The 56 most profitable small businesses with

The 56 most profitable small businesses with

Do you feel tired of doing the same job every day? Is it difficult for you to get the money to reach the end of the month? Do you want to undertake?

We’ve all been through it at some point, in many cases. people are trapped in a job they don’t like it and in other cases people love their work but the money is not enough.

I went through that a couple of years ago, and I realized that the difficult part is not making the decision to undertake, but know what is the best deal that you perro choose

When I started looking for ideas on the Internet, There were thousands of options, but most required a large budget or were explained in a complicated way.

what i needed was an iniciativa that would fit my situation and understand what it was about.

With my search I discovered that there are profitable small business that are on the rise this 2022, others perro be done from home and with little investment and others are easy to manage.

Whatever your case, in this list of 56 profitable small businessesyou will find what you need.

profitable small business in 2022

1. Being an event planner

In recent years, popular events have gained more weight and interest for all people no matter where in the world you are.

People are more likely to maintain an active popular life and they celebrate for any reason.

But planning these celebrations takes time, so a great need has been created in the planner market of events for this 2018.

You do not need to have a special certificationyou just need to have organization and planning skills.

If you have some providers in your contact list you will be able to rent services with small advancesso you will not have to invest much and you will work with the money of your clients.

To start your business, I suggest you organize some events of your ownsuch as the birthday of your relatives, the revelation of the gender of the baby that a friend is expecting or a grand opening.

2. Provide domestic cleaning services

It is already common that the woman and the man in the couple or in the family go out to work or start a business together.

This makes it difficult for them to do all the chores around the house without help, but it also gives them more income, so it allows them to pay for the cleaning.

But today’s families, instead of hiring a cleaning person, feel safer hiring a company to provide the service, because it gives them more confidence.

This is why starting your own domestic cleaning service company It is an excellent option for profitable small businesses.

You don’t have to make a big investment, Or hire employees to begin with.

This article explains how to start your own cleaning business in 5 steps.

All you have to do is create the company legally, buy the cleaning products and You perro now start providing the service yourself. As the business grows, you perro hire more people.

3. Play at parties as a DJ

The first questions to start thinking about this business are: do you like music? Do you know how to mix?

If you like music but you still don’t have knowledge in mixing or sound equipment, you have to start with prepare to do well.

Musical groups that played trumpet at parties are already going out of fashion and people prefer to hire a DJ who perro give it a touch of rhythm, with the right dose of ballads to your event.

So to be successful in this business, you’re going to need a good collection of musicmixes and effects that you cánido adapt to any occasion.

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in equipment, you perro rent them for your first eventswhile you raise enough capital to have your own.

4. take care of young children

Although there are large schools that offer maternity care, today’s parents they prefer to leave their children with a trusted person and that you perro pay special attention to it.

This is why this 2018 babysitting young children is on the list of profitable small businesses.

you have the option of prepare your house to receive several children.

In this case, make sure you have all the necessary permits in your area for this type of business.

Another option is that you offer to move to the child’s house and take care of it there, most parents ask to be picked up from school and brought home.

This article teaches you how to get more clients than you perro handle if you want to babysit.

You will not need to invest to start this business, you just have to create your own company and look for recommendations.

When more people hire you, you will look for employees to cover the shifts.

5. Sell ​​your used clothes

There are many reasons why thrift stores are profitable small businesses.

The biggest has a market of 16 trillion dollars.

For some reason, people in recent years feel more comfortable buying used clothing and don’t miss out. the great opportunity to buy good, beautiful and cheap clothes.

You you will have the benefit of freeing up space in your armario Selling the clothes that you no longer use, you will earn money and you will start your business without investing.

You cánido start with this guide 8 steps to sell your used clothes and make money with it.

Selling used clothing you cánido do it from a small space in your housein a store or en línea.

You choose how and where start your business.

6. Make purchases as a personal shopper

Although it sounds a bit strange to you, There are people who prefer to pay to save time to go shopping.

Sometimes they do it to free up spaces in their schedule and be able to share with your family or do other activities.

In other cases it is an emergency that requires last minute purchases.

Although large stores make an effort to offer their products en línea, there are some complications such as delays in delivery or errors in the products, so It’s better if someone does it personally..

In any case, you perro create a business that is salvation for these people and that it generates you enough money.

You only have to offer your services to make purchases of groceries, accessories, clothing, or whatever the clients need.

In fact, There are companies that hire these services for office supplies or special event purchases.

