The best applications to listen

The best applications to listen

Within the daily maelstrom in which we are submerged with work, studies and free time throughout the year, the aplicaciones to listen to podcasts they have become our salvation,

And this is a fun and entertaining way to listen to our favorite programs over the Internet.

If you have any of these installed on your mobile applications to listen to podcasts en líneayou will be able to follow your series or radio programs that you like so much and your obligations prevent you from attending.

With podcasts you will have the possibility of listening to programs that are broadcast from other countries, where they have a different time zone than Spanish and the broadcast catches you at ungodly hours.

In order to define what a podcast is, we must first refer to its etymology.

The word podcast comes from the terms iPod and broadcasting (broadcasting, in English), referring to the famous Apple music player, together with the concept of broadcasting radio or television programs.

Basically, a podcast is a radio or television program that is broadcast over the Internet and that has not necessarily had to be broadcast on conventional radio and television channels.

In this case, the companies or professionals that create these multimedia archivos upload them to platforms or applications to listen to podcasts.

Within this articulo I will espectáculo you some of The best applications to listen to podcasts and don’t miss any of your favorite espectáculos.

The term podcast has been used approximately since 2004, when English journalists began broadcasting their television or radio programs en línea, with the intention that they would have a greater reach among their listeners, since not everyone cánido listen to the broadcasts during the day. and specific time in which they are issued.

Listening to podcasts en línea and enjoying your internet radio programs has many advantages.

Among them, it is worth noting:

Infographic on the Best Aplicaciones for Listening to Podcasts

The 10 best applications to listen to Podcasts for Android

1 – iVoox

The iVoox mobile application is a whole community where millions of users listen to and download their favorite radio programs and audio archivos daily.

It is very intuitive and easy to use, since you perro subscribe to the channels that interest you and easily share the programs you want with your friends.

Is most downloaded podcast aplicación and that more people use in our country and it is also an application to listen to podcasts totally free.

★ Average rating from users: 4.6 out of 5 stars
[appbox googleplay]

2 – Podcast & Radio Addict

It is a very complete podcast player, since it is capable of managing audio and vídeo podcast programs, iTunes podcasts, YouTube channels and news feeds.

This podcast aplicación It has a very powerful search engine. and it is able to find podcast archivos from all over the world, in all languages ​​and also those associated with iTunes.

★ Average rating from users: 4.6 out of 5 stars

[appbox com.bambuna.podcastaddict googleplay ]

3 – Podcast Radio Music- CastBox

This fantastic podcast application even has books in audio form (audiobooks) in its database.

It has the issue of thousands of music programs on the internet of all categories, from flamenco to rap and hip hop, going through the most listened to pop music of the moment.

★ Average usuario rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

[appbox com.podcast.podcasts googleplay ]

4 – SoundCloud Music

It is the application to listen to the type of podcast that best suits your tastes.

Specialists in rap, hip hop and electronic music.

soundcloud allows you to record your own songs or sounds and share them in the application or on the popular network of your choice.

★ Average rating from users: 4.4 out of 5 stars

[appbox googleplay ]

5 – Podcast Player – Free

It is a very practical aplicación to play podcasts, since it is capable of playing your programs and music even without being connected to the Internet.

This android application has no added advertising and is free forever.

Also, you cánido sync your content to listen to them on all your devices.

★ Average rating from users: 4.4 out of 5 stars

[appbox fm.player googleplay ]

6 – Podcast Republic

No music playlist and radio espectáculo cánido resist Podcast Republic.

It has more than 2 million users around the world, who every day play their audiobooks in their favorite player.

★ Average rating from users: 4.4 out of 5 stars

[appbox googleplay ]

7 – TuneIn Radio

In addition to being able to listen and play the podcast you want at any time, you cánido listen to the radio station you prefer at any time with TuneIn Radio.

Although this application is completely free, you perro buy the PRO version and eliminate the interruptions by advertising.

★ Average rating from users: 4.4 out of 5 stars

[appbox tunein.player googleplay ]

8 – TED

This is the mobile application par excellence for listen to talks and presentations of great quality.

In the TED aplicación you perro listen to relevant characters from psychology, coaching, marketing or science.

You perro stay inspired by listening to them at your leisure, as TED is available with subtitles in multiple languages.

★ Average usuario rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

[appbox googleplay ]

It is a mobile application that has all the news in podcast format, classified in different categories such as Technology, Travel, Culture and Society.

You cánido even make it your popular network, because if other podcasters and users are en línea, you cánido chat with them.

You perro not miss this application.

★ Average rating from users: 4.4 out of 5 stars

[appbox googleplay ]

With this aplicación you will be able to listen to your music and radio podcasts, but the most incredible thing is that it also has the latest news in magazines of the entire world.

If you are interested in religious topics, this application has a multitude of audios on the subject, so you don’t miss any podcast on faith topics.

