The 9 best pages to find a job

The 9 best pages to find a job

I’m sure when you think of pages to find work The first thing that comes to mind are job portals and platforms like LinkedIn.

But in this article I want to talk to you about something different: about pages to find a job and how to find work from home.

Many people believe that a job at home it’s unreal or something that only a few perro access.

But the truth is this:

If you have a computer, an Internet connection, and you know how to do something fairly well or have some special talent, you too perro get employed from your own room.

That’s why I have compiled in this article the 8 best pages to find work from home that I use for years to have a job without leaving my home.

One last warning: you must understand that a work from home It’s not do surveys nor earn money by viewing advertisements on the Internet.

In the pages that you will see next there are all kinds of REAL jobs: from content editor, telemarketer, virtual assistant, date entryto jobs in graphic design or computer systems engineering.

If you don’t know what types of jobs you cánido start from home, I recommend that you read these three important articles:

9 pages to find job from home

One of the biggest and best pages to find work nowadays is Freelancerwhere they exist more than 7 million job offers.

The jobs you cánido apply for here are very varied: from creating an application for iPhone and Android, configuring a template for an en línea store, being a virtual assistant, to checking the spelling of a book or being a writer for a web page.

Registration is completely free although, if you are hired, you will have to pay a $5 or 10% commission of the total price of the project once you have been paid.

The payment methods are very varied: you cánido withdraw the salary you earn through PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Payoneer debit card, or transfer to your bank account.

The good news is that Freelancer is now available for Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, México and Spain.

Membership Type: free or paid (you choose).

Commissions: YES – 10% for each job done or $5 commission for free memberships.

Page language: Spanish and English.

Upwork was formerly known as Odesk, but they changed their name and page design recently.

Also the platform known as Elance is now part of Upwork.

75% of professionals I know and they work from home were hired by their clients from this website.

Upwork is a reference page for finding work: they were one of the pioneers on the Internet in this type of service and the types of jobs that you perro find are the most varied.

I know people who have worked here in a multitude of jobs: moderating forumstranslating letters, writing for weblogspromoting web pages, being a virtual assistant for company directors…

Sign up is freeAlthough there are different types of memberships: one free and one paid.

You choose the one you prefer.

On Upwork, you will have to pay a 20% commission for each work done.

The methods to withdraw your money are several: wire transfer, PayoneerM – Weight, or PayPal.

Membership Type: free or paid.

Commissions: Yes if they hire you; the commission is from twenty% up to $500, a 10% from $501 up to $10,000, and a 5% for more than $10,000.

Page language: only in English, although there are job offers in Spanish.

Computrabajo is the leading network of employment portals in Latin America.

Half a million job offers are published every month, and it is available to all Latin American countries (except Brazil).

The difference with the rest of the pages is that here You will find both jobs from home and jobs outside of it.

And you perro search for them not only by your country, but by the department or state in which you live.

There are thousands of different jobs: waiters, receptionists, web editor, nurses, graphic designer… It’s a really complete website! AND it will be you with your employer who decides how you want to charge the money.

Membership Type: free.

Commissions: NOT if you are a worker.

Employers looking for candidates must pay to articulo their offers.

Page language: Spanish only.

Jooble It is another platform to find work from home that I have recently discovered and that is completely in Spanish.

It is a page where you cánido search for all kinds of jobs for both work from home as outside of it.

The jobs that you perro apply for here are of a very varied type, such as cleaning in offices or housesgraphic design, translatordependent in a store…

You cánido sign up for Jooble completely freeand once you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to look at the offers you’ve applied to as well as create a candidate profile to get hired.

Membership Type: free.

Commissions: There are NO job search fees.

Page language: Spanish.

I’m a freelancer It is one of the last pages that I have discovered to find work from home.

On this platform you perro find all kinds of jobs, from customer service, sales, to creating web pages.

But the offers that are published the most are for positions of graphic design, programmingand popular media management.

In SoyFreelancer hundreds of offers are published every week addressed to all the countries of Latin America.

The best is that registration and membership are freealthough they also have two other types of payment accounts that have several advantages such as being able to apply to multiple offers every day, or having your profile appear among the first results when a company is looking for candidates like you to hire.

They have a pretty good payment system.

For Central Americapayments are made through a deposit in your bank local, with which you will receive your money without being charged any additional commission.

And for the rest of Latin American countries, the payment perro be received through PayPal or Payoneeryou choose.

Membership Type: free or paid.

Commissions: YES – 14% of the total if you are hired for a job.

Page language: Spanish only.

Another great work network for Latin America and Spain.

It has projects for work from home in engineering, translation, administrative support, design, translation and writing content, and legal issues.

Best of all is that On his YouTube channel you have several vídeos with tutorials so you know how to register, how much to charge a client, how to create your profile, etcétera.

Registration is also freebut the commission for each job if you are hired is 15%.

The methods to withdraw the money are different in each country; but in general you perro collect your money through bank transfer, in cash, with PayoneerPayPal, and in some countries with MercadoPago.

Membership Type: free.

Commissions: YES – 15% of the total if you are hired for a job.

Page language: Spanish only.

Nubelo is a page to find work created in Spain, but where any Spanish-speaking person perro register and find a job.

this company now belongs to Freelancer.comand therefore the working conditions are the same as on said platform.

The most outstanding projects are programming and designalthough there are other categories to apply such as translations or recording audio.

registration is freealthough if you are hired you will have to pay $5 or a 10% commission for each job.

Like Workana, Nubelo has many vídeos on his channel to improve your profile and get more clients to hire youand tutorials that will guide you step by step to register.

Perro withdraw the money you earn in different ways: through PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Payoneer debit card, or transfer to your bank account.

Membership Type: free or paid.

Commissions: YES – 10% for each job done or $5 commission for free memberships.

Page language: Spanish and English.

This page to find work from home may not be as well known as the previous ones, but it is a good place for companies to hire you for their projects.

here also you perro publish your candidate profile and companies find you to hire you.

registration is freealthough there are different types of memberships depending on the option you want to choose.

With the free membership you will have to pay a commission of 10% of your earnings if they hire you; with the Basic Agregado account there is also a 10% commission, but your profile will be shown without advertising and you will be able to apply to more offers of employment.

With Gold account they will only charge you a 7% commission by cdaa project where you are hired, and you perro apply to all job offers Unlimited.

Membership Type: free or paid.

Commissions: 10% with the free account and Basic Agregado, and 7% with the Gold account.

Page language: Spanish only.

Trabajo independiente work is one of the oldest websites I know (It was founded in 2005) and where it is worth looking at their offers every day.

There are 6 main job categories with several subcategories to find the ideal job for you.

The projects are very varied: translations, proofreading, legal advice, they will even pay you to design a garden or decorate a lugar de comidas! Registration and membership are completely free.

But, For each project in which you are hired, you must pay a commission of 8% of the total.

The good thing is that here it will be you, together with the employer, who decides how you want to be paid.

Membership Type: free.

Commissions: YES – 8% of the total price you are paid for each project.

Page language: Spanish only.

there are thousands of people Worldwide who already use these pages to find work from home.

And you perro start doing it now too! leave me a comment below and tell me what you think about this or ask me all the questions you have.

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 The 9 best pages to find a job
  The 9 best pages to find a job
  The 9 best pages to find a job

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