7. Repair or reuse damaged clothing

Last year when I was doing a project with a friend, I spilled some glue on her skirtI felt horrible because the glue did not come out with anything and I knew it was one of his favorites.

A few weeks later, I saw her arrive happy with her skirt, which it had a nice embroidery right where the stain was of glue.

It was not noticeable at all that the stain was hidden with the embroidery and it occurred to us that it would be an excellent iniciativa to offer this service by Internet.

So my friend started her business on some en línea platforms, and after a few months created his own en línea store. He’s doing great!

She emplees stones, embroidery, paint and labels to repair clothes stained, torn or deteriorated.

But not only this, He has also started turning tejanos into shorts. and bags.

This iniciativa is great all it takes is a little publicity and people pay very well for these jobs.

For this reason, I decided to include it in this list of profitable small businesses for this 2018.

8. Provide audiovisual production services

We are in the era of the Internet, computers and popular networks, and all this has in common millions of views across screens Of all sizes.

So when it comes to photos, vídeos, presentations or animations, audiovisual media production is something that all businesses, companies and entrepreneurs need.

If you have knowledge of image editing, animation creation or vídeo production, don’t waste any more time, this is your opportunity to start.

You perro start offering your services en línea and creating eye-catching material in which you perro espectáculo your customers everything you perro offer.

9. Use courier and delivery services

Courier services have been made increasingly fácil, small and efficient.

Although large companies are still used to send bulky packages or for international shipments, when it comes to local deliveries preference is given to small services of messaging.

This is because the process is much simpler and faster, without the need to do paperwork or fill out forms.

This is a market that still has a lot of room to exploit among small profitable businesses this 2018.

In some countries special permits are required.

But once you have this ready, You just have to devise your business model.

Cánido offer a service by bike, motorbike or carto individuals or companies.

The field of work is also greatfrom home food deliveries to running errands and fácil errands.

Cánido create your own messaging system or use aplicaciones like Uber, Uber Eats, Orders To Go or Glovo.

10. Offer tours to tourists in your city

tourism is another business that has evolved over time.

The time of the guides in caps and khaki shorts, pointing out buildings on a colectivo left behind.

Tourists want to live a closer and more real experience in the places they visit.

You need know the best places in your citymake some contacts and some publicity to start one of the profitable small businesses of 2018.

Locate the travel agents in your city and offer them a commission for recommending you with his clientele.

Make plans day and night for people of all ages, so you will have more options to offer and more chances of getting clients.

You cánido too make agreements with the most interesting venues so that they offer a special service to tourists, so you will earn a good reputation and get more recommendations.

profitable small business at home

eleven. Create a mobile aplicación

To create a mobile application you do not need to be a computer guru or a super brainiac, but yes you need to have programming knowledge.

So if you already know how to program or if you have computer skills and want to learn, this is a great business opportunity.

There is an ocean of applications that covers all types of content, so you will have no limits when choosinganything that you are passionate about and that gives you an iniciativa of ​​how to start, will help you develop your aplicación.

To start there are two ways: use programming code to create a specialized aplicación or use a design platform that allows you to create an average aplicación.

In both cases make sure you perro include advertising content and a premium or VIP membership option, because these will be your sources of income.

Another important key when creating your aplicación is functionality, the iniciativa is create something that many people cánido use and are willing to pay for it.

Some ideas of aplicaciones with many downloads They are the tutorials, recipes, phrases, games and sounds.

12. Sell ​​texts en línea

Being a writer cánido be a profitable business.

Instead of writing for just one employer, you cánido offer to write articles and sell them.

Writing is exciting and there are as many themes and styles as people there is in the world.

You perro write articles about something you like and sell them to magazines, companies or web pages.

There are en línea platforms where you perro make posts to offer your services as a writer, such as Fiverr.

Another option is to provide services such as ghost writer.

This means that you write a project, a book, an article or a script for another person who will pay you for not recognizing your authorship.

In this article you have another way to start to earn money writing: Earn Money Writing is REAL? What no one tells you…

13. write an ebook

Electronic books are called Y también-books and are they sell very well en línea.

So this is one of the best profitable small businesses to start at home.

To get started, find a theme you likethat people find interesting and about which you have a lot to say.

Don’t worry about finding something completely original, it doesn’t matter if there are already books on the subject, what is important is that you do it your waythat you explain it in a way that you perro interest the reader.

