The best membership cards, loyalty and

The best membership cards, loyalty and

One of the best ways to save money on your purchases is without a doubt to make use of the membership cards offered by many businesses and companies.

But, which are the best of all and who offer better discounts?

Our Ahorra Simple gueststhey will espectáculo you what are the best membership cards, loyalty cards and points that you perro find.

Do you want to discover a new way to save and get discounts on your purchases? Then this article interests you! Because we are going to discover the best membership, loyalty and points cards that are within your reach.

But first, let’s take a general look at how these types of products work and their advantages. there goes a summary what we are going to tell you about in this article:

  1. What are membership, loyalty and points cards?: How are they different from each other? What are the advantages of obtaining them?
  2. The best membership/loyalty cards on the market: Fashion and beauty, leisure, bars and restoranes.
  3. The best travel point cards and how to get them: Travel and hotels.

Are you ready to discover how to save and get discounts thanks to the cards? Keep reading!

whatWhat are the cards membership, loyalty and points?

These cards are products that companies offer their customers in order to ensure a stable and long-lasting business relationship over time.

To do this, in exchange for buying in their establishments or using their services, they offer them discounts, promotions, direct gifts – for example, free things when birthday – or redeemable points for other products or future discounts.

How are they different from each other?

Several types of cards must be distinguished, since not all give the right to the same benefits.

For example, some simply identify someone as a partner or member to allow access to a facility -the most common are those in gyms-, but they do not necessarily report advantages to their carriers.

What are the advantages of obtaining them?

As we already said, it will depend on what type of card you have.

But, in general, there is a series of advantages common to all of them: identification as a member or regular usuario, direct discounts and application of exclusive promotions, accumulation of points redeemable for products, prizes or discounts, etcétera.

The best membership/loyalty cards From the market

Do you want to know which cards offer the best discounts and promotions? Which are totally free? Which ones cánido you use in more places? Here we explain it to you!

In this section I am going to tell you what are the membership and loyalty cards most interesting on the market, so you don’t miss out on any advantage associated with its use.

1. fashion and beauty

It is one of the sectors with the most offer. Almost all large stores – and also, increasingly, small ones – offer this type of product to their regular customers.

It is an interesting option if you like to go shopping and take advantage of discounts beyond the sales seasons.

Keep reading and discover which ones you perro’t miss!

Cortefiel cards

The cards in this group which also includes Springfield -a more casual and youthful line- are a very interesting option.

Registration is free and maintenance of the card is also free, in which money is accumulated for each purchase made.

In addition to these advantages, there are others such as shipments and free arrangements and 8 euros as a gift on your birthday.

Card El Corte Inglés

The main attraction of this card is that it works like a credit card – it allows you to defer purchases for several months – but without the usual opening and maintenance fees.

In addition, a 4% discount on refueling at Repsol, Campsa and Petronor gas stations. Interesting, right?

Arenal Club Card

This well-known network of perfumeries also offers a free card to customers who wish to become part of its Club.

In this case, partner reward system It is through gift vouchers.

With each purchase, points are accumulated that translate into discounts on certain brands and products for a specific period.

It does not give as many options as others, but the variety of leading brands and perfumery and cosmetic products offered by Arenal are worth it.

Mango Card

Presented in collaboration with Mastercard and Sabadell Financial Services as “the loyalty program with the most benefits in Spanish fashion”, the Mango Card allows you to defer purchases without interest, participate in raffles and exclusive promotions.

In addition, it discounts 2% of all purchases made with it in any other establishment other than Mango.

Then, cánido that plus be redeemed accumulated in the stores of the chain.

2. Leisure

Do you like going to the movies, but do you think the tiques are too expensive? Don’t want to miss out on musical and literary releases, but perro’t afford to spend every month? Or do you just enjoy in the malls when you have a day off?

then it suits you take a look at the best cards of partners related to the leisure ámbito.

Fnac Club Card

Music, books, videogames, electronics… Fnac is one of the current references in the multimedia campo of leisure and technology.

That is why the advantages of Club Fnac are so attractive.

