The 7 best sites to buy and sell

The 7 best sites to buy and sell

There are many reasons why a person wants sell and buy websites.

Sometimes you simply want to have a platform ready to work on, although these transactions may start from the need to manage audiences from the beginning to have an established brand in a certain niche.

If you are one of those who wants to know more about the buying and selling websites, You have come to the right place.

This article will provide you with the details to get sell or buy successfully your web pages.

We also espectáculo you a list of options that you perro review to find what you are looking for or to publish your ads.

What are the best website buying and selling platforms?

There are many ways that you perro do business en línea.

The same way, you cánido also buy some digital asset that is already generating profits and then leverage them to get the most out of your investment.

Here are some examples of where you cánido make money buying and selling websites.


flippa is the most habitual site where you perro buy or sell a website.

Flippa functions as a marketplace where you cánido buy and sell a wide variety of en línea businesses.

This usually includes companies y también-commerce, domains, affiliate sites and applications.

In addition, it ensures that you will not find any other site with so many sales options every day.

You perro do business for websites in all price ranges and popularity levels, as they are even leaders in this area in terms of name value.

One of the main problems with Flippa is that their verification process does not ensure that deals are fulfilled, which has caused many problems with clients losing their investments.

For all this, we recommend that you be careful when making purchases on the platform without making sure before doing your own research before spending a lot of money.

Although it may turn out to be too exaggerated to be true, it is still one of the most used options.


  • They have far more offers than any other platform
  • Allows you to search among hundreds of listings.
  • There are many new offers added daily.
  • If you do some deep research for a while, you’re sure to find some deals for yourself.


  • It does not offer a very complete purchase or sale confirmation process.
  • You should do a lot of research before doing business, so you make sure you are not being cheated.



forobeta It is not just a web platform to sell or buy websites, however, there is a large volume of capital moving in this important digital market.

With Forobeta you cánido carry out many different types of actions, although it also integrates a special section of web pages in which you cánido buy these digital assets through a auction format.


  • The sale during the auction mode is executed as long as the minimum sale is reached.
  • You cánido carry out your business from the popular profile, or through other services that you cánido hire independently.
  • It offers an incredible system for the valuation of transactions carried out on the web.
  • If you want, you cánido do business only with sellers who have a good confidence percentage.

    This way you avoid being a victim of any scam.


  • It has a cost of 3 $ the subscription in Forobeta to publish your own offers.
  • To have access to buy a website, you have to cancel a VIP subscription, which requires you to have credit in your account.



Wadios is another great option that is always named in the lists of the best sites for buy and sell websites, and this will not be the exception.

Since its creation, Wadios has had the goal of providing a service as an intermediary in the processes of negotiation between the seller and the buyer.


  • It has a fairly secure web platform to manage all transactions carried out between both parties in a professional manner.
  • All offers published for any web page must contain detailed information.
  • To publish your offers you must specify data such as billing, description, earnings recorded in recent months and the sale price.


  • The page is required to be working with its own brand.

    If this requirement is not met, it will not be approved by Wadios.



Vendomiweb is another website where you cánido buy and sell web pagess in a fácil way and where you cánido find a large catalog of websites to buy.

The Vendomiweb platform works quite well most of the time, although some users have reported glitches on certain occasions.

Like many others already mentioned, Vendomiweb offers you its system of offers for sale of interesting digital assets such as web pages, it is even common to sell some sites that already generate money with their monthly entries.


  • its interfaz it is easy to use and registers sales requests quickly, this is precisely what makes it stand out from the rest.
  • You cánido publish your offers just by adding a few data such as the website backlink, page type, visits, earnings billed monthly, monetization method used, price of promotions and payment format.
  • Navigation within the interfaz is very intuitive.


  • You cánido take a long time searching the catalog of offers, as the latter are disordered.



Trusted it is without a doubt the largest and most complete marketplace in which you cánido make purchase and sale deals for web pages and YouTube channels.

In addition, when accessing you will find a large selection of attractive offers that you cánido review and escoge if they are beneficial for you.

In addition, the Trustiu platform is one of the safest where anyone cánido buy or sell, since this platform has the mission of offering the most transparent space for businesses based on digital properties.

In addition, in it you cánido find great opportunities to earn money through new websites or with established brands.


  • Fácil and intuitive usuario interfaz.
  • It is the largest marketplace of digital properties in Spanish.
  • It espectáculos real information on the assets available for purchase and sale, thus avoiding fraud.
  • Impeccable treatment and personalized attention.


  • Some usuario interfaz features are not customizable.
  • The information analysis process that occurs before closing the deal cánido be poor.

6.Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is equally habitual with the public looking for the best sites for buy and sell websites.

It works with a wide variety of en línea businesses, including dropshipping, y también-commerce and logistics.

Empire Flippers has a long process to verify the money exchanges in each deal.

That way you make sure you act a legitimate deal.

Empire Flippers mainly deals with offers that perro make a lot of money, and most of these offers are quite high.

Is a excellent option in case you are looking for a site that handles a lot of capital.

It also works well if you are looking to sell a website that is already generating income.


  • It has a long confirmation process to give more protection during the deals.
  • There are some good options if you have a lot of money to invest.

  • They are also a good place to sell if you have a high income website.


  • This is not the best platform for beginners or if you have little capital to invest.
  • It does not work with websites that generate less than $500 per month in net income.


Motion Invest

Another quite habitual place for buy and sell your websites is Motion Invest, since it is focused on content websites.

Just like Empire Flippers, Motion Invest has a lengthy review process to verify the performance of each website.

They work with all sizes, and prices reach more than $10,000.

Unlike other platforms that we already espectáculo you, at Motion Invest you perro sell your website (free of charge) if it meets their requirements.

It also offers a marketplace that emplees a “auction model”. Where prices decrease from time to time until they are sold or reach a reserve price.

The auction model allows all sellers and buyers to receive a fair deal based on the full value of the product.

Motion Invest does not have as large a volume of listings as Flippa or Empire Flippers, but it is still a good option to buy or sell one page of content efficiently.


  • It has a long process to check the processes and ensure that you are getting a safe deal.
  • It allows you to buy a website simply if you meet the criteria, which are usually different from those of other providers.
  • It offers a wide variety of web pages.

    This may include sites that generate income between $20 and $1,000 per month.


  • It only works with content websites.
  • If you have an y también-commerce website that you want to buy/sell, it won’t be very useful for you.
  • It does not have the same number of offers as the other platforms like Flippa.

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 The 7 best sites to buy and sell
  The 7 best sites to buy and sell
  The 7 best sites to buy and sell

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