The Best Backlink Shorteners 2023 | $7

The Best Backlink Shorteners 2023 | $7

Did you know that you cánido earn money by shortening backlinks or url? On the internet there are many backlink shorteners that you cánido work with. It is that easy to generate income en línea if you work consistently and with a work plan, the fact that it is easy does not orinan that money will rain down on you without doing absolutely nothing.

The url shorteners They are one of the ways on the internet to earn money, to work using this business method you will not need any technical skills, much less be an expert in digital marketing, all you will need is the desire to want to do it .

Backlink shorteners are websites in which we will be able to earn money, as the name indicates by shortening URLs, these platforms work as follows.

When you shorten a url, the person who visits that url has to watch an ad for a few seconds before reaching their final destination and we will earn from the ad displayed on that url.

The earnings vary depending on the origin of the visits, for example, if a person from the United States visits your shortened url, you will obtain higher earnings than if it were a person from a Latin American country.

This is because the pay rate per thousand impressions are higher for certain countriesIn the following image I espectáculo you an example.

A very important fact that you must, is that with this method of generating income, sometimes it is necessary to have a blog or a website, the ideal would be to have a blog for the strategy that I will explain later, but if you do not have one, do not Don’t worry, you cánido still work using this working method.

The problem when you don’t have a blog is that you have many limitations to share your shortened URLs on popular networks, since companies like Fb, Twitter and sometimes YouTube itself do not allow you to share these types of backlinks generated by dirección de Internet shortener companies.

Although you perro work on these platforms without having a blog, it is recommended that you have one, if you don’t know how to make one it’s very easy, I have a vídeo tutorial on YouTube where I teach you how to create one from scratch.

The definitive strategy consists of the following, we are going to create a blog type warez (a blog only for downloads) the reason is very obvious.

People are always looking for things to download on the internet, be it music, books, courses, image paquetes, movies, sintetiza templates, excel templates, web templates, programs, and any other resources that have a lot of google plus searches.

We are going to create a download blog, you have to take into account that the resources that you are going to upload must be free of copyright, so you will avoid problems in the future, on the internet there are thousands and thousands of free resources that you perro share.

In our blog we are going to create articles from those resources, we are going to shorten the download backlinks to those resources, but the backlink of the article is the one that we are going to share on our popular networks, that way we are not going to have any limitations due to the platforms of Fb, Twitter, YouTube or any other. This is how you’re going to earn money by shortening backlinks.

Since we will be sharing the backlink of the article, not the shortened backlink, once users entrar the article to download the resource, they will have the shortened download URLs there, this strategy is that fácil.

Advantage of the strategy to earn money with shorteners

By having a website, you perro monetize it in several ways at the same time, not only with shorteners, but also with advertising from other companies, whether they are banner ads and CPA type advertising and on a single website you perro have three different sources of monetization or income.

The best dirección de Internet shorteners to earn money in 2023

Now I leave you with the Top 10 Best Backlink Shorteners and the ones that pay the best and are the most reliable to work with, if you have any bad experiences with any of them, don’t forget to let me know in the comments.

  1. shortener
  2. adbull
  4. adfly
  5. adfoc
  6. ad short
  9. clicksfly

Other shorteners with a good payout rate

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 The Best Backlink Shorteners 2023 |  $7
  The Best Backlink Shorteners 2023 |  $7
  The Best Backlink Shorteners 2023 |  $7

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