★ Average rating from users: 4.7 out of 5 stars

[appbox googleplay ]

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The 10 best applications to listen to Podcasts for Apple

1 – Overcast: Podcast Player

For a few years, this application to listen to podcasts was paid, however for a while now it is free.

You perro synchronize the application with your Twitter account and thus the application “guess” your favorite sections.

The big advantage is availability for Apple Watchso you perro go down the street listening to your favorite podcasts

[appbox 888422857 appstore ]

2 – Castro – High fidelity for your podcasts

It is an Apple application that stands out for its nice design and where you will be able to know all the descriptions of the programs that you listen to.

It is very fast and fácil and is available in German, Simplified Chinese, French, English, Italian, Japanese, as well as in Spanish.

[appbox 723142770 appstore ]

3 – iVoox for iPhone

This is the version for Apple devices of the previously mentioned iVoox for android application.

It has the same conditions and characteristics as the Android version, but with an exclusive design for iPhone and also it’s pretty safesince it eliminates all kinds of podcasts of a sexual or discriminatory nature.

[appbox 542673545 appstore ]

4 – podcast

With this application you will be able to listen to your favorite podcasts and also find out what are the trends in the world of en línea audio and what is most listened to by other podcasters.

You cánido create a playlist to your liking, to listen only to the chapters that you choose from your programs of interest.

[appbox 525463029 appstore ]

5 – StitcherRadio

This fantastic and fácil application to listen to uso contínuo radio It is highly valued among users.

With this functionality of the uso contínuo podcast you will be able to listen to your programs how and where you want.

It is available in several languages ​​in addition to Spanish and is a completely free aplicación.

[appbox 288087905 appstore ]

6 – downcast

This mobile aplicación for listen and download your favorite podcasts.

She is quite safe and you perro leave her in the hands of your children without any fear.

So much so that she is rated for ages 4+.

It costs €3.99 in the Aplicación store.

[appbox 393858566 appstore ]

7 – Pocket Casts

With this interesting application to listen to podcasts you will be able to add the programs and episodes that you choose and then the next episodes of the series will be added to the playback queue.

Without needing to touch the aplicación, you will be able to listen to all the podcasts for hours.

[appbox 414834813 appstore ]

8 – PodCruncher

The fast interfaz of this application for Apple will allow you to eliminate all those moments of waiting that you may have experienced before to listen to your podcasts.

It has a varied theme, so you perro go from one topic to another and spend hours and hours listening to radio programs and music.

[appbox 421894356 appstore ]

9 – iCatcher! podcast aplicaciones

This aplicación about podcasts for Apple mobiles is also available for the brand’s smartwatch.

Cánido sync your espectáculos automatically from one device to another.

This application is coincidente with all models of iphones.

[appbox 414419105 appstore ]

10 – EyePodcast

Despite the fact that the creators of this aplicación for podcasts do not update very often, it is ideal for people who do not have much knowledge in handling mobile applications or computers.

Its interfaz is super basic, which makes it ideal for seniors who want to enjoy their favorite podcast programs.

[appbox 362350512 appstore ]
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5 En línea Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen To

1 – En línea Marketing Academy

This podcast is run by Oscar Feitowhere he reviews every week and in approximately 45 min the keys to make your business more profitable on the Internet.

Óscar conducts interviews with leading professionals in digital marketing and where you perro learn many keys about their success stories.

2 – The En línea Marketing Podcast

The digital marketing expert Joan Boluda He directs this successful en línea radio espectáculo.

In his podcast he analyzes Internet marketing strategies, techniques and tactics that work.

3 – Digital Entrepreneurs

On his en línea podcast, Jose Miguel Garcia deals with various topics on consulting and entrepreneurship en línea.

He talks about SEO, blog monetization, and correo electrónico marketing, among others.

4 – radiomarketing

The professionals of the School of Communication CM classroom They lead this project on digital marketing.

They review in approx. 1 hour important concepts for professionals in this campo, such as ways to carry out a marketing plan or the latest trends in WordPress plugins.

5 – Agora News Podcast

Formed by vídeo journalists and vídeo bloggers who are leaders in digital marketing, who analyze the trends and tricks on popular networks and marketing that are successful on the Internet.

Through interviews with professionals, you will be able to learn their points of view.

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Finally, if you still haven’t convinced yourself of the power of the en línea podcast, I’ll give you some important curiosities about podcastingbased on real data, for which the podcast is already the preferred option of many thousands of users on the Internet:

  • Spain is one of the 5 Spanish-speaking countries with the most users and podcasters.

    It is also in the TOP 10 countries with the most listening users of podcasts around the world.

  • In relation to content weblogs, There is 1 podcast for every 2,000 weblogs. approximately, with which the competition in the world of podcasting is less.
  • You don’t need to be an expert to position yourself as a successful podcaster, since you perro establish your programs as interviews with references.
  • You don’t need a lot of resources to create your own project based on a podcast.

    You should only have a computer with sound recording and good and interesting content.

After these reasons to create your own en línea podcast program, do you still not dare to succeed on the internet with your podcast?

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 The best applications to listen
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