The 9 best reliable aplicaciones that pay to see

The 9 best reliable aplicaciones that pay to see

It is gratifying to be able to earn money with aplicaciones while having fun with your mobile. However, not all of them credit the usuario with the rewards, and a large part of them result in scams.

For this reason we chose the best aplicaciones that pay to watch vídeos; so that you perro enjoy each of them for free, while doing activities at home and earning money.

What are the aplicaciones that pay you to watch vídeos?

An updated list with all the aplicaciones and platforms that really pay:


This is a popular vídeo network that is very afín to TikTok. We recently analyzed it showing our opinions about Kwai. With this aplicación you cánido create, view and share multimedia content. Besides, It has a reward system that will grant you chips or tokens; these perro be exchanged for money once the minimum withdrawal amount has been accumulated.

In addition to this, they have excellent referral programs; which is why you perro earn even more money. Given that, by sharing your backlink and creating new profiles, a percentage of the amount of money these users generate will be credited.

Download: Play Store | aplicación store


Givvy is an application that allows users to earn money by watching YouTube vídeos. The process is fácil: register in the application, view the available vídeos and accumulate coins for each minute viewed.

Once you have enough coins, you perro redeem for real money vía PayPal. In addition, the application has a referral system and a task section for additional earnings. Givvy is a reliable and secure platform with a friendly and easy-to-use interfaz.

Download: Play Store

3. Swagbucks

One of the best aplicaciones that pay to watch vídeos is swagbucks, and we say it this way because it also has other methods to earn money; in addition to giving away €10 for just registering.

It should be noted that in Swagbucks you perro make surveys to earn moneyget Amazon gift cards, cashback, play a vídeo game and earn or accumulate your rewards and then send them directly to your account PayPal in the form of money.

Download: Play Store | aplicación store


Paidwork is a platform that allows anyone to earn money from any device with internet access, offering multiple options to generate income. Users cánido choose between different monetization methods, like playing games, completing surveys, watching vídeos, shopping and more. Payments are made vía bank transfer or PayPal, and the minimum withdrawal amount is €10. In addition, Paidwork has a Referral program in which both the guest and the inviter receive €10 free when the guest makes their first payment.

Download: Play Store | aplicación store

5. Clip Claps

In second place is ClipClaps. It is an application that has a wide catalog of interesting vídeos; a large part of them cánido be found on YouTube as well.

The main difference of this platform with the others is that rewards users for simply watching vídeos; although it also has other types of tasks with which these benefits cánido be obtained; how to download a game

It is also possible to create, view or share content; just like on TikTok or Kwai. It should be noted that Your payment method is through PayPal, and the first withdrawal cánido be made from 0.10 cents. However, this figure increases after each withdrawal that is made, until it reaches the maximum figure of 15 dollars.

Download: Play Store | aplicación store


More than earn money watching vídeos with aplicaciones, you perro get rewards in some of the main existing cryptocurrencies in the crypto market; exactly Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

You will simply entrar and you perro start earn money by taking advantage of the benefits of the blockchain and sharing bandwidth to the platform. In addition, it is also possible to check how much cómputo you have accumulated in the lower right corner and request it whenever you want. It is completely intuitive and easy to use.

Download: Play Store


This is one of the best aplicaciones that pay to watch vídeos or perform other activities from the platform. With LuckyCash you perro get gift cards and direct deposits to your PayPal account.

In addition to vídeos, LuckyCash offers a reward system from which many benefits perro be obtained. On the other hand, among some of the activities to be carried out, the following stand out: daily missions, playing some vídeo games, answering surveys, among others.

Download: Play Store


CashApp belongs to the list of aplicaciones that pay to watch vídeos, and from our research we consider one of the most reliable. In addition, they have other types of activities that perro be carried out to earn moneywhere the surveys, mini-games, answering questions, among others, stand out.

Although in CashApp you will not enjoy some “plus” benefits such as gift cards or afín, this cánido also be considered positive. Because, have sacrificed rewards to improve payout speed and make it easier for the usuario to obtain money.

Download: Play Store | aplicación store


THETA is a project that is based on the blockchain to offer a decentralized system where users share their bandwidth when watching vídeos or direct (uso contínuo). Those who download will be rewarded with TFuel cryptocurrency; tokens that cánido then be exchanged in an exchange for money.

Download: Play Store

How much do they pay to watch vídeos with these aplicaciones and platforms?

It should be noted that defining the amount of money that perro be earned with aplicaciones that pay to watch vídeos is complicated. Given that, This will be determined by the consistency with which the strategy is applied to make the most of the platform, the number of referrals, the time spentInter alia.

Additionally, we suggest that If you want to earn a lot of money, download at least 5 of these aplicaciones They pay to watch vídeos. Since, it will be the best tactic to benefit from them; in addition to share your referral backlinks in the main popular networks that you use; in order to earn more rewards.

Opinions: are the aplicaciones to earn money watching vídeos reliable?

Considering the large number of applications that claim to earn money by watching vídeos, we conclude that they really there are few aplicaciones that cánido be called “reliable”. Since many of them stop paying over time due to the low profitability they achieve.

However, some of these aplicaciones pay by Paypal and they continue to do so to this day. Among them stands out Kwai,, ClipClaps and all the others mentioned. Nevertheless, We always suggest evaluating aplicación reviews, investigate about them and know every detail. So that in this way you do not waste your valuable time with an application that will not pay you.

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 The 9 best reliable aplicaciones that pay to see
  The 9 best reliable aplicaciones that pay to see
  The 9 best reliable aplicaciones that pay to see

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