To have your Y también-book, You just have to start, sit down and write, review it, choose the format in which you are going to sell it and design a nice cover.

Your profits will be practically the total cost of each sale because the only thing you are going to invest is your time.

Cánido publish and sell your book on platforms like Amazon or Ebay or on your own blog.

Some ideas from the books The ones that are sold the most on the Internet are those with recipes, manuals and self-help.

14. Rent a room

Most people have a room at home. which at the beginning was for guests, or to exercise and ended up full of objects that we do not need or worse, completely empty.

Well, that room is your opportunity within small profitable home businesses.

Although hotels have many benefits, they also have unnecessary luxuries that make them expensive.

For this reason, it is becoming more and more common that People are looking for cheaper accommodation.

And you have a diamond in the rough that you perro exploit offering to rent a room home in season to tourists.

I know that you are doubting it because you think about security, but There are ways to do this business without putting yourself or your family at risk.

One of the best options is to do it through Airbnb.

It is a web page that Allows you to host and rent rooms, houses, apartments or anywhere making a articulo on the platform.

Yeah you still feel distrust, You cánido do it through a referral systemthis means that you will only accept guests who come on the recommendation of your acquaintances.

fifteen. Wash and iron clothes at home

what if you could turn household chores into a business? Well yes you perro.

There are things that we are used to doing like washing and ironing our clothes, but there are people who pay expensive dry cleaners for the same job.

Cánido offer this service in a personalized way and cheaper without leaving home.

Tea you will save rent costs and they are the same services that you already use, so you perro offer competitive prices.

Keep in mind that you are going to need equipment such as a washing machine and an industrial dryer that supports a greater volume of clothes, but the investment will be worth it.

To start your business, offer the service to your close friends and familyI assure you that you will have enough earnings to hire an assistant.

16. Have a garaje sale

Those unused elementos you have at home they may be considered antiques or collectible treasures by other people.

a garaje sale It is a small market that you open in the patiogaraje or garden of your house.

Before, these types of sales were only for seasons, but now there is a tendency to do it permanently.

To start your business, the first step is Make an inventary.

Find all the things you don’t need and that they are in good condition, such as tables, lamps, toys, furniture, clothes, shoes and accessories…

classify the objects and clean up a little whatever is necessary to improve their appearance, so you perro sell them faster.

To renew your inventory you cánido accept other elementos in exchange of those that you already have or cánido take advantage of the sales in other thrift stores that sell in lots.

17. Starting a Popular Media Advertising Agency

Have you heard about the popular media managers?

Popular networks like Fb and Instagram are so massive that from small businesses to large companies They have found ways to take advantage of them.

That is why they hire people who are specially in charge of Manage your popular networks.

One of these ways to take advantage of popular networks is making publicity.

I’m not talking about uploading some comments on Fb, but about a whole campaign with photographs, vídeos, infographics, raffles, as well as the backlink with users.

So among the profitable small business options that you perro start at home and with your móvil, there is an agency that designs advertising campaigns on popular networks.

The basic skills for this business They are creativity and a good management of popular networks.

Start by creating your own campaigns advertising to get clients and achieve success with your own business.

18. Create a virtual assistant service

Virtual assistants are people who provide services to companies and other professionals permanently or by contract.

The functions of a virtual assistant They are filling tables, transcribing information, organizing an agenda, scheduling trips, it all depends on the person who hires it.

This means that you will need organizational skillsplanning and grammar.

You cánido start this business in two ways.

First, you perro create your company and be yourself the one who provides the service while you get more customers.

The second way is contact people who may be interested at work and then get clients.

When you have your first client, you assign one of the interested parties and You will only have to manage the employment relationship.

19. Give remote IT assistance

Sometimes it seems that computers choose the worst time to stop workingjust when you finish the document you forgot to save or when you are printing a report the day before it is due.

This has happened to all of us and at that time We wish that a saving angel would come down and help us.

Well, there is a way for that to happen and you cánido be that angel.

If you know computers and are good at solving last-minute problems, you cánido do it without leaving your house with a computer remote control program like TeamViewer or JoinMe.

Many of these programs are free and easy to use.

so you cánido start your business comfortably without leaving your home and without investing, helping people who have an emergency with their computer and who will surely pay happily for your services.

profitable small business with little investment

twenty. create a blog

If you always have something to talk about or if there’s a especial topic you like to write about, this is the ideal business for you.

Creating a blog perro be very easy if you use a design platform like Wix, and You don’t need to know programming nor anything like that.

