The 8 trends in digital marketing for

The 8 trends in digital marketing for

If you have a website, en línea store or any Internet business, digital marketing must be a middle name and last name if you want to get it going. But how perro you do it? Well, you just have to have a close relationship with marketing.

Our guest today Miguel Garciawill tell you about 8 trends in digital marketing with which you should be up to date for this year.

Keep up to date with new changes and trends in the world of Digital marketing it is importante for all those involved in some way in it.

And it is that, if it is your job, knowing what the trends for 2022 in Digital Marketing It will be something that, I assure you, you will not be able to escape.

Knowing where the campo is going, knowing how to listen to the public and understand it, is essential to know what the path to follow will be. as you will see, new technologies allow communication is easier every day (or perhaps more ephemeral).

in this articulo I will try to answer all your questions.

whatBecause it is important be up to date in Digital Marketing?

Knowing the new trends is not just something that has to be done because it is entertaining, it has to be done because that way you will have the advantage when communicating both your message and the message of potential customers.

In fact, of it cánido depend the whole future of marketing.

Staying up to date, you cánido be prepared for:

  • prepare a better communication strategy.
  • Prioritize the en línea actions that are more important or necessary.
  • To be able to elaborate a marketing budget more objective taking into account what the material and financial resources will be.
  • Get them not to pass you “over”.

    That is, to be prepared for them with the sole objective of being able to give them the importance they deserve.

  • And of course getting the competition does not surpass you.

What will be the main trends in digital marketing in 2022?

These are the novelties that the new year will bring with it.

Do not lose detail of any of them since, I assure you, they are going to aim very hard:

1. Attention to Instagram IGTV

This popular network has already proven to be one of the most importants (but the most).

In fact, it has even 4 million daily interactions and has managed to exceed the use of Fb by up to 23%.

So, it is not surprising that it is one of the best options when it comes to opting for marketing.

As I’m sure you already know, for a few months it has had a new vídeo platform, IGTV.

This new feature allows you upload much longer vídeos and, therefore, it gives salespeople more room to let their imagination run wild.

2. Fb keeps innovating

And, although Instagram is the popular network par excellence, it is true that it still (and thank you) there are still many users who opt for Fb.

One of the phenomena that will give something to talk about this 2022 is augmented reality. Or in other words, give the usuario a new, more personal way of seeing the products to buy.

That is, it will allow through a single clic, the usuario perro “try” what he wants to buy.

Whether it is the case of earrings, a jacket or sunglasses.

In short, you will have the store fitting room directly on your mobile.

3. The power of influencers

Yes, if they have already “worked” in 2018, in this 2022 they will be nothing less.

The influencers They will continue to be as important as they have been up to now.

In fact, they have more and more followers and subscribers and, therefore, they will continue to use their skills as a public figure to create opinions and, of course, to promote new trends.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the influencers will be again, essential part of marketing.

How cánido you work with them?:

  • there will be identify them and above all, bet on those who may have something to do with your brand or perro say something about it.

    It is important that there quality of choice versus quantity of influencers to choose from.

    It is better that you bet on one, than bet on 10 and your messages perro get boring.

  • The messages will have to be positive, that is, create a good vibes between the influencer and the message. If not, it will be impossible to make the client feel complicity.

4. The importance of the voice

Surely more than one of your acquaintances already has devices like Google plus Home or Alexia. Both have meant a change when looking for information or products.

For that reason, voice searches They have been intensified and, from marketing, we should try to find SEO strategies that help our products to be found.

Similarly, a lot of attention also for the eye marketing. In fact, pinterest, eBay or Google plus already do it.

They make it easier for users to find what they are looking for thanks to images.

5. Pay attention to the Millennials

After all, they are the ones who are going to mark the future of marketing.

Well, maybe not so much, but they are part primordial to this entire process.

And it is that, although there are still many people who continue to choose to make purchases through the PC, the truth is that more and more users are (millennials mostly) who buy through their mobile.

So keep in mind that it is important that you are able to sell en línea if you have a business

Therefore, at the time of define web strategies for next year, it would be necessary to adapt the sales web pages to the mobile format.

At least make them much easier to view on the screen of our móvil inteligente.

For this it is essential have a quality hosting that makes your website load as fast as possible.

People, especially young people, have less and less patience to wait for a website appear on their screens.

If you are slow, they will look at your competitor.

6. WhatsApp Adds.

the revolution arrives

It is the most widely used instant messaging system in the world.

In several places there is already talk that Fb is going to take advantage of its new purchase (remember that WhatsApp was bought by Fb), and it is going to get somehow “sneak” into our mobile through our aplicación.

The iniciativa is that it does it in the same way that it manages to sneak into our Instagram through the stories. yes, this not one of the trends They are one hundred percent sure.

7. The best of chatbots

We are referring to the chats found on some web pages, “robots” that offer almost personalized attention 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Chatbots work more or less the same as Messenger and it is, without a doubt, one of the customer service channels which should be exploited.

8. The importance of vídeo

I have told you before the importance of IGTV, and is that vídeos are essential when sending a message.

Keep in mind that vídeos used on popular networks generate significant visibility.

In addition, they create a great impact on the recipient (if done well) and, on many occasions, even allow interactivity between the brand and the usuario.

With this last case, it is achieved that the “engagement” improve and that, in turn, serve for a SEO positioning even better.

What do I have to be clear at the time of implanting marketing trends to my company?

I give you a series of consejos What you should keep in mind before putting these trends into practice:

  • It’s important that you believe marketing budgets on an annual basis to be prepared for changes that we may or must include.
  • You have to take them into account to get go one step further than our competition.
  • Don’t apply every trend. More than anything because there will be some that will not be good for your company in especial.

    Some cánido give us advantages and others, harm us.

    Therefore, it is important to know which is relevant and which is not.

  • Trends cánido change with the passing of the year.

    They are not exact.

    Keep in mind that new technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds and, therefore, these trends may evolve into others.

    Never miss a beat with technology.

  • It should be noted that it is important to have a control of the results. To do this, there are different tools that will allow us to measure the visibility and effectiveness of the message.
  • Do not overdo your message since you could get bored to your receiver.

    More than anything because, as you surely know, advertising cánido tire and thus achieve the opposite effect on the client.

  • Take a good look at who your message is addressed to don’t waste time or money. In short, know your objetivo audience well in order to optimize the message.

    In other words, knowing what our brand is, who our objetivo is and how to convince them.

  • The use of the mobile. As I have told you before, the mobile is going to be primordial when it comes to implementing your marketing trends, do not lose sight of it!
  • Don’t go easy.

    Advertising requires creativity and innovation that, taking into account the chaos of marketing, was not going to be less.

    Run away from the usual messages and look for ways to convince your client without using boring or uninteresting messages.

  • Finally, we are in a “fast society”.

    A society that lives with significant levels of stress and therefore needs messages to reach them quickly, clearly and concisely.

    Fast messages for fast companies.

And above all, remember, keep up to date on the trends for 2022 in Digital Marketing to make your company stand out from the rest.

Shall we begin to prepare a new strategy?

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 The 8 trends in digital marketing for
  The 8 trends in digital marketing for
  The 8 trends in digital marketing for

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