The best aplicaciones to be productive

The best aplicaciones to be productive

Since you are forced to work outside the office at the moment, do youby why not rely on things around you at home or while traveling to attend to and complete tasks? If you own an Apple Watch or are considering buying one, you may be wondering how it could help you get things done.

Below, you’ll learn about the best aplicaciones to help you stay productive with Apple Watch.

Aplicaciones on Apple Watch

Aplicaciones work a little differently on Apple Watch than they do on other Apple devices, like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple televisión.

On the Apple Watch, they are dependent on the iPhone, and the watch and its aplicaciones cannot work without being connected to an iPhone.

So when you’re looking for Apple Watch aplicaciones, know that anything you download to your iPhone will download to your Apple Watch, and vice versa.

However, what I’ve found is that all the aplicaciones I like on my iPhone don’t necessarily like me on the Apple Watch, and not all iPhone aplicaciones have a watch equivalent.

You may need to escoge if you prefer to have different aplicaciones on each, or which device you prefer to use your favorite productivity aplicación with.

With that said, the following are aplicaciones that cánido help you with your productivity on your Apple Watch, regardless of whether they cánido help you do the same on an iPhone.

best dirección de correo electrónico aplicación

Like other Apple devices, the Apple Watch has a native equipo of aplicaciones that go with it.

One of them is the Correo aplicación that syncs with the E-e correo electrónico aplicación on your phone.

He is very slow to respond and doesn’t always have my latest correos electrónicos.

There are only a handful of correo electrónico aplicaciones that work on the iPhone.

While I really like Airmail on my iPad, it just doesn’t work on my Apple Watch.

Many aplicaciones, including the Correo aplicación, only espectáculo your inbox.

I have a service that automatically archivos my dirección de correo electrónico into folders, so using those other aplicaciones means I lose most of my new correo if I check my Apple Watch.

While I didn’t like Spark’s organization on my iPad, I like what it does on my Apple Watch.

Most importantly, it has an archive feature to display archived dirección de correo electrónico.

While it’s not separated in my folders, that’s fenezca.

It includes that on one screen, as well as known contacts, pinned correos electrónicos, news feeds, viewed correos electrónicos, notifications, and sent correos electrónicos.

Most of that is missing from the other aplicaciones.

Replying to correos electrónicos in your inbox allows you to reply, snooze, archive, or delete.

It also has a complication that espectáculos you your new dirección de correo electrónico.

best calendar aplicación

This is another category where it’s hard to find everything in one aplicación.

There are a few more aplicaciones available for calendars than correo electrónico, and there’s also the native Calendar aplicación.

However, you perro’t see any days other than “Today” and the rest of the week in the native aplicación.

There is a full month view, but even if you clic on a different day, it still doesn’t espectáculo the details for that day.

I need to look at more days than the current week.

I really wanted to use Fantastical on my Apple Watch, but couldn’t get it to work and spent a lot of time trying.

Like Spark, Informant 5 Calendar has a few plus that other calendar aplicaciones don’t.

However, you still don’t have a full month view.

You’ll need to recover and use the native Calendar aplicación for that.

However, it does have a screen that allows you to choose your events, overdue, overdue, and featured.

No other calendar aplicación had that.

You cánido also do your tasks and reminders in this aplicación.

As all good calendar aplicaciones should do, it also has a catch.

The best homework aplicación

While you perro handle tasks in a calendar aplicación, I prefer a dedicated aplicación to handle my workload for the day, along with the odds and ends I need to do in my personal life.

I change my to-do aplicación from time to time, just to keep it interesting and because there’s always something better out there.

I was happy to find that my current to-do aplicación, Actions by Moleskine Studio, is available on the Apple Watch.

It also ended up being the most comprehensive of the to-do aplicaciones available.

It opens to a screen that allows you to choose your schedule or any of your designated categories.

When choosing the schedule, everything scheduled for that day and later is shown.

When you open a task, you cánido cross it off your list.

The complication will espectáculo you the name of your next task.

The best aprecies aplicación

This is a category that doesn’t have an equivalent native aplicación.

Obviously, you cánido’t “take aprecies” on the Apple Watch in the form of writing, but you cánido check the aprecies you’ve written on your iPhone, iPad, or even Mac.

You perro also record an audio note and it will automatically be transcribed into a written notice.

That way, when you return to your larger screen device, everything will be waiting for you.

Interestingly, recording a voice memo in the native Voice Memo aplicación won’t transcribe it, but good memo aplicaciones will do it for you.

I’ve found that my favorite note-taking aplicación on the iPad is also my favorite on the Apple Watch: Bear.

When you open it on the Apple Watch, it gives you the option to start a new voice memo or scroll through and open one of your existing memos.

Once you start a new note, it’s transcribed as you go, and when you open it on your iPhone or other device, all the text is there for you.

When you open your complication, it launches directly into a new voice memo to let you start recording right away.

Additional multifunction aplicación

If you don’t have a huge need for these individual productivity aplicaciones, you might want to get one aplicación that does them all.

One great aplicación that handles it all is the 24me smart personal assistant.

It’s great for all-in-one, with a calendar, to-do list, and aprecies aplicación in one.

However, I found the “intelligent personal assistant” part of the title to be a bit of a misnomer.

Since it’s also added to your iPhone and you perro add it to your iPad as well, it’s a great way to handle these tasks in one place.

When you open it on Apple Watch, it opens with a list view of your calendar and to-do list for the day.

The complication opens the same.

You cánido editar your tasks and calendar events, but you cánido’t add them.

You cánido see today, tomorrow and the next day.

There is also no function to add aprecies.

It’s handy to have them all in one place, and for some people this may be enough, but if you’re in love with productivity aplicaciones, like I am, 24me won’t check enough boxes for you.

In general, remember that the Apple Watch is designed to work in addition to your iPhone, so you don’t need to do everything — it’s just a small device, after all.

Also remember that it’s okey to have a different aplicación for your calendar, tasks, etcétera.

on our iPhone than on your Apple Watch.

Having the best aplicaciones for one device and the best aplicaciones for the other is the best way to get the productivity you want from your mobile device and phone.

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 The best aplicaciones to be productive
  The best aplicaciones to be productive
  The best aplicaciones to be productive

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