The 6 Pages that pay to see ads in

The 6 Pages that pay to see ads in

Since we were little we are seeing advertising, whether on televisión, popular networks, on the street, etcétera.

But why not earn money for doing it? Well, it’s possible.

On the Internet, many began to earn money by watching ads, it is the most basic way to generate an plus income en línea, thanks to the pages that pay to see ads.

The Internet has evolved over time with many ways to generate income, such as using aplicaciones; which we will explain to you in another article: best applications to earn money.

How do the pages work to see paid ads?

The operation is fácil to understand, from the monetary aspect, companies pay these pages to earn money on the internet by publishing their ads to thousands of users.

Such pages make registered users view each ad at a predetermined time to grant them a reward.

It’s like a marketing strategy used by companies to pay a small portion of money to the consumer to see one of their ads for a product or service.

Pages that pay to see ads

Unfortunately, on the internet you are going to get a lot of paid ad websites that in the end just make you see ads and don’t pay you.

Therefore, we focus on listing in this section those pages that do pay and that they have a long enough history to say that they are reliable to this day.


let’s start with ySense, a platform to earn money that has been running for many years.

Even its success has been such that some time ago it was bought by another company, before that it was called ClixSense.

On this page you will be able to see paid ads, but not only that, you will also have the opportunity to do surveys, mini-jobs and the odd fácil task.

Are more than 10 years of success story of ySense, one of the most reliable platforms with which you cánido start earning money just by viewing ads.

To make you more interested, the minimum withdrawal is only $10 if you are going to withdraw to Paypal and other platforms than Payoneer.


Another interesting page for you to see ads and get paid for it.

It was founded in the year 2007 and until now it has been paying its users smoothly.

Like the previous option, you cánido do other types of things to earn money, such is the case of fácil tasks, such as answering surveys and even play vídeo games.

The minimum withdrawal is 5 euros, an amount that you perro reach quickly.

Gift Hunter Club

It’s been working since 2011, it also pays you to watch ads and do other tasks, like solving surveys.

Payments are made through PayPal (minimum withdrawal $5), it also has an aplicación so you cánido generate money from your mobile.

On the other hand, you reward for the number of connectionsdaily you receive a plus for connecting, you also receive a weekly one for doing it from Monday to Friday in an interrupted manner.

King of Prizes

It belongs to the company Innovative Hall Media Technologies SL, which is the same company that owns Gift Hunter Club, which is why both pages are so afín.

In King of Prizes you also earn money for seeing ads, also for taking surveys, taking advantage of offers, referral system betweenothers.

The minimum withdrawal is 10 dollars, as it belongs to the Hall Media Technologies SL company, it cánido be said that it is reliable.

Withdrawals cánido be made to your Paypal account or through Airtm, which is a good option to easily exchange money.

This platform is also afín to PointsPrizes, in terms of its prizes.


Timebucks is another one of those pages that pay to see ads and it is relatively new, it has been in operation for about 5 years.

It is also used to get money by doing different types of jobs.

Payments are made automatically every time you you get $10 rewardan interesting option is that it has mining, something that other platforms do not have.

Its means of payment are Airtm, Payeer, Bitcoin, among others.

It is a friendly interfaz, perfect for those who are starting out in this world of earning money en línea.


We close this list with GPTPlanet, one of the reliable pages to earn money en línea in México and other parts of the world.

It has been in operation for more than 10 years and has paid without problems.

One of the things that they like the most about this page is that you perro withdraw from $1, which is a great advantage.

You perro make withdrawals through SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Litecoin, among others.

How much perro you earn by watching ads?

The amount you perro get by watching ads depends on various factors: the page you use, the perseverance you have and the amount of time you dedicate to it daily.

This is a job in which you must put a lot of effort to make some profit.

You perro usually get paid €0.01 per ad, agregado you may have a limited number of ads per day.

Although it may seem easy, earning money by viewing ads is not, as there are many limitations.

But, we must tell you that it is possible to obtain additional income in this way.

In addition, there are many people who live from these types of pages to earn money en línea in Argentina and other parts of Latin America or Europe.

How to earn more money by watching ads?

On these platforms you cánido earn more money by applying two infallible strategies:

  • referrals: Some pages to earn money by watching ads allow you to earn plus for referrals.

    There are two types of referrals, direct ones, which join through your backlink, and rented ones, which are those who registered without using a referral backlink and you cánido rent them to be your referrals.

  • Register on multiple pages: The other strategy that you should apply is to use several pages, keep in mind that some of these platforms limit the number of ads you perro see per day.

    So, when you meet the daily quota of ads in one, use another and thus you are generating money in many.

How to collect your earnings?

You get paid through payment processors or gift vouchersit is also possible that you charge directly to your wallet of cryptocurrencies.

Of course, not all platforms give you the same options to collect, in general, most work with PayPal.

There are many others, but the one mentioned above is the most used worldwide.

The most recommended processors are:

  • Paypal.
  • airtm.
  • Payoneer.
  • Skrill.

It is important that you know that sometimes you will get more benefit if you use a payment processor instead of another.

This is because for some processors the minimum withdrawal may be lower; It is therefore recommended that you use several payment processors.

Recommendations before starting to see ads for money

We already tell you that it is not an easy path, but you cánido get some money over time, as long as you keep working day by day.

It is important that before starting you pay attention to these recommendations:

  • Do not settle for ads, all the platforms that we indicate above have other options to generate money.

    Try to take advantage of each option of these platforms to get rewards.

    Even on some platforms you perro earn money by trying products for free.

  • Open accounts on multiple platforms at the same time, use them all and get rewarded on each one.
  • Start slow, do not get frustrated, the start to earn money en línea is usually very slow.
  • Before registering on a platform, know what it is about and look for your information here at, since we detalla many.

    In this way you will not waste your time in what are scam.

  • Use the same correo electrónico for all these pages.
  • Try not to create multiple accounts per page so you don’t have problems with their terms and conditions.
  • If you are not 18 or over, it is important that you know which are the platforms to earn money as a minor, since not all of them accept minors.
  • Start using these platforms as an option to earn money in your spare time.

Pages NOT recommended to see ads for money

Yacht We recommend the platforms to see ads, it is time for you to know the ones that we do not recommend:

  • neobux: It began as one of the best, for many the first platform to earn money by watching ads.

    But, with the passage of time it has become much more difficult to get rewards, earning a decrease in the number of users.

    Also, to get the best returns you have to invest, in the end you end up getting the same money you deposited.

In this section we will be adding those platforms to see ads that we do not recommend.

Opinions and conclusions

In our opinion yes it is possible to get good income through the pages with paid ads.

That is, just by watching ads from your home you cánido earn a certain amount of money that is useful to you, you cánido even make a living from it.

But, you must be constant and have many referrals, really, in many of these platforms the key is in the number of referrals you get.

So far our articulo, stay tuned for each of our articles, we are always bringing you new information.

Probably one of these days you will get the best way to earn money on our blog and you perro dedicate yourself to that.

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 The 6 Pages that pay to see ads in
  The 6 Pages that pay to see ads in
  The 6 Pages that pay to see ads in

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