The 6 best brokers to invest in

The 6 best brokers to invest in

He trading with coins like the bitcoinEthereum, or Litecoin is becoming more and more habitual, and for good reason: every day there are more people and companies who use these digital currencies both to pay and to collect for their products and services.

“This material is not intended for viewers in EEA countries.

Binary options are not promoted or sold to EEA retail traders.”

But for get good returns on your investments important choosing a good broker to invest in cryptocurrencies.

4 years ago I started investing in Bitcoin; Since then, I have tried many platforms of tradingand I have realized that choosing the right broker for you is what cánido make you a lot of money, or lose it ALL.

That’s why I share here my list of the 6 best brokers to invest in cryptocurrencies that I have used, and some consejos that will help you choose which one is the best for you depending on the initial money you have and your knowledge about investments.

The 6 best brokers to invest in cryptocurrencies

1. IQ Option

The first broker on the list is IQ Optiona platform that I started using about 2 years ago and that has become one of the systems for binary options most important of the moment.

IQ Option is not only one of the brokers for invest in cryptocurrencies which I prefer.

With this platform you cánido also invest in operations in the traditional marketsince in recent years they have been in charge of adding some options for this.

Some of the advantages of this platform is that you perro start trading with as little as $10; it is one of the lowest on the market if you compare it with other platforms where the initial deposit they ask for is at least $400.

It also allows trade binary options starting at just $1although of course, the greater your investment, the greater the profit you perro have.

Best of all is that IQ Option has a free demo account with which you cánido practice your operations to see what strategies work for you without risking your money.

RISK WARNING: YOUR CAPITAL MAY BE AT RISKFrom this system I perro highlight care and attention they have with their users through the platform’s tools.

Additionally, you cánido count on completely free materials that will help you to know more about trading and the binary options in general.

As a agregado point, IQ Option also has a wide variety of assets in which you cánido invest.

The system has 300 asset options of all kindsfrom cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, and currencies in general, to shares in very important companies and raw materials such as gold and silver.

IQ Option for me is the best broker to start investing both in cryptocurrencies and in other assets for all the advantages that I have mentioned:

  • you cánido start with only $10
  • Have a free demo account so you cánido practice without risking your money
  • Count on exclusive materials for your clients as vídeo tutorials and advice

2. avatrade

avatrade is a platform that offers you the opportunity to carry out all your operations in cryptocurrencies (and in habitual assets) fully automatically.

Yes, it seems impossible, but there are already some platforms that allow you to configure your account so that automatically be the one who invests herself according to your specifications.

This saves you analysis work and the need to constantly review the system.

In addition to this function coche tradingAvatrade also offers you the opportunity to follow and copy the movements and third-party investments within the platform.

In this case the minimum deposit what the platform requires is $250at first it may seem high if you take into account that IQ Option only asks you for $10.

But this time we are talking about a hybrid system in which you cánido use coche trading and popular tradingboth options that cánido make your life easier in many aspects when investing.

Here is an article in which it is explained in depth how Avatrade works and how you cánido start trading with them step by step:

>> How To Trade With Avatrade Step By Step <<

Additionally, Avatrade has a free demo account that you can use to get used to trading with the platform before start investing your money.

In my opinion it is one of the most complete brokers from the list and despite the fact that your initial investment is somewhat high, in the medium and long term it is well worth it.

Avatrade is not only one of the brokers to invest in cryptocurrencies, in this system you can find a list of approximately 200 assets among which are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, ethereum…

Perhaps the best news of all is that Avatrade has welcome bonuses in which they will give you extra money to make your investments.

For example, if you deposit $250, they will give you a bonus of $50 to spend.

If you deposit $300, they will give you $75, etc.

Although the amount of each bonus also depends on the offers they have at all times.

So, How main advantages from Avatrade are:

  • It has an autotrading system: the platform works for you automatically
  • You can copy other investors (you don’t need to know stock market)
  • They have welcome bonuses in which they will give you up to 40% of the amount of your deposit

3. binarycent

binarycent has been one of my best surprises this year, so much so that I already wrote an article about my experience with this broker.

binarycent is maybe the newest platform from the whole list and yet in its short life it has already achieved significant growth thanks to all the good experiences it has allowed its users.

This system also offers you the option of social tradingthat is, you can observe and copy the operations of other users successfully on the platform.

Despite allowing you to trade multiple assets, Binarycent has been recognized as one of the the best brokers for invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

>> Read Here My Opinion About Binarycent <<

One of the advantages of this system is that it has a fairly low minimum investment amount: With only $50 you cánido start making investments.

