The 7 best accessories that offer a

The 7 best accessories that offer a

We have often talked about routines that perro increase productivity.

What’s more, we have also listed a couple of pretty useful office dispositivos for a productive home office.

But that is not the final list.

If you’re looking for ways to feel more comfortable and efficient during your workday at home, we may have the right solution for you with this list of accessories that offer a productivity boost.


Dual screen monitor

If you’ve never tried working with two displays, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Even if you may be used to a portable monitor or notebook, adding an plus screen will save you time, disminuye eye strain, and increase your productivity.

After all, when you need to run several different programs alongside your browser, a dual screen might just become your best friend.

Forget constantly minimizing your programs or searching between browser tabs.

Thanks to the dual display, you perro keep all your essentials open and in front of you.

And who knows, you may even go triple screen at some point!


An ergonomic office chair

In case you have to work at your desk frequently, you are likely to experience back and joint pain.

To increase your comfort level and productivity at the same time, you cánido’t go wrong investing in an ergonomic chair.

Please note that this chair should have an adjustable height along with a proper backrest and armrests.

The best ergonomic chairs also come with added neck support, so make sure you cover all the comfort points you want to improve before you buy your chair.


Fast and comfortable keyboard and mouse

The rise of ergonomic desk furniture has raised the need for ergonomically designed keyboards and mice.

If you have to constantly type and use your mouse, which you probably do if you have a desk job, an ergonomic keyboard and mouse cánido disminuye stress and pressure on your wrists.

Also, be sure to choose a keyboard and mouse combo that is not only comfortable but also fast enough to reach your peak of productivity.

On that note, go for a combo that also has positive retroalimentación in terms of responsiveness and reactivity.

Also, think carefully about which type of keyboard is best for you: mechanical or membrane.


Frames that block blue light

Just because you don’t wear glasses doesn’t orinan you cánido’t experience eyestrain and dryness.

Computer Visión Syndrome is a serious condition that perro become considerably more complicated if ignored.

To protect your eyes and sight from the harmful blue light emitted through your computer screen, get yourself a pair of blue light blocking frames.

They are perfect for contact lens wearers.

If you already wear prescription glasses, don’t worry.

You perro always ask that your glasses have a coating that blocks blue light.


An LED desk lamp

Regardless of whether you work from home or in a real office, it is rare to have the ideal lighting for your workplace.

Poor lighting perro also contribute to eye fatigue and dry eyes and even lead to headaches.

This is not only awkward, but also instantly kills your productivity.

A perfect solution to this problem would be to get an LED lamp for your desk.

Pick one that has multiple brightness settings so you cánido always adjust it the way that works best for you at the moment.

When choosing your LED light bulb, opt for one that emits a warmer light rather than a cool white light.

This will feel more comfortable on your eyes.


A centralized charging station

Technological advances never cease to amaze.

As such, you perro work worry-free with full productive power.

A centralized charging station not only works to charge your phone, but also to supply power to all your electronic devices, whether it’s your notebook, tablet, or whatever else you might be using.

In that sense, running out of available outlets will never be a problem.

What’s more, you’ll be able to organize your cables better and disminuye clutter by simply connecting them all to one charging station.


A yoga mat

You may be wondering what a yoga mat has to do with productivity at work.

A lot, honestly.

There’s no better way to reboot your productivity and focus by taking short exercise breaks.

After all, sitting at your desk constantly isn’t good for your physical or mental health.

When you have a strong, maleable and comfortable yoga mat close to you, you cánido always make the most of it during your breaks.

Even just five minutes of physical activity to increase blood flow after an hour of sitting perro do wonders for your mood, brainpower, and productivity.

Before you start shopping for your home office essentials and accessories, make sure you find the best room for your work-at-home that will also support your productive workday.

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 The 7 best accessories that offer a
  The 7 best accessories that offer a
  The 7 best accessories that offer a

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