The best free betting sites for

The best free betting sites for

It is increasingly common, especially among the young and middle-aged male population, to place bets to get money quickly and easily.

The most common way is through bookmakers, but in this article we will talk about other options to place free bets en línea.

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Pages to bet for free

In most of the following pages you cánido bet for free thanks to the welcome bonuses or simply because it works like that.



It is a very fácil page.

Just for registering, you receive 10000 coins Gift.

You perro also participate in challenges, games and in the casino, but it is important to bet to win.

Go to Achiever


On this sports betting website, they give you a cómputo of one dollar as soon as you register.

Besides, allows you to get money to bet for doing tasks, for entering daily and even for watching vídeos.

Payments are made through PayPal.

Go to SportsPlays

3.888casino and 888sports

This website that is regularly advertised on televisión is already known to everyone.

It has different bonuses among which is 100 free spins at your no deposit casino.

And in sports we have the option to recover the first bet (up to €30) if we lose it.

Go to 888 casino


If you want to make bets without a deposit, you have the well-known Sportium available that allows you to get a €11 plus for just registering.

Go to Sportium


Casino Enorme La capital de españa En línea

It is an en línea casino that allows you to bet the welcome plus (€20) without deposit + 50 free spins.

You play it and if you want to continue you perro.

They reward the first deposit and if, for example, you put €100 they give you an plus €200 more (total €300).

It is a good option if you like traditional casinos.

Go to Casino Enorme La capital española En línea

6.Genesis Casino

Another casino to be able to make some spins without a deposit.

By registering (and verifying identity) they will give us €10 for free so we perro do what we want with them.

Go to Genesis Casino

In many of these pages, if you stay at zero, the website itself recharges your cómputo to be able to continue winning money and prizes.

Are the free bet sites reliable?

As of today, we perro confirm that the websites mentioned above are reliable, payments arrive well and on time, according to usuario reviews.

The only one that got bad reviews was Compinet when it closed.

The rest of the pages are rated by users as reliable.

Consejos to earn money with free bets

Since we are not betting money out of pocket, we do not usually apply any specific technique to win, but ideally let’s not bet randomly, that is, that we did it as if we were playing real money.

Also, other consejos:

  • Don’t lose a lot of money (do not leave your account with €0).
  • Do not trust infallible strategies.
  • Do not obsess or bet more and more to recover what was lost.
  • Take advantage of the promotions (for example, to register with sports betting houses, welcome bonuses, low fees, etcétera.).
  • Take into account taxation since, in Spain, in some cases you have to pay taxes.
  • Find a strategy that works for you and stick with it.but remember: bookmakers are designed for the house to win.

handles well stake

Let us first define what is stake: is a unit that indicates the exact amount we must bet each time.

Normally, the stake is calculated by dividing our bank roll per 100.

In other words, it is a matter of “cataloging” the patterns depending on the probability of winning.

For example, if we believe we have a good oportunidad of winning, we would give you a stake out of 10, whereas if a bet has a very low probability of winning, we would give it a stake of 1.

Let’s see this with an example:

The person who is going to bet has an odd of 1.50 (66.66% probability) in which we think that the probability of winning is 80%.

The person who wants to bet, since he sees that he has a high probability of winning, decides to bet.

In this case, the stake to apply would be 8.

If this person has 10,000 points available in his account, he cánido bet 800 points.

control of bank roll or full money

First of all, we have to know what the term refers to.

bank roll.

It’s about the total amount of money (either real or virtual) that we have to play or place a bet.

In betting, we have to control the total money we have, that is, we have to bet the right amount at the right time, according to our strategy.

It would not be correct to bet all the money we have on a single bet.

It is advisable not to bet more than one 10% of our bank roll in a single bet.

Nor should we ever bet more than 30% on the same game.

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 The best free betting sites for
  The best free betting sites for
  The best free betting sites for

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