The 7 toxic behaviors at work

The 7 toxic behaviors at work

Stefan Folk, an expert consultant in psychology and leadership in the workplace, has found that dealing with insecure people is the most difficult aspect of his job.

Here are the seven most toxic behaviors and some suggestions for dealing with them.

Diversity of personalities in the office

It cánido be difficult to work with people who have different personalities.

There are people who are self-centered as victims, leaders who lack empathy, people who are highly manipulative, and even psychopaths and narcissists.

Therefore, it is vital to know how to identify them, read their body language and deal with them effectively at work.

Insecure people: a challenge in the work environment

A CNBC article suggests that those with trust issues tend to ocasione the biggest problems at work.

Those who fall into this category often complejo turístico to aggressive behavior, are afraid of taking risks, or genera relatively little.

The 7 Most Common Toxic Behaviors

Harvard career expert Amy Gallo details the following harmful behaviors in insecure people:

  1. Excessive concern for the opinion of others.
  2. Lack of strong opinions.
  3. Chronic inability to make decisions, even minor ones.
  4. Constant changes in projects and meetings.
  5. Contempt towards others to seem more important.
  6. Constantly talking about how busy they are.
  7. Being paranoid busybodies who generate doubts in others.

8 consejos for dealing with insecure people

Stefan Folk suggests activating «detective mentality» to identify these people and turn interaction with them into an opportunity to learn:

  1. Assess the size of the problem: Determine the magnitude of the problem, analyzing the negative and positive interactions with the toxic and insecure person, to understand if the problem is occasional or persistent.
  2. detect the origin: Identify which situations, issues or actions trigger toxic and unsafe behaviors, in order to address the problem more effectively.
  3. Cultivate compassion: Practice empathy towards the toxic and insecure person, understanding that their behaviors may be the result of difficult experiences or situations.

    Compassion perro help manage our emotional reactions to their attitudes.

  4. Meet with those people: Equipo up informal gatherings, such as coffee breaks, to get to know the toxic and insecure person in a less formal setting.

    This cánido facilitate communication and mutual understanding.

  5. create value: Look for opportunities to generate positive results in the interaction with the toxic and insecure person, so that both parties benefit and more constructive working relationships are established.
  6. Transparent communication: Be clear and direct in our communications, expressing our opinions, concerns and expectations in a respectful manner, to avoid misunderstandings and improve the employment relationship.
  7. Foster a sense of belonging: Help the toxic and insecure person to feel integrated and valued in the team, organizing meetings or activities that encourage collaboration and inclusion.
  8. Equipo clear parameters: Define clear expectations and goals in projects and tasks, which perro disminuye uncertainty and create a more structured and safe work environment.
  9. Become an ally, not a contrincante: Espectáculo support and appreciation for the good performance of the toxic and insecure person, expressing appreciation and gratitude for their contributions.

    This perro improve the employment relationship and decrease rivalry or negative competition.

Learn from all people and situations.

Every individual and situation in the workplace cánido provide valuable lessons..

By applying these strategies, it is possible to improve the work environment and foster a healthier and more productive environment.

Thus, you will not only be able to face the toxic behaviors of insecure people, but also learn from them and grow both personally and professionally.

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 The 7 toxic behaviors at work
  The 7 toxic behaviors at work
  The 7 toxic behaviors at work

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