You will get direct discounts of 5% for each purchase in some of its sections, and 5% indirect in other departments, accumulating to a redeemable cómputo in the future.

This card is not free -it has a cost of 15 euros and is valid for two years-, but if you frequently visit the stores Fnac is a must.

Movie Helm Cards

It is an example of a loyalty card a chain of cinemas

This, the famous Cines Yelmo, offers its members special prices, 5% bonuses on each purchase of tiques or snacks… and a present for his birthday. It has a cost of 2.50 euros.

Also other companies, such as Cinesa, They offer afín cards and discounts. Find the one that interests you the most!

Shopping Center Cards

It is likely that in your city there is one or several shopping centers with plenty of shops, bars, restoranes and leisure services inside.

Find out well, because most of them offer membership cards that will allow you to eat, drink, buy or bowling with discounts.

Find yours and start paying less!

3. Bars and restoranes

Who does not enjoy a good meal, a soft drink or a beer, some tapas…? And if it’s also discounted…much better!

Take a look in this section at the best loyalty cards to get discounts in bars and restoranes.

And start to save when you go out to eat!


A classic among hotel chains. Allows you to benefit from discounts in the establishments of the brand itself, Starbucks, TGI Fridays, Wagamama, Ginos…

In addition, members perro download and access the official aplicación to manage their orders, payments and other exclusive services from it that make it faster especially when one is in a hurry.

Local lugar de comidas and café cards

Since, apart from VIPS, there are not many of these types of loyalty cards, why not give it a try to local cafes and restoranes?

In many cases, offer discounts and promotions that allow you to save a coffee or a consumption by accumulating a certain number of previous purchases.

It’s a way to save some money and at the same time encourage more and more discounts and promotions of this style.

best cards to accumulate points traveling and how to get them

Who does not like to travel, discover countries, cultures, landscapes, gastronomy…? For a long time, it has been possible to do so by saving, accumulating redeemable points for plane tiques or hotel stays.

You just have to know where to look!

In this section you will discover some of the best cards to accumulate points and discounts traveling.

Don’t miss this train!

4. Trips

If your thing is travel and you would like to save a little more on it, then you have to take a look at these cards that They will help you travel the world:

Iberia Cards

They were among the first to appear.

Iberia’s travel points accrual system has been famous for decades.

Now, in addition, you perro have your own personal card to benefit you discounts on accommodation, car rental, refueling, etcétera.

The annual fee of €90 is subsidized the first year and includes 9,000 travel points for purchases of €1,500 during the first 6 months and the annual renewal of the card.

Besides, for each euro of purchase with the Visa Iberia Agregado card you will accumulate 2 points.

Renfe cards

Because we not only travel by plane and the train is an increasingly faster and more comfortable option in Spain, Renfe’s range of cards for frequent travelers, which includes one in association with American Express, Give away points with each reservation that allow you to save up to 40% on hotels, car rentals and leisure.

Traveling has never been so exciting!

5. Hotels and accommodation

These are one of my favorites and without a doubt, the best to save money on accommodation -especially if you plan to travel a lot to see the previous ones-.

ibis Business card

It is part of the Accor hotel network.

They guarantee secure reservations to their members at their hotels, as well as exclusive services during their stay. Partners cánido benefit from 10% discount in the hotel bar and receive €90 a year to spend on their reservations.

NH Rewards Program

Another famous hotel chain and with hundreds of hotels Worldwide.

Users of this exclusive service will accumulate points with each stay, plus points for booking through the web, direct discounts on their services bar and lugar de comidas.

In addition, it offers a wide range with its four categories: Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Have you taken note of everything? Now you will be able to save every time you buy clothes or in a shopping center, when you go to the movies and even when you order a coffee.

Also traveling by plane and train offers you multiple advantages!

The truth is nothing is lost by having membership cards, loyalty and points.

In fact, there is much to be gained from them.

These fantastic cards help you save, enjoy discounts and special offers, and accumulate points to exchange for prizes or products. They are a bargain!

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 The best membership cards, loyalty and
  The best membership cards, loyalty and
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