The 8 best jobs en línea that only

The 8 best jobs en línea that only

The jobs en línea they are more fashionable every day Latin America and all over the world.

Although before the en línea jobs used to be scams, now the situation has changed and hundreds of companies offer thousands of real jobs – and in which earn good salaries – that you perro do from the comfort of your home.

These jobs are ideal if you are looking for a job in the sin conexión world, but no one hires you, or if you want earn an plus salaryare you retired, or just want to make money from home.

transcriber of audios

This work from home en línea has resurfaced thanks to the fact that today there is a lot of audio and vídeo on the net that needs to be written so you perro print it later.

Although it is a fácil job, requires your full attention (sometimes you will have to write down even a cough or a sigh) and a few good headphones to listen well what you have to transcribe later.

Where to find work as… transcriber: if you know english, the web it is full of offers; but on pages like CompuWork (in Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia) there are also positions for this task.

Evaluator of searches Web

Google plus is not just an algorithm, its results must be checked for quality, and this is where the web search evaluator comes in.

This person is given tasks such as search with certain words and write down which pages are the ones that are located in the first results.

It is certainly not one of en línea jobs livelier, since you will spend your time looking for and pointing out uninteresting terms most of the time, but no experience needed and also does not require any special skills.

Where to find a job as… web search evaluator: just type in Google plus “web search evaluator” or “web content evaluator” and your country or city and results and offers for this job will appear.

en línea job attention to the client

Although a few years ago this was run from large call centerscompanies have realized that it is cheaper for each employee to do their work from home en línea.

Although you will need a computer with a good Internet connection, and a equipo of headphones with a microphone to answer calls.

The en línea customer service it is no different from habitual customer service; take calls, answer questions, and redirect that person if necessary to another department.

It’s not the most exciting job in the world, but they pay very well per hour!

Where to find a job as… en línea customer service: The best thing you perro do here is introduce yourself, call or send an dirección de correo electrónico to the big companies in your country to offer you and find out if they have a work en línea of this type for you.

Assistant virtual

this is a field with great potential because here you cánido adapt anything you know how to do: organizewrite fast, make contacts, book flights or hotels…

AND customers are infinite: from an entrepreneur who is immersed in his projects, to the executives of large companiesor even small businesses that need a little plus help when they perro’t afford to hire a permanent employee.

Where to find work as… virtual assistant: again, is the solution (you will need to know English), although also searching on Google plus “virtual assistant job” and writing your country you will find many different offers.

Translator from home

One of the en línea jobs that continues to triumph the most is that of translator from homeand it is not for less: every day, more people, companies and businesses need the services of these professionals, and the pay is very good (some $21 per hour for languages ​​such as English, French or Italian).

Obviously, it is essential know more than one languagebut it’s a I work en línea very well paid, with maleable hours, and where you only need a computer, a text editor, and your language skills.

Where to find a job as… a translator from home: there are thousands of sites! To mention just a few, websites like,, or, if you prefer something more stable, in translation agencies.

Agent of trips

Yes, you cánido be too travel agent from home! Although it is true that more than a work from home en línea, this is a business.

But if you are a person with extensive travel experience or have worked in an agency, you cánido create your own business from home and become a travel agent.

Teacher or en línea tutor

Although distance learning is not something new, with new technologies it’s much simpler.

If you have or always had good grades in school, you may have found one of the en línea jobs most lucrative out there.

You choose the age of your students, and which subjects are the ones you know best and you want to teach.

You will only need a PC, Internet connection, and some program to talk like skype.

The classes do not have to be only mathematics, history or geography: if you have other skills (cooking, playing the guitar, etcétera.) you cánido teach them too!

Where to find a job as… an en línea teacher: The best website that currently exists to find students is udemy.comwhere there is thousands of registered users waiting for you to teach them.

Blogger or writer

You already know that you cánido make money en línea creating a blogbut you perro also get it writing for other people.

This I work en línea varies enormously: from businesses that need someone to blog, to people who want an attractive text for the cover of your professional pages.

If you are interested in this world, you should know how to promote your blog with some strategies.

Where to find a job as… blogger or writer: browse the net to find websites on topics that interest you, and write to them through their contact form.

Although also pay attention to the pages of job offers to see what positions there are of this type.

What do you think of these Internet jobs from home? Have you ever worked on any of them? tell us everything leaving your comment!

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 The 8 best jobs en línea that only
  The 8 best jobs en línea that only
  The 8 best jobs en línea that only

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