The 8 best profitable en línea franchises in

The 8 best profitable en línea franchises in

In Spain the en línea franchises are increasingly habitual, as they are part of a ámbito that has become accessible to many more users thanks to this business tool: “Internet” who is getting closer and closer to the people with whom mobile aplicacionesbecoming a primordial and importante part of today’s society.

For many people, starting an en línea franchise is a bet with little margin for fallo.

Since its business model is based on the technological ámbito, being a good option to increase income.

What are the most profitable and cheapest en línea franchises in Spain?

We recently made a list of most profitable franchises in Spainboth en línea and physical, today we focus only on those that cánido be developed over the Internet:


Market Service

If you want to have a fast profitable business with little investment, the franchise Merca Service en línea cánido surely help you.

This is a complete integrated network of real estate services very varied and to apply you do not need to have an establishmentbecause you perro start the business using your home as an office and investing only €99.

Nor will it be necessary for you to have a lot of experience in this ámbito, since this franchise have a training plan to which you perro apply in person and en línea.

In it you will be taught the strategies to earn money during the first month, in addition to:

  • Teach you the steps to follow so that your agency works correctly.
  • Availability of a system for real estate valuation.
  • System to attract your customers potential buyers or tenants.
  • Possibility of legal support.

Cánido request information here.


Prime Shop

Is a en línea clothing store franchise that works as a sales access through the web that offers a variety of clothing elementos, for which it will not be necessary to have stored products.

It is surely the perfect solution for you who want to start with an en línea store and attend it from home, initially investing alone €2,500.

Prime Shop offers you a very fácil and innovative business model, putting at your disposal everything you need to manage a en línea clothing store, where you only have to worry about selling from your website, having benefits such as:

  • Fully customizable en línea store.
  • You will have products to offer your customers without investing in depósito.
  • Manage your merchandise en línea and its availability with ease.
  • Create your discounts and offers gift cards.

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Holosound is an innovative en línea franchise that offers in exchange forand €3,000 a technological space and a very useful product, such as a speaker capable of emitting a specific sound, which allows customers to listen to a message without having to share that message with the people around them.

This tool cánido be used in many areas, such as the marketing/branding or in hospitals.

Also, you perro join Holosound and get monthly income. With facilities like:

  • there is no competition
  • Product with potential in Spain.
  • Training on the product both face-to-face and remote.
  • You don’t need to be local, just with Internet connection you perro use it.

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On Travel Group

The Conjunto On Travel franchise works as a independent company rrelated to travel agency. In charge of helping and advising these agencies on everything they may need for their proper functioning and to remain relevant in the market.

Being the objective of Conjunto On Travel, optimize company performance tourism with an investment of €3,000.

This en línea franchise makes use of technological advances and also has a competent technical team able to offer advice. Among the offers it offers are:

  • Paquetes to open travel agencies.
  • Supervision of the operation of en línea travel agencies.
  • Successful agency integration physical travel with its en línea environment.
  • They offer an excellent trabajo independiente program.

Cánido request information here.


Giving back

This is a great franchise of en línea stores capable of offering you the necessary impulse so that you have your en línea commerce with unlimited elementosin addition to being able to manage your schedules from the comfort of your home, with a excellent supportand for only an initial investment of €3,265. Offering consumer elementos and recognized brands, in exchange for the best prices.

  • Count on good quality products with wholesale prices, throughout the year.
  • In the event that a customer cannot find a product, Personal Shoppers find it for him.
  • The franchisee will always manage the management of his business, achieving by himself equipo business strategy.

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Shoppingbox is undoubtedly a innovative franchise system that will allow you to have profitable benefits in exchange for a initial investment of €4,900, offering you a dynamic service, which will facilitate your modernization and adaptation to the local business model, which represents the coger of society.

Implementing this model not only you are going to earn moneybut you will also be contributing to those businesses unable to achieve stable profitability, among its characteristics we find:

  • Opportunity to have a stable profitability from your franchisor.
  • trade will be able increase your income streams.
  • Full training and advice when starting your activity.
  • Direct support indefinitely.

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The en línea franchise corresponding to micomcom is specialized in everything related to the elaboration of effective and innovative advertising strategies for all companies, offering services on paper, popular networks and internet.

All this with one investment of €9,995, and allowing to start in just one month.

As for the purpose of micomcom, this is:

  • The elaboration of strategies through the design of innovative communication campaigns and easy for anyone to get.
  • Encourage the consumer not to refuse the Promotions and discounts.
  • The franchisee will not only have an en línea platform for their plans, but will also have at their disposal a constant support vía Internet.

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This franchise offers a modern and en línea business model, allowing that through a small investment, you perro achieve a high profitability.

Buscalix was launched in 2012 and currently has active businesses and many projects with projection.

Offered as a reference search engine for companies and businesses throughout Spain in exchange for an investment of €11,900.

  • You perro benefit the first six months by pay no membership.
  • It has many qualities and among the most relevant is your intuitive design.
  • It incorporates an efficient search method, variety of content and permanent graphic updates.
  • Allows you to include more information, vídeos and images to all advertisers.
  • You cánido publish your offers, announce events or offer discount codes.

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 The 8 best profitable en línea franchises in
  The 8 best profitable en línea franchises in
  The 8 best profitable en línea franchises in

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