Although this amount may vary depending on the type of account you want to have On the platform, many systems require minimum amounts of up to $500 and fail to offer you even half of all the benefits that this broker has.

Additionally, Binarycent counts in each of its accounts with various benefits: excellent customer service, a very comfortable demo account and very useful educational material.

Also, the curious thing about this broker is that It has several methods of withdrawing money. among which are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Primercoin.

That is, the profits you get with your investments you cánido withdraw them in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoinin addition to also being able to do it through traditional methods such as bank transfer, debit or credit card, Neteller, etcétera.

The most important advantages of Binarycent are:

  • A low minimum deposit (only $50)
  • Cánido copy other investors to generate profits without depósito market knowledge
  • Perro withdraw your money in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum…) instead of traditional money

4. RaceOption

Like Binarycent, RaceOption it is quite a new broker but very promising.

I got to try this platform thanks to the recommendation of a friend I had had one of the best experiences in binary options with this system.

Really what I least expected is that I was going to be so hooked on this broker.

From the beginning the experience is great because count on a plus system that you will fall wonderfully.

So that you have an iniciativa, when I opened my account on this platform I decided to invest a total of $1500 in the system.

Later I realized that the same broker I had made a deposit in my account of $750that is, 50% of the amount of my initial deposit.

Out of nowhere I went from having $1500 that I had deposited into the system myself to have $2250 ready to invest.

Additionally RaceOption also gives you the option to manage your investments through the popular tradingsimply by copying the operations of third parties within the platform.

Of course this is one of the brokers to invest in cryptocurrencies What else cánido I recommend, not only for its reliability but also for the ease it provides to deposit or withdraw your money.

You perro do either of these 2 things vía very common and fácil platforms like Skrill and Neteller.

The overall system of very easy to use And as if that were not enough, it also offers you a trial account and free educational material that will vary depending on the type of account you have on the platform.

5. binomo

Another of the options that I cánido recommend the most is Binomoa platform that since 2014 is providing good experiences at excellent prices.

The case of this broker is quite especial since looks quite afín to IQ Option as far as benefits are concerned.

With Binomo you cánido also start trading with just $10 to start trading and the minimum amount per trade is only $1.

It is true that the larger the amounts you invest in this type of platform the greater the opportunities to generate income that you will have.

But it must be taken into account that platforms like this with such low minimum investment amounts make it easy for anyone to be part of this platform and make money without problems.

Binomo also includes in its system the conducting tournaments among its users to earn money.

As an unfavorable point I cánido say that the system It doesn’t have such a wide variety. of assets to trade, unlike many others on this list.

Binomo currently has a approximately 60 assets to invest when the average is usually 200, but it has the main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum with which you cánido trade on this platform.

Thanks to its low minimum investment amount and attention to its users With tools, benefits, and tournaments, this broker has more than earned its place on this list.

6. Libertex

The last place on the list but by no means the least important it’s for Libertexa system that has been in force since 2015 operating with different types of assets.

In this case the system requires a minimum investment of $100 so you cánido start making transactions.

Libertex It works with approximately 160 assets between cryptocurrencies, currencies, shares of different companies, metals and more.

As in the previous cases, Libertex offers you educational material to improve the performance of your investments and a demo account that you cánido access once you have made the first deposit in the system.

Even though it is not a well known broker has been growing very quickly in recent years due to the ease of its interfaz and the benefits for its users.

Note: Libertex does not provide services in Spain.

What have I based on to create this list of recommended brokers?

One of the things I value most is the trust of all my readersfor that reason I could not recommend something that I know will not work and with which you could lose your money.

That is the reason why I have chosen platforms that according to my own experience They stand out in the binary options market and work without any problem.

Based on my experience to make this list I chose some aspects to take into account that they allowed me to evaluate each of the options that I presented to you in the previous list.

The first item I looked at was safety.

I only want to recommend you platforms that are completely safe and that you perro trust.

In this case, I myself have taken it upon myself to carefully review Background of each of the systems that you could see in the previous section, all in order to vea other opinions that could highlight negative points that perhaps I did not vea during my use.

I cánido assure you that the vast majority of comments from users of these systems are completely positive.

This told me that many more people are satisfied with the results they obtained and continue to obtain with these systems.

Another aspecto I took into account was The commissions of each of the platforms.

It is true that each system has an established percentage and that it hardly changes.

