The 6 best pages to buy in China

The 6 best pages to buy in China

You’re thinking about To start a business but you don’t have a lot of money to start? Your best option may be to create an en línea store or rent a local and import cheap products to sell.

In my previous article I explained the steps to import products from China (read it by clicking the blue button below), and today I’m going to espectáculo you The best pages to buy in China.

All these web pages have products with very low prices, shipping is usually free, and also if you buy wholesale, you will enjoy small discounts to obtain better benefits when you sell those elementos.

Although you perro also use them as a place to make your personal purchases if you want to save a little money.

At the end of the articulo you will also find 4 consejos that will be very useful to buy on these pages and make sure you don’t lose your money.

1. Alibaba, the largest Chinese website

Alibaba is the largest Chinese website in existence. to buy all kinds of elementos. Your sales volume per day (and your profits) is monstrous.

This was the first big page that brought together Chinese elementos so that anyone in all parts of the world could buy what they wanted. It was the website that later gave rise to Aliexpress.

In it there are articles of all kinds: coche parts, clothing, jewelry, even health related products like natural herbs, medical devices, etcétera.

It has a version completely in Spanish, so it will be very easy for you to navigate through it, and the best thing is that you perro change the currency to see the prices according to the country where you are.

It is an ideal page if you want to start an import business because most of their products are sold wholesalein paquetes of different units.

Like on Aliexpress, Alibaba is made up of different vendors, and there are several forms of payment such as PayPal, Wester Union, bank transfer, Escrow…

One point that differentiates it from the rest of the pages is that here you perro haggle the price with the sellerand thus save some money on your purchase.

2. Aliexpress, everything you want to buy

aliexpress It is the most famous page to buy in China. It is the one that generates the most articles and saleshaving a gigantic purchase volume every month.

In this en línea store you cánido find almost anything: clothing and accessories of all kinds, electronic products such as headphones or cell phones, elementos to decorate your home, and even spare parts for cars and DIY tools.

His catalog is infinite.

They have frequent discounts and the photos are of good quality and usually correspond to the de hoy product.

You cánido pay your orders with debit or credit card, bank transfer, Western Unionand other en línea methods such as Alipay.

When you buy a product here, you are not buying it directly from Aliexpress, but on this page different sellers operate that use the platform to sell their merchandise.

That is, the operation is afín to that of other pages such as ebay either Free market.

On Aliexpress you make a purchase, you pay for it, but the seller does not receive the money until you receive your order and confirm that everything is correct. That is why it is a safe place to buy.

Many sellers offer free shipping. to any country in the world and also money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you receive.

The only drawback is that being products shipped from China, Orders usually take a long time (15-30 days).

Aliexpress has a version completely in Spanishso it’s easy to navigate.

3. DealExtreme, the Chinese electronics store

If there is a Chinese page where you have everything you need about electronics and dispositivos, that is DealExtreme. There is no better store to buy cheap technology than this one.

You perro find everything: watches, cell phones, batteries, speakers, computers and tabletas, cameras and television antennas… Recently they even included a section with cosmetic personal care products.

But his forte is in technological and electronic elementos.

Contrary to Aliexpress, here the only seller is DealExtremethere are no individuals.

The prices are quite low and shipping is always free to any country in the world. Besides, They allow you to pay both with PayPal and with any type of card.

In DealExtreme they have a version of the page in Spanish, and orders take the same as with Aliexpress: between 15 to 30 days.

As a curiosity, on his blog workers recommend products they have tried and that at those times they perro be purchased at a discount.

4. LightInTheBox, the Chinese alternative to Aliexpress

On this page to buy in China there are thousands of elementos of clothing, electronic elementos, decoration, and even lighting.

Some of their products they have free shippingbut there is also an express delivery method with which you will have your order at home in a maximum of 3 to 5 days.

Methods to pay include credit or debit card, bank transfer, Western Union, and also PayPal.

They make big discounts year-round, and there are no private sellers: if you buy something, you’ll be doing it directly to Lightinthebox.

The website is available entirely in Spanish.