You’re just going to need a topic to write about and desire to work on your blog.

At first you won’t see much profitthe way to earn money with your blog is by monetizing it.

Monetize means that you include advertisements from companies or other web pages.

Another way to make the most of this business is using popular networks; In this way you create an organic cycle, you send visitors to your site from your networks and followers to your networks from your blog.

The most important thing is that you add original contentsince search engines block pages that copy the content.

Also, if you take care with the content you will have more visits, and more visits means more earnings.

if you feel that you get stuck when choosing the themeMaybe you are thinking about it too much.

A blog cánido be about any topic.your life, your travel experiences, news, entertainment, cooking recipes, the exercise of your profession or occupation, among others.

twenty-one. Sell ​​courses en línea

Maybe you will think you have to be certified into something to sell a course, but it really isn’t.

Courses perro be recorded on anything you cánido think of that you know how to do and that another person may need.

For example, about cooking recipes, magic tricks, public presentations, crafts…

So the theme will not be a problem. I am sure that you know how to do something that many people in the world want to learn.

Now to start your business alone you will need to choose the format in which you will sell your course.

It perro be in an y también-book, one or several vídeos, recordings in a Podcast or any electronic format you cánido think of.

In most cases, with a móvil inteligente or a computer with Internet access, you It will be enough to create and sell your first course.

22. Create a Youtube channel

At first you cánido see this as a fácil entertainmentbut you may find in your hobbyy a way to earn a living.

YouTube is a platform for uploading vídeos on any subject, it is done easily and fit free.

But this is not all, when you create a YouTube channel, you have the possibility of monetizing it, that is to say add advertising and receive money for each visit.

If you are serious about your YouTube channel, you get a large following and upload vídeos frequently.

What you’re really going to get is a business that will literally be working for you.

You You will only have to create your vídeos and get the followersthen you’ll be earning even when you’re not using your computer.

you cánido do everything from your home, en línea and without investing. Therefore, I think that you should consider this option among small profitable businesses without investment.

23. Tutor en línea

Education has become more openvaried and accessible in these times and the Internet has become a necessary tool for learning.

If you are knowledgeable about a subject or if you are good at helping people with their studies, you cánido become a tutor and earn money planning your own schedules from home.

There are two ways in which you cánido be a tutor, one of them and the most maleable is to do it by recording your classes and selling them as an en línea course.

In this article I explain how you cánido do it for free How to earn money as a virtual tutor teaching at home

The other option is to do live and direct using applications such as Skype or Google plus HangOuts that are free and allow you to do conferences over the Internet.

In both cases you will have the advantage that you cánido find students from all over the world and tutoring anything like teaching college subjects, teaching finances, helping people prepare for a conference, etcétera.

If you want to make your business a little bigger, you cánido start an en línea academy in which you offer different learning with different teachers.

24. Design eyebrows at home

Eyebrows have gone from being one more element of women’s aesthetics, to having real professional designs in both men and women.

The best part is that you just need to practice and it is a service that people prefer at home, which is why it is a good option among small profitable businesses with little investment.

You cánido look for tutorials on eyebrow design on the Internet or enroll in a course, it is something that you cánido learn in a couple of hours, but it is very important that you practice it.

If you offer your services at home, You will only need the basic implements such as a tweezer, thread or wax and eyebrow pencil or paint.

25. Animate children’s parties

Almost all events need a good entertainer, but children’s parties are the most requested and the best paid.

At children’s parties, adults need to offer all the options to let the kids have fun.

To start your business as a party entertainer, you just need charismaand if possible a good disguise.

You perro search the Internet for some consejos to be better prepared and start cheering at small events and parties for your friends.

In this case good publicity and the recommendations of your clients will be your most powerful weapon for your business to grow.

26. Offer text editing and proofreading services

Yeah you like to read and pay attention to detailsyou perro start a proofreading business.

exist many people who need editing services or what they call proofreading, but the big publishing houses charge a lot of money for these services.

With this business you are going to create a small company that reviews short books or y también-books, web page articles or digital magazines.

If you provide this service, you are going to make sure that the texts are well written and that there are no errors in spelling, grammar and writing.

To do this, make use of this Spanish spelling checker.

Agregado you perro add format review service and graphic editing with tools like Photoshop.

27. Be a virtual counselor

There is people who naturally give good advice and this is a skill that cánido be very profitable.

