The best list【100% FREE】of surveys

The best list【100% FREE】of surveys

Is there easy money? I think that we all make an effort to get the money, but there are people who are more batteries than others And they try a little less.

Do you want to be one of those who try a little less? let me tell you what to answer en línea paid surveys perro help you with that.

I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent on the Internet trying everything that helps earn a little more money, and answering surveys is one of the easiest things out there.

Of all the pages I’ve tried, the ones that have given me the best results are the survey pages paid with PayPal.

It is that with PayPal I have the possibility of really see the money to buy what I want or pass it to my bank account and be able to withdraw it in cash.

So put your batteries on Here I leave you the most reliable survey pages en línea that pay through PayPal and I share my 10 best consejos to increase your earnings.

Do you want to earn money by filling out surveys? Start here:

The top 5 pages to earn money by filling out surveys

1. Opinion Center

when you join Opinion Center, They ask you for some basic information such as: name, dirección de correo electrónico address, gender, address, date of birth, and level of education.

These data They use them to know to which group your surveys will belong and its results.

Every time a new survey is available, you will receive an invitation, you perro get several invitations per week and you will earn points based on the time it takes you to answer the survey.

The points you earn perro be exchanged for Money in PayPal or by Amazon and iTunes gift cards.

They also have a raffle in which every 3 months they choose a happy winner who takes €1250.

Opinion Center It has different names depending on the country you are in.

Register in the Opinion Center Here >>

2. Global Test Market

It is one of the most habitual survey sites in the world, on their page they say that they have paid more than 30 million dollars in surveys since they started in 1999.

worth entering and get a slice of that 30 million don’t you think?

In the Global Test Market registration they will ask for your data To find out which surveys might interest you, the most common topics are cars, restoranes, food, and movies.

The rewards will depend on the country you are in but may include the following: Amazon, PayPal, Macy’s, Kohl’s and donations to UNICEF.

You will receive between 7 and 10 surveys per week, Andrés has used this page since 2010 and here he tells you about his experience: GlobalTestMarket Opinions: the best survey page?

Register at GlobalTestMarket Here >>

3. My Survey

Registration to My Survey is free and the difference with other survey pages is that it does a more detailed study of your lifestyle at the time of subscribing.

You perro receive about 7 surveys per week depending on your profile, so that you receive more surveys, follow the tricks that Andrés espectáculos you here: MySurvey review: is it safe or is it a scam?

Every time you answer a survey you will earn points and you cánido change those points for money in PayPal, and by gift cards for Amazon, El Corte Inglés, Ikea, MediaMarkt, Chili’s, Applebees…

MySurvey It has different names depending on the country you are in.

Sign up for MySurvey Here >>

4. surveyeeah

The most I like of surveyeeah is that it is available in many countries, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, México and many more!

Registration in Surveyeah is super fast, You will see that in less than a minute it will be ready.

In this article Andrés explains how to register and gives you some tricks to receive more surveys: Is Surveyeah safe? Please read this before signing up.

The surveys you answer will be paid with dollars and not with points, and they will pay you between $0.50 and $5 depending on how long you take to answer

When you collect 10 dollars You perro withdraw them to your Paypal account or with an Amazon gift card.

Sign up for Surveyeah Here >>

5. Myiyo

The means of payment in Myiyo is PayPalwhen you answer your surveys you earn points and the minimum withdrawal is 20,000 points.

Which makes that Myiyo be the best is that you earn a lot of points, for a 15 minute survey you cánido earn 3000 points and the minimum you perro earn is 1500 points, but that with short surveys that take you 5 minutes.

My friend María has tried it and tells you how it went in this article: Myiyo review 2018: Does it work and PAY?

Register in Myiyo Here >>

How I perro earn money doing surveys?

To earn money doing surveys you have to… Do surveys! What else did you think? Register on the pages that I shared with you above, complete your profile information and Start answering all the surveys that come to you.

Phase one of your plan to earn plus money is find the best survey pages.

If you search the Internet you will realize that there are thousands of pages They say they pay to know your opinion.

But Careful! Don’t go into the lion’s den.

Many of these pages pay very little, they offer you supposed prizes instead of money or equipo withdrawal amounts so high that you would have to spend years working to see your money.

But I am the strong woodcutter who saves you from the wolf and I left you the best options on the list above completely free, to register just clic on the button that I left you and that’s it, I’ll do my job and you with the first phase.

You are ready for phase two of your plan, register on the web pages.

Registration on all survey pages they work more or less the same.

Select the button that I gave you with the backlink, entrar the page, write your data, and you answer a questionnaire.

