The 9 Best Aplicaciones That Pay For

The 9 Best Aplicaciones That Pay For

It’s amazing how much aplicaciones that pay to use and the number of people who only use their phone for leisure.

If you are here, you probably realized that your mobile is a tool with which you cánido do other things besides entertain yourself, and one of those things is to generate money.

Let us tell you that you are in the right place, since we are going to detalla those aplicaciones with which you perro get an plus monthly income, so get ready to turn your mobile into a “machine” to make money, maybe you will not get rich or rich , but the plus income will help you for something.


toluna is one of the best-known applications to earn money passively with your móvilTherefore, it is one of the most reliable and recommended.

In this aplicación you have to answer surveys to earn points, which you perro later exchange for real money; You cánido also earn points through sponsored content, contests, games, polls, and offers.

The minimum withdrawal through PayPal is $35, an amount that you perro reach with 145.00 redeemable points; each survey gives you 1000 points or more reward.

The Toluna aplicación pays on time, the only bad thing is that it is not available in all countries.

If you are in a country where it is not available, we recommend you try the other options that we share below.

Gift Hunter Club

If you don’t like surveys very much, we recommend Gift Hunter Club, a website where you earn points for doing very fácil tasks, such as: watching vídeos, sharing offers, registering on websites and much more.

However, you also have the option of taking surveys, which are usually well paid, some cánido even reward you with $0.98.

For each task you do you will earn centswhich you cánido exchange for real money when you have reached 530 centswhich is approximately 5 dollars.

It is one of the few money generating applications with which you perro quickly reach the minimum withdrawal, $2.

Google plus Opinion Rewards

Google plus Opinion Rewards It is another application that you cánido use to generate plus money.

Obviously, being from Google plus it is completely reliable, it is a survey aplicación in which you get money that you cánido spend on Google plus Play.

The only problem is that it doesn’t offer many surveys, but we’ll give you a trick: activate the location in the aplicación and visit areas where there are many stores; in this way it is possible that you have more surveys available.

There are places on the internet where you cánido sell your Google plus Play cómputo.

Although we recommend you spend this cómputo in the Google plus store itself, perhaps on an aplicación, book or movie that you like.


It is not another survey application, since, with the aplicación of Gelt, you generate money obtaining a return for the purchases you make in the market.

To get back a percentage of what you spent you must upload the purchase ticket.

Some of the products on your ticket may be those selected by the aplicación so that the money you spent on them is returned to you.

Of course, not all the products that you find on the market are selected to return money to you.

To find out which products are available for the return of a part of your money, you should check Gelt.

Likewise, you cánido search for the supermarkets in which these are available.


CashPirate It is another of the best Aplicaciones to earn MONEY with your mobile and it has nothing to do with surveys directly.

It is an aplicación where you cánido earn money for watching vídeos, downloading aplicaciones, referrals and also surveys.

For every task you do you will get points, which you cánido later exchange for money directly to your PayPal account, for every 2500 points you get 2.5 dollars.

The only thing we don’t like about this aplicación is that it’s in English, however, after a few days of use we got used to it and now we know how to use all its options.

Opinion World

Another survey platform is Opinion World, it was founded by the renowned company Survey Sampling Internaional LLC; In case you don’t know it, it’s the same company that owns the pollster Centro de Opinión.

It is afín to the other platforms, you sign up, create your profile and start receiving surveys, answer the surveys and get points.

After you reach the minimum withdrawal, you redeem your points for real money that you withdraw to PayPal.

The minimum withdrawal is 5 euros, which you cánido get by exchanging 500 points that you collect by solving your surveys.

One of the features that we really like is that the moment you answer a survey you win a ticket, this ticket allows you to participate in a raffle to win 1250 euros.


It is not an application in which you will do tasks to get money, but rather an aplicación for you to start saving and investing your money intelligently. GoinApp started as a startupeven in its launch year it became the most important in Silicon Valley, therefore, we recommend you give it a try and download it.

In addition to saving money, you will be able to invest intelligently, mainly in cryptocurrencies.

With this application you will notice how in a short time your money begins to grow based on savings without knowing the minimum information about personal finances.

Verse Aplicación

Nor is it another application to do tasks with which you generate money, it is an aplicación to send money to other users who are already registered in Verse through an mensaje de texto.

It is a good choice for you move your money easily making payments without any problem.

But it not only works to send money, you cánido also take advantage of it to generate it; just register, deposit 20 euros and send it to a friend, you receive 5 euros welcome.

You perro also earn money by inviting your friends, for each referral you get 7 euros, few applications offer you so much for referrals.

Payments of Verse Aplicación They become effective 24 hours after making the withdrawal.

The money goes directly to your bank account, which you must register in the application after having installed it on the mobile.

Our opinion on the applications that pay to use them

These applications are suitable to obtain monthly money that perro help cover basic purchases, to pay the occasional bill or even to earn plus money per month.

But, they are not get rich overnight aplicaciones, some are more demanding than others to get the minimum payout.

The key is in dedicate the necessary time to them and diversify.

Therefore, we recommend you choose the ones you like the most (if it cánido be more than one better) and work with them.

We also want to recommend you not to waste time on non-paying aplicaciones, that’s why you shouldn’t miss our content as we share only trusted aplicaciones.

We finish our article here, we hope you share our content and take advantage of everything we bring you in this blog to generate money en línea.

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 The 9 Best Aplicaciones That Pay For
  The 9 Best Aplicaciones That Pay For
  The 9 Best Aplicaciones That Pay For

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