5. MiniInTheBox, receive your orders faster

If you visit the Lightinthebox and Miniinthebox pages at the same time, you will realize that they are exactly the same. And you are right.

Both pages belong to the same groupand they sell practically the same elementos, although they are specialized mainly in clothing and accessories.

What is the difference with Lightinthebox? That Miniinthebox has warehouses spread across Europe and America, and so shipping is faster and they don’t take that long (approximately 10 days).

They also have an express delivery option with which orders perro be received in as little as 3 to 5 days.

Shipping is completely free, and you perro pay in this en línea store with PayPal, Western Union and Wire Transfer. In addition, the web is available completely in Spanish.

6. Modilly, the website specialized in clothing

This is perhaps the page to buy in China that is most different from the others, but it is worth taking a look at.

Modilly is a website specialized in clothing and accessories, especially for women, although there are also many clothes for men. But most of his articles are aimed at women.

Their prices are very cheap, so if you want to import clothes, A good iniciativa would be to compare prices between this store and the rest of the pages to buy in China.

The only drawback is that the website is only in englishnot in Spanish, but it is very easy to navigate through it and find what you want.

Shipping is free to any country in the world, and they have a logistics service that makes shipping time shorter (depending on the country, between 15 to 20 days).

The payment methods they accept are both PayPal as a credit or debit cardAnd they had a service also of dropshipping that will make starting your business easier.

4 consejos to buy on these pages

Although buying on these Chinese sites is very easy, and they all offer buyer protection, there are some consejos to keep in mind before placing your orders.

1. Chinese clothes do not have the same measurements

Clothing sizes usually change slightly depending on the country in which the garments are sold.

But in the case of China, these sizes are usually much smaller (Asians are generally smaller) and sometimes there is a big difference with those sold in other countries.

An example: me for top garments I usually wear size S or M (depending on the brand and model of the garment), and I have a couple of t-shirts that I bought on Aliexpress that They are size L and XL. (two sizes more than the ones I usually wear).

So when you go to buy any type of garment, even if the ad indicates the exact measurements, ask the seller if he cánido measure it to confirm.

2. ALWAYS check the opinions of each article

This is especially important in the event that you buy on Aliexpress because there are many different vendors there and not all of them are good.

To be really sure that what you buy is of quality and the seller is reliable, ALWAYS look at the ratings that other users give to that person and that product.

On the 5 pages to buy in China above there is always a tab called “assessments”, “comments” or “reviews” and that is where you perro see the opinions of other people who have bought that merchandise.

From my personal experience buying on these pages, I recommend that you buy only elementos that have 4 stars or morealready sellers who have 90% or more positive retroalimentación.

Always read the comments of other buyers. And if the article in question has more than 4 opinions, much better.

3. Claim if you do not receive anything (or it is not what you expected)

If any kind of problem arises in the process, claimsAnd don’t be afraid to do it.

If the seller says that he will prepare your order in 2 days and 3 days have passed without news from him, send him a message to see what happens.

If the shipment should take a maximum of 15 days and 20 have already passed, claim to let them know. AND If when you receive the product it does not look like the photo in the ad or has a defect, notify us.

A good iniciativa to make sure you receive exactly what is advertised is to message the seller before you buy, asking you to take a picture of the item and send it to you.

4. Avoid private shipping companies

Although on these pages they give you the option to pay a little and have your order arrive sooner by sending it through private companies such as DHL or UPS, never use this method.

If you do, It is safe for your package to be retained at customs and you have to pay some very expensive taxes and duties.

These private courier companies are interested in having it retained because they will take a commission for management expenses from those taxes.

So always use the cheapest shipping method availablealthough it takes a little longer to reach you.

Although there are some others, These are the best pages that I have used to buy in China in a especial way, and that you cánido use both for personal use and if you want to start importing from this country.

But although they are very good pages with buyer protection, always make sure to follow the 4 consejos that I shared with you above to avoid upsets and headaches.

What pages to buy in China have you used so far? Leave me your comment below and tell me about your experiences.

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 The 6 best pages to buy in China
  The 6 best pages to buy in China
  The 6 best pages to buy in China

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