When people have problems, the first thing they look for is a helping hand that listens to them and advises them, for this you don’t need a diploma and you cánido provide it as a service.

There are counselors by phone, messaging or vídeo calls, in any way you will only need a phone or a computer and get your first customers to start your business.

You cánido specialize as a counselor of professions, in decision-making, of a couple or of personal problems.

If you do not have a degree in these areas, don’t fool people be honest and only promote your business with the skills you have: long experience or good reasoning ability.

28. clean vehicles

This is one of the profitable small business easier to start.

In most countries No need for many paperwork or permits and you will only need enough space to park the cars, a vacuum cleaner and a source of water and foam.

The tarea of this business You don’t need specialized knowledge either. so to begin with you cánido do it yourself and when you have more clients, you will hire more employees as you need them.

Like all businesses you will have good streaks especially in the summer months and at the end of the holiday seasons.

However, the demand remains stable throughout the year.

A new way to exploit this business is Install water and foam dispensers.

In this way, people cánido come closer and with the payment of a token they will have access to the dispensers to wash their car themselvesOf course you would have to invest a little more.

Profitable business in small towns

29. Clothing store and local products

In small towns one of the most profitable forms of income is tourismThat’s why you cánido’t stay behind.

All people who go on vacation look for small and quiet places to relax and in addition to taking photos, they shop to take home a souvenir of their trip.

The stores that sell typical objects of local culture They are the first objetivo of tourists.

Some ideas of what you perro sell are: typical dishes, craft drinks, sweetsclothing or crafts.

The problem with this type of business is that cánido have very high profit peaks and very low peaks by seasons.

Therefore, I recommend that include products that your neighbors cánido buysuch as breakfasts, cheap menus or organic food.

30. Take pictures and sell them en línea

Bring out your artistic side and start your business selling photos en línea.

One of the advantages of living in a small town is that it is the dream of many people who live in the city, so you cánido do your business creating some digital postcards and selling them en línea.

You perro do it like a professional photographer, creating your own website and offering your photographs.

If it seems too complicated, you perro also use web pages that serve as platforms in which you publish your photographs and buyers choose and escoge to purchase them.

Another version of this business, much simpler, but with less income is Download aplicaciones that ask for certain types of images and you send them The good thing is that they tell you exactly how much and when they are going to pay you for your photos.

What are you going to need? Your cell phone camera is enough to start with and your desire to capture beautiful images.

31. Deliver menu at home

If you live in a small town, you know most of your neighbors, you know what their likes and you cánido cook for them.

Offers home menu serviceyour clients will order in advance, you prepare the meals and deliver them at home.

You cánido too create your own theme lugar de comidas at home.

To do so, you specialize in a type of food such as pizza, sushi, Chinese… And you distribute the menu, so people they perro call you and make home orders.

32. Care for pets

This is a small business, with a little effort for a small town, but it’s a great iniciativa.

Start by escoge what types of animals you will care foryou cánido dedicate yourself solely to walking dogs or include the care of other friends such as cats, turtles, parrots and fish.

you also have to think about how much you will chargemost care services charge by the hour and depending on the animal, since some need more space and attention than others.

Perro add some additional services like bathing them, cutting their hair, giving them massages and everything you cánido think of to pamper them and earn a little plus.

Make sure the animals are vaccinated and that taming them is legally permitted.

33. Have a yoga, martial arts and meditation taller

Everyone, anywhere in the world, needs a space for exercise and meditation.

Although it seems that you need a very large space, it really is not so, with a room for about 20 people is enough for a start.

You cánido be the instructor yourself or hire one or more people to teach in different shifts.

cánido you offer since baby yoga to martial arts classes for adults.

Another way to make a profit in this business is sell sports equipment such as exercise mats, sportswear, water thermos, among others.

you have the option of print your logotipo on the implements that you are going to sell, so your clients will give you some free publicity.

3. 4. Teaching sports to young children

investigate what are the sports clubs there in the town, surely some are missing and that is where you cánido start your business.

In small towns parents look for activities for children to distract themselves and sports are always an option.

If there is a baseball or soccer club, think about whether there is a need to create another one, if you consider that the market is already full, then Consider other options like gymnastics, swimming, athletics, martial arts, basketball, volleyball…

the options are many and I am sure that you will find one that fits where you live and, of course, your budget.

35. Start your en línea store with dropshipping

Just because you live in a small town doesn’t orinan you’re cut off from the world and perro start a business that moves through several countries without leaving your house.