Don’t run away It is not an evaluation, in these questionnaires you They will ask about the things that you like.

You will answer questions about the restoranes you visit, the phones you use, the places you shop, and so on.

Since most notifications are received by correo, You will most likely have to verify your correo electrónico address. correo electrónico after completing your profile.

Ready for phase 3? I hope so, because it’s the funniest, Start answering your surveys!

You will receive notifications in your dirección de correo electrónico, every time you receive one, entrar the backlink and answer it.

It’s that easy, and That’s all you have to do to earn money with paid surveys: register on the pages that I left you above, fill out your profile, and answer the questions that are sent to your dirección de correo electrónico.

AND how much Will I earn by filling out paid surveys?

As with everything, the money you are going to earn by filling out surveys depends on you, the time you dedicate to it, the pages you register on and the number of surveys you complete, it will be different on each page, but almost always you will will pay between 70 cents and up to 5 dollars for each survey.

Although the survey pages are very afín, They have different ways to pay.

Some work by accumulating points that you cánido exchange for prizes or money, others work by paying money directly, that you perro withdraw with PayPal or with your bank account.


You cánido earn money and have a nice plus income by answering surveys, but if a page or person promises you thousands of dollars for answering surveys, they are lying to you!

Look, I’ll explain it to you with my example, I’m not always filling out surveys.

What’s more, I do it and I recommend it because it’s a easy way to earn plus income It’s worth taking advantage of, but it’s not something I’m doing all day.

I am registered in the survey pages that I espectáculo you above, I dedicate myself to answering my surveys from Monday to Friday because on Saturdays and Sundays few arrive, sometimes none.

I spend like 1 hour a day reviewing the pages according to the surveys that I have available.

Of course, when I go by autobús or when I’m waiting for something, I take advantage and check to see if there is something available.

In that time, I answer about 10 surveys a week and almost always win. between 70 and 130 dollars a month.

Survey sites pay you for the time you spend giving them your opinion, they will almost always be between 10 and 30 minutes and you will have between $0.70 and $5 in your account.

With time you will realize When is it worth taking a survey? and when not, for example, I would never do a survey of more than 20 minutes for less than $1.50.

How I cánido withdraw my money from paid survey pages?

The way that I like the most is to withdraw my money with PayPal, but you cánido also use other options such as transfers to your bank account, Amazon, Google plus Play or Apple Music gift cards, gift vouchers, prizes or other electronic wallets.

All the pages that I showed you above pay you with points or money that you cánido withdraw into your PayPal account.

Withdrawing and using the money in your PayPal account is very easy and I will espectáculo you how below.

There are other pages like Toluna and Livra They pay in other ways like gift cards and rewards.

If you want to exchange your points for prizes, You just have to choose them in a catalog, change your points and send them to the place where you want to receive them

The other option to withdraw your money is with store gift cards such as Amazon, Google plus Play, iTunes, among others.

when you change your points for gift cards you will receive a code.

Then you entrar the store, look for what you want to buy, entrar the code and that’s it, you receive your purchase without paying.

I have also answered surveys in Livra, and in this article I will tell you what I have earned: Livra opinions: is it the best survey page?

How to spend money from surveys PayPal to your bank account

To begin with, you have to do the obvious, create a PayPal account, backlink your bank account to your PayPal account, receive your money and then make the withdrawal.

What I like best about using PayPal is that I perro have the money easy and available in my account.

If I don’t want to buy anything with PayPal, I transfer what I have to my bank account and I perro do whatever I want with money.

Register in PayPal so you cánido have your account, here I espectáculo you how you perro do it: What is PayPal and how does it work? [Guía actualizada 2018]

When you have money in your PayPal account you will see the cómputo in the cómputo sheet.

Fair under the cómputo you will see the option “Withdraw Funds” then, select your bank account, write the amount you want to withdraw, select “confirm” and that’s it.

You will receive a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico and PayPal gives you a maximum 4 business days to receive the money in your bank account, but I almost always receive it the next day.

My 10 favorite consejos to fill out paid surveys

Answering surveys perro give some good plus moneythe secret is to receive enough surveys and answer them in the best way.

That’s why I leave you here the tricks that I have learned over time and that they have helped me earn more doing paid surveys.

Beware of scams

Websites that are trustworthy they do not ask you for any type of payment by investment, subscription or registration.

read me well, NEVER but NEVER, EVER pay anything For registering on one of these pages, do not leave your bank information, I assure you that it is a scam.

Survey pages use your opinion about products so that companies know how to sell better, so the only thing that you are going to give are your answers.

