The Best Hosting to host your website

The Best Hosting to host your website

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What is hosting?

A hosting is a web hosting service that makes platform of some Internet services.

It is a server that rents part of its resources so that you perro host archivos and content in digital format and give you access to them en línea.

Normally we usually hire a hosting for host our website on one of the platforms enabled for this and that serves as the basis for our web project.

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have a professional blogan eCommerce, a service website, you cánido contract a hosting and thus have your website only by typing your web domain in the browser.

What are the advantages of hiring a hosting to host my website?

If you contract a hosting for your website, you will be able to access these interesting additional advantages:

► Dirección de correo electrónico accounts correo electrónico

Depending on the coverage and characteristics of the hosting, you will be able to create several correo electrónico accounts as the hosting company allows you.

I recommend that you start with an dirección de correo electrónico of the type “” and create as many accounts as departments or sections you have in your company or company.

► You will have direct access to download and store your own archivos

Through an FTP system, you cánido upload audiovisual content, documents, etcétera. and make your hosting serve as a virtual storage unit.

► Technical service

As a general rule, all web hosting companies have a team of people who are exclusively dedicated to supporting their customers.

In this way, when you detect a failure or vulnerability on your websiteyou perro count on them to solve the technical problem.

The Best Hostings in Spanish for your website

Having reviewed all the previous characteristics about what a hosting is, the characteristics and functionalities that they usually have for their clients, I would like to list those that are for me the 5 best hosting to host your website.


It is a Spanish web services company based in Barcelona and together with Raiola Networks, it is one of the hosting companies with the best reputation among professionals who are dedicated to professions related to the Internet and web design.

They have SSD disks, solid hard drives that increase loading speed and download archivos when working with your own website or blog, while connected.

In terms of security, they have anti-hacking rules and account jailing through CloudLinux and CageFS to be able to isolate your hosting reliably, and so that the high consumption of resources does not affect the performance of the website at any time.


It is a hosting with physical headquarters in Lugo, which hosts thousands of websites throughout Spain and part of the world.

In addition it is one of the most chosen among professionals of digital marketing.

If you have a serious and large-scale en línea project, which has a lot of usuario traffic on a daily basis, you will need to trust a web hosting company like this one.

They have a great archivo loading speed, since they have SSD drives, which considerably speed up the access speed of the server to the data on your website.

A primordial aspect for escoge between the best hosting for your website is to see what references from your professional campo they use according to which company to host their websites.


We all want to have a stable hosting that does not give us headaches.

It is disappointing to contract a hosting that does not meet our requirements, and that charges you “plus” that you did not know you were going to need.

That is why offers Web hosting without surprises or plus payments.

It is capable of supporting current requirements.

They have so much confidence in their hosting that they give Money Back Guarantee immediate and automatic for 30 days.

While in other places they interview you and after passing the interview they make you wait 5 days for them to return your money, in they do it instantly.

If you don’t like something about hosting during those 30 days, you just clic and your money will be refunded instantly.

They have been offering their customers a totally reliable product for more than 7 years.

The service includes SSH and SSL certificate totally free, you cánido create IMAP corporate dirección de correo electrónico accounts and many other benefits


The web hosting they use in this hosting company for your website It will facilitate the daily work of creating and designing web pages, since it allows you to install content managers such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

They just introduced SSD hard drive technology, putting them on par with the big web hosting companies.

In addition, Piensa Solutions Domains have domains at a very low price and promotions that you perro take advantage of to create your en línea project with ease.

One aspect that makes this hosting especially attractive is its price, since according to what is indicated on its official website, from €0.75 per dayyou perro have your website hosted on their web servers.

To complement these sensational features, they have a data center in Spain, which facilitates communication in case you need to have their technical service.

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As with the previous options for contracting a professional hosting, this web hosting company has high performance for your en línea project.

It has the advantage of having good prices and it also emplees SSD drives, which, as we have already mentioned, optimize the loading speed of the web page.

Large international firms trust this hosting company, which suggests that it is one of the most interesting options to escoge to hire their web services.

In Interdominios they have several hosting plans, with their respective variation in prices, depending on the benefits you need, in relation to the size of your project.

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Giving quality web hosting service for several years is Arsys, a company with offices in Logroño, La capital española and Barcelona, ​​which is increasingly innovating to position itself among the best web hosting companies.

Arsys has some technical characteristics that are also worth noting, as it is one of the fastest growing Spanish hosting companies.

In the case of needing to contract a hosting for the installation of WordPress, you have quite affordable rates and with good benefits.

From €4.95 per month you perro hire their services and have your website hosted safely.

One of its advantages is that you do not have a commitment to stay in their hosting service, so in the event that after a few months you are not happy with their service, you perro unlink without any additional charge.

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I hope that my recommendations regarding hosting for your website have been useful to you.

There are many more companies to host your website, however not all of them are trustworthy.

Personally, I would stay with one of these 5, since they offer security, technical service during a large part of the day and also ensure an acceptable archivo upload speed.

And you, which hosting company for web pages do you stay with?

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 The Best Hosting to host your website
  The Best Hosting to host your website
  The Best Hosting to host your website

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