The best applications to earn money in

The best applications to earn money in

There are more and more options you have to earn money on the Internet: surveys, ad platforms, bets, affiliates, referrals and an option that is generating a lot of interest from Spaniards, applications.

The applications to earn money in Spain They are a good option to have an plus income, in addition, you cánido install them on your mobile and spend free time during the day while you are not working or studying.

If you are one of the people (like many) who spends too much time on your mobile, we invite you to take advantage of it with little effort using the options that we bring you today.

List of applications to earn money in Spain

Surely, you have already met some applications to generate money through the internet or a colleague will have already recommended one to you and there are many options.

But, not all these options really pay and you cánido waste your time, that’s why we have decided to create this articulo with The best aplicaciones that pay to use them.

Toluna Aplicación

toluna aplicaciones It is the first option we analyzed, it is a survey platform that has around 21 million registered users and is available in up to 50 countries.

Its developers define it as a community of influencers who have the ability to influence large international brands.

You perro be a Toluna influencer for free, since registration is completely free and you never have to pay for anything.

All you have to do is spend your time answering surveys.

For each survey that you answer satisfactorily, you will be rewarded with a number of points, which you cánido exchange for money.

For each survey that you complete you perro earn from 15 to 50,000 points, yes, each survey has a different duration, obviously, the longer, the more points it will give you.

The minimum withdrawal is from 40,000 points and you get the money in Gift Carfds or in your PayPal account.

Google plus Opinion Rewards

This is one of the most reliable paid surveys in Spain, as there is no more reliability than that of an application belonging to the Google plus company.

Google plus Opinion Rewards will offer you to answer surveys, by doing it properly, you will be assigned a reward.

These surveys are created from the locations you have traveled to and the places you have visited, mainly shopping malls.

Some marketing research companies want to know the opinions of users regarding stores that are in certain places, so they complejo turístico to this application.

Actually, the surveys have very easy questions, such as:

  • Did you entrar the store located in the X shopping center?
  • You bought something?
  • How was your shopping experience?

You perro see that these are very fácil questions.

The problem is that the aplicación does not offer surveys frequently.

But, we give you a legal trick to get more: always have the GPS of your mobile active and When you leave home, try to go into stores of whatever, clothing, home products, technology, etcétera.

Of course, try to be inside the store for a few minutes, at least five.


This application is not necessarily the typical aplicación to generate money by doing some task.

Actually, it is an option for you to manage your personal finances in a better way and you cánido save money using your mobile.

Wearing GoinApp you will be able to save a lot of money and even better, it will advise you where you cánido invest it, whether it is depósito markets or cryptocurrencies, the truth is an interesting alternative.

But, you perro not only use it to save money and invest it, but also to win it with a raffle that they do daily.

Its creators raffle every day 100 eurosto participate you must answer a question, so there is practically nothing to lose by trying.

Swagbucks Aplicación

Like other aplicaciones, Swagbucks Aplicación has a system of reward points, called SB.

For each survey you complete you will get these points, which you perro also exchange for real money through PayPal or Gift cards.

Not only do you have to take surveys to earn points, you cánido also earn them by watching vídeos, playing en línea games, registering in different services, participating in contests or using shopping promotions from some sites affiliated with the aplicación.

The minimum withdrawal is 5 euros, which is equivalent to 500 SB.

We think that this aplicación is a good alternative for you to earn some plus money, but it has its downsides.

Such is the case of the problems reported by users to complete all the surveys.

Gelt Aplicación

Thanks to Gelt Aplicación You perro also save some money, since it has a catalog of products that are on sale.

If you buy these products in the establishments indicated by the application, you get a cash backthat is, you get a percentage of the money you spent back.

It is easy to use, in its main section you will be able to see the products on promotion, when you select one it will indicate the conditions, such as where to buy it, the amount of money you will get back or the validity date of the promotion.

After you have purchased the product, you must upload your purchase ticket through the option «Photograph your Ticket», an option that you find in the main menu of the application.

The money you get for buying these products perro be withdrawn through a Hal-Cash ATM; the minimum withdrawal is 20 euros.

It also has other options to earn money, such as challenges or a Home Account.

Verse Aplicación

Verse Aplicación It is not an application to earn money doing tasks, nor to save it, its main function is really to send money to registered contacts on your mobile.

It is a very useful application, with it you cánido send money vía mensaje de texto to your contacts, as long as they have the aplicación.

You perro also earn money with Verse Aplicación, there are two ways.

The first, just by registering, depositing 20 euros and sending it to a friend, you earn 5 euros.

The second is a matter of referrals, for each friend you invite you cánido earn up to 7 euros.

We recommend you install it, use it and thus start inviting and earning money passively with your móvil inteligente.


Wearing cashpirate You will earn money for watching vídeos, installing applications, referral system and more, currently you are still paying through PayPal.

The minimum withdrawal is only 2.5 euro, an amount you reach with 2500 points.

It is a good alternative that we advise you to use, the only drawback is that it is in English and you may have problems with it.

Money Aplicación

Money Aplicación It is another application in which you do basic tasks to generate money from your mobile device.

Among the tasks are: give your opinion, verify stores, test services and products or play some games.

Payments are made directly to your PayPal account and deposits are ready in three business days.

It is one of the best aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela, Spain and other countries.


To close this list, we recommend you take a look at iPoll, is another aplicación in which giving your opinion you get rewards.

Each survey perro reward you with $0.30, however, there are some face-to-face surveys in which you must go to a place like a store to give your opinion; these surveys are paid up to 5 euros.

Opinion on applications to earn money in Spain

We believe that these aplicaciones are not going to make you the next Elon Musk financially.

Obviously, the payment that you will get from one of these applications will not be enough for you to live, especially if you are in Spain.

However, if you use them together, you may get some money that cánido help you with some monthly budget expenses.

We say goodbye, but not before asking you to comment on which application to earn money you would like us to analyze.

In addition, we ask you to share our content with your friends, so that they cánido also generate income with their mobiles.

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 The best applications to earn money in
  The best applications to earn money in
  The best applications to earn money in

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