reward from €0.50 up to €4.

It has a high remuneration for surveys, but the flow of surveys is low during the month.

Regarding the referral program, we will earn €1 for each guest.

Make your payments through Paypal, Visa and MasterCard cards and Amazon checks.

The minimum amount to make a withdrawal is €10, an easy limit to reach, despite the low flow of surveys and the €5 start.

It is available for Spain, México, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, France and other European countries.

What are paid surveys?

Paid surveys are neither more nor less than a marketing strategy.

And like any marketing strategy, its purpose is to collect information that allows knowing the requirements, needs and emotions of consumers about certain products.

This is the way in which companies cánido guide their products to the satisfaction and emotion of consumers.

Survey panels function as intermediaries between the company and consumers.

And they are hired when there is a new campaign available.

The platform is responsible for interacting with users, giving them a page where they cánido take surveys and make their payments.

Our role as users is to answer fácil questions and receive remuneration in return.

There is nothing illegal or dirty about paid surveys.

So it is a reliable way to earn money.

How do these pages work?

Everything is as fácil as registering and starting to complete the surveys.

Survey questions are often related to your profession, hobbies, tastes, favorite type of food, electronic devices you use at home, and afín questions.

No question will require any specialized knowledge.

In fact, quite the opposite.

The questions will be oriented to things that you already know.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to provide any personal information that puts your privacy at risk.

Remember that, as a potential consumer, your opinions and your personal profile are essential data to offer a better product.

This is the same reason why all these platforms you will be asked to complete your personal profile, before starting to do surveys.

The campaigns are always directed to users with a defined profile.

So it is habitual that users who do not fit this profile, perro’t do such surveys, since they are not the usual consumers of the product.

It makes no sense to poll a child about liquor or an old man about children’s toys.

TRUE? Because they are not the consumers of said products.

This is the reason why you will only receive surveys that match your usuario profile.

And so it is almost a requirement to complete this step before doing surveys.

Perro you really make money with these pages?

Yes, of course.

Under conveniente conditions, a habitual usuario could earn between $50 and $200 per month, although it perro vary a lot depending on some conditions.

There are some users who perro earn up to $400 per month.

But it all depends on how much dedication you have and that your profile receives a lot of surveys.

Even how many and which platforms you use.

But beware of scams.

Do not trust pages that ask you for a payment to register or that have a minimum payment that is impossible to reach.

Another scam technique is offering thousands of dollars a month.

Something that is really not possible in this world of paid surveys.

How cánido you earn MORE money doing surveys in México?

Follow the consejos below and learn how to get the most out of paid surveys.

Fill your profile properly

As we have said before, having completed your personal profile properly is essential to receive many surveys.

So these are the things you should keep in mind when completing your profile.

suitable age

The profiles that have an age between 25 and 40 years They are the most attractive for this type of platform.

But it is not usually one of the most important factors.

Family situation

These panels are not interested in profiles that do not have children and are not married.

Therefore, if you are married and have children, you will be more likely to receive surveys.

As a agregado, if you have a son and a teenager, you will be able to receive more surveys.

Employment situation

Never state that you work or have worked in marketing, advertising, market research, or afín careers.

Since they never send surveys to this type of profile.

If you state that you have a permanent full-time job, you will have more chances of receiving surveys.


The profiles that have a monthly income of €1,000 to €2,000.

Remember, always place that you are the one who makes family decisions at home.

Referral Programs (Invite other people)

With the exception of Lifepoints, all survey panels will give us plus money for inviting referrals.

Normally, you will have a backlink with which your guests must register.

And after you have completed some task or reached a number of points, you will receive your rewards.

There are some platforms where they also reward your guest for signing up as a referral.

Sign up for more than one page

If you want to take advantage of paid surveys, do not register on a single platform.

The flow of surveys is usually not high enough to do surveys every day on the same platforms.

Also, that with a few pages you will not earn much at the end of the month.

Sign up for as many survey panels as possible.

This way you will keep yourself busy every day and you will be able to multiply your earnings.

How much perro they pay you to carry out a survey on the Internet?

The orinan of a survey is lies between $0.30 to $2.

But depending on your profile and the panel, the profit could be higher or lower.

Some platforms have surveys that pay up to $4 each.

But it is not the common amount.

What is the page that pays the most per survey?

For Latin America, Myiyo is the platform that pays the most per survey.

Its orinan is between €2 to €3 by survey.

We also recommend Ysense and YouGov.

How to collect money in México?

Being from México, you have variety to collect your money.

These are the most common means of payment:

  • Paypal. It is the most used way by users to withdraw their earnings.

    Almost all platforms use Paypal as the main payment processor.

    If you want to know what are the paid surveys that pay for Paypal, read our articulo about it.

  • Gift cards. You will also find many gift cards, but the most common are those from Amazon.

  • Wire transfer. Some platforms will allow you to redeem your money directly to your bank account.

  • Other payment processors. There is also Skrill, Payoneer, AirTM and other wallets.

  • Awards. There are pages that will give you prizes in exchange for your contribution or for having won a contest.

Summary of the Best Surveys in México

Name Vote Category minimum payment accepted countries referrals
ysense Paid Surveys $10 All the countries 30% profit
YouGov Paid Surveys €25 México, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, USA, France, UK, France, Italy and others €1.66
Lifepoints Paid Surveys €5 More than 70 countries Does not have
toluna Paid Surveys €10 Europe and some Latin American countries $0.25
Myiyo Paid Surveys €10 Peru, Colombia, México, Spain, Italy and France €0.50
surveysoon Paid Surveys $30 México, Portugal, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Spain and others 10% of total earnings
Gift Hunter Club paid tasks $2 or €2 Everyone 10% and 5%
iSurveyWorld Paid Surveys $25 Spain, Argentina, México, the United States and Brazil. Does not have
swagbucks paid tasks $10 All the countries 10%
MarketAgent Paid Surveys $10 All the countries €1
Opinion Bureau Paid Surveys €10 México, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, France and other European countries €1
Mobrog Paid Surveys €5 All the countries €0.80
Kings of Prizes paid tasks $10 Everyone $2


It doesn’t matter if you’re not from México.

Most of the things that we have explained in this articulo apply to almost all survey platforms, regardless of your region.

Also, all these panels are available for Europe and Latin America, although with some exceptions for the latter region.

Another option is to use a VPN to use these platforms.

Of course, some of these pages already have most of the free VPNs registered.

Therefore, if it is not available in your country, you will not be able to use it.

All in all, there are many options for you to take paid surveys from your country.

Check our paid survey posts in Spain and Peru surveys; and know more pages available to earn money with paid surveys.

If you are from another country like Venezuela, I recommend that you look at the best paid surveys in Venezuela.

Opinions and Conclusions

At CGD, we consider paid surveys one of the best ways to earn money en línea.

There are plenty of reasons.

First, you do not need any specialized knowledge and it is completely free.

So anyone perro earn money this way.

In addition, there are currently dozens of platforms to do paid surveys.

This will not only allow you to earn more money, but you will also have other alternatives in case a platform is not available in your country.

The most important thing is that you fill out your personal profile properly and use several platforms at the same time.

And don’t forget to have the majority of payment processors available, especially Paypal.

And so far we have come with our opinion of the best paid surveys in México.

If you liked this article, share it with your friends on popular networks.

If something is not clear to you, leave it in the comments.

We will help you answer your questions.

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 The Best Paid Survey Pages of
  The Best Paid Survey Pages of
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