If you feel uncomfortable or if you feel that they send you more advertising than surveys, you perro delete your registration from the page at any time.

more is better

Practice diversity, do not stay with a single page of surveys, you have many options, so try them all.

I know that it is annoying to be completing the records, especially because of the questions that must be answered to complete the profile, but it is only once and after It is only receiving and answering surveys.

come on, what It’s a little effort worth it Something has to be done to get the money! so try all the pages that I left you on the list.

a special e-e correo electrónico

Most survey pages notifications are sent to your correo electrónico electronic.

If you follow the advice I gave you earlier, you will receive notifications from several pages and it is possible that you miss some.

That’s why, I recommend you open an correo electrónico that you are going to use especially for your registrations on the survey pages.

But don’t be trusting either. check your profile on survey pages to make sure you don’t have anything pending

Responds like a Flash

The surveys are done by quotas and they change quickly, if you receive a notification, do not think that it will be waiting for you to sit in your presidential chair and escoge to answer it.

When you have more time you will realize what time of day you receive the most For example, I feel that I receive more notifications between 2 and 3 in the afternoon, so I try to be on the computer at that time.

It’s not a rule written in stone, but it helps me to be organized and of course I am also aware of those that arrive at other times.

The good news is that almost all surveys perro be answered from the phone, so it doesn’t matter where you are.

Follow the instructions

When you receive a notification you will see that They give you some instructions. this is kind of like the fenezca print of the contract, you’re not going to sell your soul, but you may lose your payment.

They will not always be surveys like the ones you are used to seeing with many questions and options.

Sometimes they will ask you to you try a game, that you see a vídeo or that you open an advertisement.

Take a good look at what they are asking youAn example, if they tell you, mark with an “X” is that and nothing else, you cannot mark with a circle, or with a check, or anything else.

Although it may seem to you, it is not the same and they are the ones who pay.

Pending with your payments

The pages that I recommended almost always load your earnings right away, but they still give you I recommend that you be aware of your payments.

I keep an Excel sheet in which I write the date, the subject of the survey, the page and the amount of the payment, so I cánido Compare what’s on my cómputo and what’s on my sheet.

My mother has always told me “a cautious woman is worth two” so I don’t let a lot of money accumulate in my cómputo sheets, When I reach the minimum I pass it to PayPal, so i feel safer

The advantage you have if you are in Latin America is that it is earned in hard currency and that money is not devalued, That is why it is better that you leave it in PayPal in dollars and transfer it little by little to your account in the currency of your country.

Use a camouflage with VPN (but be careful!)

VPNs are computer programs that help you use IP addresses from other countries.

There are pages that only accept users from some countries and not from others, and There are some Latin American countries where there are not many options.

In these cases you cánido look for a VPN on the internet, and for example you cánido look for it to give you an IP address from Spain, no matter where you are in the world, the page will think that you are in Spain.

But I have to warn you that you may be found out and your account deleted, you you have to escoge if it’s worth the risk.

Be good when you answer

For companies to pay for surveys, they need to know that the answers are real.

If they didn’t care about the results, they would put some robots to do them or they would not do them and that’s it.

Therefore, if the survey pages see that you respond very quickly or that you have contradictory answers will block your account, because you put the truth of the results at risk.

For example, if they ask you what is your phone brand favorite and you say Samsung and then they ask you to rate the Samsung brand and you give it a 2, it would be crazy, right?

Be careful because sometimes they cánido ask you spy questions to see if you’re paying attention.

The best trick is to answer truthfully. If you like it, say so, and if you don’t, you’re not hurting anyone.

If you have doubts, Look for the neutral answer.

Get your accounts right

There are pages where they give you some pennies even if you don’t qualify for surveys.

If you have the option to choose, Check how long the survey will take and if it is worth answering it.

For example, if you receive a survey that says that It takes 30 minutes and they pay you $0.50, it’s not worth it. because you know that for one of 15 minutes they cánido pay you $0.70

So check well if it suits you And in some cases, even if you don’t qualify, they will give you something for responding to the notification.

add 10′

When you receive your surveys, You will see that it tells you how long it will take And how much will they pay you?

What they are going to pay you is certain, but the time that you are going to take, Let’s say it’s not the most real of truths.

The time that they put is an approximate of the minimum that it could take, so I recommend that you add about 10 minutes to get your accounts.

Do you know any of these survey pages paid by PayPal? Tell me about your experience below in the comments.

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 The best list【100% FREE】of surveys
  The best list【100% FREE】of surveys
  The best list【100% FREE】of surveys

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