The 8 best ways to earn money in

The 8 best ways to earn money in

One of those big dreams that we all have had at some point is to become content creators and get paid for it. Over the years there have been a large number of platforms where we have been given the ability to generate income with popular networks from homedoing what we like the most.

twitch It is one of those platforms that has a large number of tools to generate income. Of course, for this we need to have a channel, a relatively stable number of viewers and above all, have astronomical amounts of constancy.

If you consider that you already have all this; Let me tell you what are the currently known ways to earn money on Twitch.

1. Partners and Affiliates System

Twitch has two native systems to generate income. The Partners and Affiliates system. We have put these two systems together because they are the ones that Twitch provides in its own way for the generation of income within its own platform.

  • The partner systemoffers the generation of income thanks to the advertising displayed to users in your stream. This is one of the easiest ways to generate income on this platform. However, the requirements to be added as a Twitch Partner may not be so easy to achieve.
  • The Affiliate system, has tools to interact more closely and enjoyable with viewers. On the one hand it has subscription system where viewers are offered to become subscribers to the channel. In this way they have both aesthetic benefits (either exclusive emojis and emblems) and utility (access to the subscriber-only chat and exclusive uso contínuo).
  • twitch bits: Apart from the subscription system, the so-called “bits”; which is nothing more than a coin or token that has a certain value and cánido be bought with money. said bits perro be used as donations accompanied by a message or simply to send direct messages that the entire audience cánido hear (including the streamer in question) through a voice modulator.
  • game sale: Another of the tools of the affiliate system is the sale of games. Affiliate streamers perro also make a profit by selling all kinds of games from which they usually receive a profit from 5% of its total value. Many streamers play different titles for the purpose of incentivizing the audience to buy the game.

2. Donations from Paypal

Donations are also common within this platform. Generally, it is usually donated through the aforementioned bits; however there is one interesting and different integration which perro also be used to earn money.

There are different customization options regarding this function, however one of the most used methods is to change the “About me” profile and add a donate button. Then, said button usually redirects to Streamlabs that tea allows you to generate payments and donations from PayPal.

3. Streamloots

streamlootsaccording to his self-description, is the number one monetization platform for live content creators. It is a platform that makes it easier for the streamer to obtain regular income through usuario/streamer interactions that are much more versatile and dynamic than those offered by conventional media.

Its dynamics have to do with a interactive card system that has the power to alter the course of the stream. These cards perro make the streamer complete challenges, move the stream in different and strange ways, among other things.

In this way, the stream dynamics perro be much more fun and at the same time generating good income for the content creator. In other words; everyone wins.

4. Sponsorships

This is one of the methods that takes the longest to obtain but is therefore provides many benefits.

Sponsorships on Twitch are common when streamers have an audience that those sponsors consider decent; a number of visits, and average views high enough. In other words, They are companies from different fields that may be interested in your channel to advertise their products.

In exchange for such advertising, each company perro offer you different agreements and you would choose the one that would suit you best. The most common are sponsorships of technology elementos, game key companies and those that sell personalized clothing and accessories.

5. Uso contínuo

uso contínuo It is another one of those platforms that does not belong to the Twitch ecosystem but, nevertheless, generates many benefits for streamers. This platform stands out mainly for the advertising that is displayed in the form of a banner directly on the live stream.

Among the best things that Streamion has, is the possibility of earning money on its platform without encuentro the requirements that Twitch requires to obtain income. So if you are a small streamer who wants to monetize; you cánido use this platform and start generating your first income.

6. External Affiliations

Some people may not know it, but Twitch belongs to Amazon. Thus, it is allowed to create a fairly common type of integration. Such integration offers viewers the Opportunity to purchase exciting elementos through the streamer’s promotion. Said purchase would be made by Aliexpress or directly by Amazon.

This is one of the unusual ways to earn money; but if you have a respectable average of viewers and subscribers, they will surely want to buy something that you recommend or offer.

7. Merchandising

Merchandising is one of the most maleable and great strategies to generate money with Twitch. It has an infinite range of possibilities, since you cánido sell almost anything your own brand or another external brand.

Imagine that one day one of your streams generated some kind of positive controversy or meme related to a pineapple. Then, if you think about it, you perro generate and sell content related to that pineapple; since it is something that your subscribers and viewers in general are interested in buying. For this and more, merchandising has generated large amounts of money for content creators.

Among the most sold are t-shirts, coffee mugs, hoodies, posters and postersamong many other objects that increase in value based on the brand of the channel.

8. Traffic to other networks (youtube, fb…)

An unconventional method, but one that has also been seen in some cases, tries to redirect and distribute your viewers through your popular networks.

For example: When you have a fb fanpage, you perro send users from Twitch to your group or fb fanpage. You would do this with the aim of reaching the Fb adbreak system start paying you for the views of your vídeos.

People often confuse Fb’s gaming content creator system with this method. Cánido create compilations of your live espectáculos and upload them to said Fanpage, to a YouTube channel or even to your own website. The possibilities are endless.

Consejo to make money on Twitch

Each of these monetizable options requires a lot of effort and dedication. If you have a group of friends or colleagues who want to help you organize yourself better; seize it. The People generally believe that a streamer’s job is simply to largo themselves doing dumb things.; nothing is further from the truth.

You need knowledge, time, energy and above all a lot of determination to reach a decent position among the community of creators of digital content in general.

That is why I recommend that you take advantage of all the tools at your disposal and that you do not give up just because you do not have early success. True success is achieved through discipline and perseverance. With that said, here are some other ways to make money related to Twitch:

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 The 8 best ways to earn money in
  The 8 best ways to earn money in
  The 8 best ways to earn money in

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