Dropshipping is a way of buy and sell merchandise without the need for inventory.

The first thing you will need is create an en línea storewhich you perro easily design with a platform like Wix or WooCommerce.

Then, before publishing your store, find a supplier that works with dropshippingand choose the articles that you are going to publish.

Articulo the articlesand when you receive a purchase, you will pay the item to your supplier and he will send it directly to the customer.

It’s that easy, you just have to publish, you pay when they buy from you and the supplier handles shipping.

In this article you have some consejos for start your business with dropshipping: What is dropshipping and how to make money with it

36. Summer Camp

The good thing about summer camp is that you cánido receive children, adolescents and adults from all over the country and even from other parts of the world.

In small towns, there are almost always spaces for recreation and to be in contact with nature, locate such a place to start your camp.

Since the highest activity in your business is in the summer, use the other months of the year to implement a good advertising plan.

Make sure you have the necessary permissions and to be able to offer the best stay.

This does not orinan that you will be closed the rest of the year, use the facilities to offer hosting services to conventions, events or celebrations.

Small business who give money

37. Offer stylist services at home

styling services they pay better when they are at home, especially if you specialize in providing services for events.

No one wants to go from one place to another with their wedding hairstyle, that’s why start a hairstyling business at home is an option among small profitable businesses that give money.

to start your business you don’t need special permissions, but it is important that you have experience and practice as a stylist.

You don’t want to give yourself a bad reputation.

Don’t limit yourself and offers everything you cánido think of cuts, blow-dries, permanent straightening, moisturizing treatments, dyes…

When you make your business plan, keep in mind that although you will save the cost of the premises and services, You will have to add the costs of the transfer to your budget.

38. Have an infidelity detective agency

People who are looking for a private investigator to solve a problem are willing to pay to receive that information that is worth gold, so it sure is a good deal.

This is a profitable small business iniciativa for which you will have to prepare in timebut it’s still worth it.

The first thing is Have the necessary skills and preparation. In many countries, courses from 1 to 3 years are offered to obtain a certification as a private detective.

You will also have to do some paperwork to create your company legallybut once it is ready you will see good profits and you will have a business that will certainly never be boring.

One of the most requested and best paid services is discover infidelities.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to broken marriagesyou cánido also provide services to find missing persons, monitor teenagers, search for lost debtors, among others.

Another way to exploit this business is offering advice to clients for them to do their research themselves, and by renting or selling technological spy equipment such as microphones, recorders, and cameras.

39. be a masseuse

with a little training you perro specialize in massage reducing, relaxing or therapeutic.

In any case, to start your business you have to consider: where will you provide your services?

On the one hand, you cánido condition a space at home. If you use the right decoration, with a separate entrance, you perro achieve a welcoming and professional atmosphere.

On the other hand, you have the option of offer massages at homeyou will only need a portable massage table that you perro buy on the Internet for around $70 to $120.

If none of the above appeals to you, start your own spastarting with the massage service and then you will add more options according to what your clients request the most.

40. Manicure or pedicure at home

This is another service that has evolved from beauty salons to your living room.

There are a large number of techniques with and without enamel that you perro learn with tutorials on the Internet, do not forget to polish yourself with practice and you will be ready to start your business.

To offer these services you will need some implements such as nail polish eliminar, colored nail polishes and nail archivos.

If you have little budget, read this article: How to start your own nail business with no money in 2018.

When you feel ready, you just have to make yourself known among your friends and friends of your friends, I assure you that if you provide a good service word will spread faster than you imagine.

41. Make up at home

This is one of the profitable small businesses that is growing and evolving.

Beauty and aesthetics are a huge market that cánido be exploited from the smallest scaleIn this case, professional makeup.

Before starting your businessstudy, learn and practice a little, later you will see that this is very important to know in which direction you are going to develop.

The makeup business you perro do it for television events like novels, series and movies, you work at home in the facilities and you will have contracts for certain periods.

In television events too you perro specialize in makeup with special effects, and generate enviable income.

Another approach that you cánido give to this business is that of make up people in their housesfor events or special occasions.

You will only need all the makeup cosmetics and take into account the transfer.

42. Make a financial advisory office or tax payment

Some people easily manage tax bills, the percentages that must be deducted and the payment of taxes, but others desperately need help.

You do not need to have a certification To do this, you just have to know in detail how the procedure is and how much is the amount of taxes that must be paid in your city.

