The 7 secrets to being a billionaire in

The 7 secrets to being a billionaire in

In order to become someone with wealth, you must first understand that you no longer want to be just a millionaire. You want to be a billionaire.

Even if you think a million dollars will give you financial security, it won’t. Given the volatility in economies, governments and markets around the world, it is no longer safe to assume that a million dollars will provide you and your family with enough security.

In this article you will not find consejos on how to be a billionaire by saving all your life and collecting a few pennies.

You are going to learn how to build millions of dollars of wealth while enjoying the creation process. And in less than 1 year!

So if you want to be a billionaire, start from TODAY to practice these 7 secrets to accumulate wealth.

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1. escoge to be a billionaire

The first thing you should do is escoge you want to be a self-made billionaire.

Many billionaires started with nothing. – with no money, just a few ideas and a lot of hard work – and created businesses and companies that could not be destroyed in a lifetime.

They all have something in common: their first step was make a decision and equipo a goal.

Do the same, escoge what you want to be (do you want to stay poor all your life or have great wealth?) and Write this affirmation every day: “I am worth more than $100,000,000!”

2. Get rid of your poor mentality

There is no shortage of money on planet Earth, only a shortage of people who think correctly about it. To become a millionaire from scratch (and then be a billionaire), You must end your poor mentality.

Many parents do everything possible to get their two, three, or four children ahead. with the little salary they earngive them the best education and have a better luck in life than them.

These are the typical fathers and mothers who instill (with the best of their intentions) a sense of fear and scarcity in their children.

“Eat all the food; there are other people who are dying of hunger” they are told. “Don’t spend anything.” “Money does not grow on trees“.

But true abundance and wealth are not created with those kinds of thoughts.

3. treat it like a duty

Self-made billionaires are motivated not only by moneybut because of a need for the market in which they operate to validate their contributions.

Although they have always wanted accumulate wealththey are much more driven by their need to constantly contribute to their potential.

Billionaires don’t lower their expectations when the going gets tough.

Instead, with every obstacle they encounter, your hopes rise because they see the difference they perro make with their families, their companies, their community and in the charitable organizations in which they participate.

Being a billionaire is taken as a duty, not as a pure pleasure.

4. Surround yourself with other billionaires

I don’t know if you’ve ever studied what the habits of people with a lot of money.

Have you read the stories of the richest men and women on the planet and seen what they have been through?

If you haven’t, I encourage you to start doing it because those people cánido serve as mentors and teachers who inspire you.

One thing is clear: you perro’t learn how to make money from someone who doesn’t have much.

Who says “money won’t make you happy”? people without money.

Who says “all rich people are greedy”? people who are not rich.

Rich people don’t talk like that. You need to know what people are doing to make a profit and follow their lead.

What do millionaires read? How do they invest? What drives them? How do they stay motivated and excited?

5. Work like a billionaire

Rich people treat time differently. They buy it, while poor people sell it.

The rich know that time is more valuable than money itself. That is why they hire people to do things that they are not good at or that are not productive for their time, like a cleaning service for their houses.

But don’t fool yourself into thinking that those who achieve great wealth they don’t work hard.

Financially successful people are consumed by their pursuit of success. and they work to the point where they feel like they are earning something and not just working.

6. Change your expenses for investments

The rich don’t spend their money: they invest it.

They know that government tax laws favor investment over spending.

You buy a house, and you cannot deduct its expenses.

The billionaire, instead, buys an apartment building that produces a flow of money, values and that offers deductions year after year.

You buy cars for comfort and style. The rich buy cars for their companies that are deductible because they are cars used to genera profits.

Ok, probably right now you don’t have enough money to create a powerful company, or to acquire an apartment building that will generate profits for you.

But there are other cheaper ways to start getting that income that will multiply, such as invest money in the depósito market.

With only $10 you should start trading with brokers like Libertex if your real goal in life is to be a billionaire.

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7. Create multiple sources of income

Those who really are millionaires never depend on a single source of incomeThey create a number of different streams of benefits.

If you want to be a billionaire, start your own business until it brings in 7-figure income every year, and then invest that money earned in another business activity in which you trust

Once you have those two streams of money, invest in a third business and even a fourth.

This way, If one of those economic sources of income fails you, you will continue to have others with which to maintain your lifestyle.

Finally, I’m going to tell you an plus secret that may surprise you: rich people want you to have wealth too.

It is a mystery to them that others do not get rich.

They know that they are not special and that wealth is available to anyone who wants to focus and persist in getting it.

The rich want others to be rich for two reasons:

  1. so that you cánido too buy your products and services (Which now might be a little high priced for you if you don’t have a lot of money).
  2. because they want to go out and associate with other people with money like them.

Maybe you didn’t know how to be a billionaire beforebut After reading these 7 secrets of the richest people on the planet, you no longer have an excuse.

So what are you gonna do now: you’ll still sit there poor day after dayor are you going to put into practice everything you have learned today? Answer me that fácil question by leaving your comment below!

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 The 7 secrets to being a billionaire in
  The 7 secrets to being a billionaire in
  The 7 secrets to being a billionaire in

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