However, on many occasions the platforms they abuse commissions And they don’t even provide quality services.

The 6 brokers to invest in cryptocurrencies that I showed you They are platforms with low commissions that do not take away the profitability of your investments at all.

Another important element was regulation of the platforms.

Although it is true that there are systems that, although they are not regulated, have great quality, the truth is that will always be an important point that the platforms are regulated by the corresponding financial institutions.

This time all the platforms that I showed you are completely legal and they operate freely in different parts of the world, so you cánido use them with ease.

An element that could not be overlooked is the amount of assets in which you perro invest with these systems.

The list is made up of brokers for invest in cryptocurrenciesso it is important that you have the freedom to escoge at least which digital currency you want to invest in.

All the systems that I named you have a variety of cryptocurrencies among its options, so you perro easily escoge between the main virtual currencies on the market.

Additionally I wanted to pay attention that they offered you much more than the opportunity to invest in digital currencies, so you will find that in most cases you cánido have more than 100 assets in which to invest.

The last element to take into account are the benefits that the platforms perro offer you.

In most cases you will find that the brokers I proposed offer you test accounts for a better adaptation, and educational material that will help you in your learning process about binary options.

At the same time you will realize that the 6 brokers have amounts of initial investment or first deposit below most of the brokers in the market.

This allows more people to join binary options systems without the need to deposit a large sum of money.

Finally and as the most important point take into account my experience with each of the brokers.

I could not recommend something that did not benefit me or someone very close.

So you perro be sure that the platforms they actually work and that you cánido earn money with them in a fácil way.

How to choose the best broker for you?

You already realized that there are more brokers the ones you actually know.

In fact to do the list you read before I had to rule out multiple platforms to leave only the best ones, because otherwise the list would be much longer.

But with so many platforms, how cánido you know what is the best broker for you?

For you to choose the best option among the brokers to invest in cryptocurrencies there are certain factors that you should take into account.

First of all you should know that no platform is perfectthey will all have weak points or aspects to improve.

What really matters here is getting a system that suits what you are looking for and that allows you to do your operations without any complications.

The first thing to keep in mind is the cryptocurrency in which you want to make your transactions with binary options

The vast majority of brokers work with digital currencies best knownBitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and others afín.

But if you want to trade digital currencies that are not so common or any cryptocurrency that has just come on the market, it may be difficult for you a bit more to find the right broker.

It is true that all the platforms that I named you before have a good variety of assets in which you cánido invest including cryptocurrencies.

But keep in mind that if a platform worked with all the digital currency options that exist, the list of assets would never end.

Once you know with which cryptocurrency you want to carry out your transactions, what you should do when looking for your trusted broker is to confirm that it is Completely sure.

Doing this doesn’t require a lot of effort, just a bit of “detective work” and you will be sure that your platform is reliable.

My recommendation in this case is that you look for the history of the broker (That’s why I recommend you work with well-known platforms with a track record) and verify that it is regulated by all the competent authorities depending on the place where it is located.

By doing this you will have much more confidence that your platform is safe and it is not just a scam to steal your money.

The third element that I recommend that you take into account are platform fees in which you want to invest.

It is evident that each broker is going to charge a commission for each operation, but if you perro count on a platform that is good and does not have very high fees, I assure you that you will appreciate it.

Today there are platforms that charge fees for maintenance and operations depending on the asset in which you are going to invest.

That is why you should take a good look at all the requirements of the platform before making your first deposit.

The fourth and last element that you should take into account are broker services that you are going to choose

The benefits that binary options platforms perro bring you they are very varied and they range from demo accounts to plus plans and educational materials.

It’s always nice to know that the platform you’re working with has something else to offer youand if that addition makes your life easier in many aspects, so much the better.

Keep in mind all plus points that perro provide you with the platform on which you want to investbecause they cánido indirectly improve your earnings and benefit you in many ways.

A good demo account to get you used to trading before investing, materials that keep you informed about binary options, and good customer service are all good ways to tell you that you are not alone in the process.

Many of the platforms that I mentioned even have mobile aplicaciones ideal for keeping track of your investments from your mobile device.

This is another of the elements that is most appreciated, especially if you don’t have the time to keep an eye on your computer constantly.

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the Company carry a high level of risk and may result in the loss of all your funds.

You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”

Have you already tried any of the brokers to invest in cryptocurrencies on the list? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experiences.

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 The 6 best brokers to invest in
  The 6 best brokers to invest in
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