This is a business that you perro start from home and You cánido charge per hour or per procedure.

If you have studies in administration or in finance, start your business as an advisor to natural and legal persons.

So you cánido keep the accounting, the budget and anything to do with finances of your clients.

The Small business that are just starting out are a good focus to start with.

43. Offer to carry out procedures and procedures

Although banks have enabled most en línea applications, there are still many procedures that have to be carried out in an office.

Some examples of these procedures are the contracting and payment of servicesthe payment of taxes, the application for permits, among others.

The good news is that in most of these procedures it is allowed to attend with a letter of authorization, so your clients cánido authorize you so that you do the paperwork for them.

If you create a management agency, you will have a better oportunidad of getting clients than if you do it on your own.

44. Offer a catering service or bufé meal

for this business you need a passion for cookingor at least a lot of skill.

This is a business that you cánido start with the people closest to you offering some snacks for parties and as you have new clients and recommendations you will be able to expand to present an entire bufé.

Keep in mind that it is a business that will need a lot of attention and long hours in the kitchen, so it is important that you enjoy it, and the reward will be seen in your bank account.


Five. Be a master in dog training

If you have your eye on this business because you have an affinity with caninesthis is a good reason.

There is four types of training with which you perro train dogs.

First is the house trainingthe second is the training as a guardian for the protection of people and objects.

The third is like therapy dog for different problems such as anxiety, autism and depression, and the fourth type is training as a guide for blind people.

in whichever you choose you will need advertising tools such as: advertisements in the press and in specialized magazines, recommendations from third parties, popular networks such as Fb, and establishing contacts with companies in the campo.

46. Create your own brand of accessories

We all have a creative artist inside, but not everyone lets it out, so write down those ideas that you have in mind and make them come true.

To create your brand, the first thing you have to do is choose a stage name that identifies you, it perro be your own name if you wish.

The next step is register your brand in the office of intellectual property, in some countries you cánido do this over the Internet, in all cases it is a fácil procedure.

Finally, start your creative process and make your designsAt first you will have few sales and getting clients will take time, but this is a business in which you perro always grow and have the opportunity to expand.

You perro create accessories like jewelry, handbags, scarves, bags, watches…

47. Sell ​​cakes and pastries

The bakery perro become a very successful business, it has a market with a lot of space to explode.

The world of confectionery is a true art with many specialties, so I recommend you choose a specialty with which you distinguish yourself as cakes for events, cupcakes or cold sweets.

If you choose cupcakes, learn: How to start your own cupcake business from home.

The next step will be choose where you are going to bake.

Perro rent a place that is already conditioned or you cánido make modifications in your kitchen so that it is just what you need to do your business at home.

To get customers, the best way is enroll in fairs, exhibitions or markets, so you perro offer samples and give customers a business card and a brochure with all the services you offer.

Business easy and profitable

48. Start an en línea travel agency

With a computer and an Internet connection you perro plan a trip anywhere in the world in a few minutes.

So to start a travel agency you don’t need more than that, a computer and Internet connection.

en línea travel agencies get customers through a Web page or through popular networks like Instagram.

I suggest you start running a contest on instagramso you will gain followers and by fulfilling the prize you will espectáculo that you are a reliable agency.

49. Create an interpreting agency

the interpreters are required by many people from large companies to tourists and by different means such as videoconferences, face-to-face and by telephone.

To start your interpreting agency choose the language that is your forte like English, French, German….

And choose if you are going to work en línea or in person.

If you do it en línea you perro have a small team working in conferences live and with vídeo and audio recordings.

The main service of an interpreting agency is to translatein any shape and any archivo type, so the limits are equipo by you.

fifty. To teach languages

The languages ​​are one of the most requested learnings, That’s why I separated this business from en línea tutors among profitable small businesses.

you’re just going to teach a language you have learned in school, what your parents or your mother tongue taught you.

Perro start your own academy giving classes at home or you perro use an en línea platform.

If you escoge to do it en línea, The best option is to use platforms like Preply that give you access to students from all over the world with maleable schedules.

This is a business that you perro start easily making a registration on a web page and it will generate enough income.

51. Resell Avon, Amway or Mary Kay products

The affiliate selling business It has been making good profits for many years. and will keep for a long time.

There are many companies that entrust the sale of their products to entrepreneurs who sign up as brand ambassadors.

Almost always registration is very easyyou perro look for a partner to advise you or visit the website of the brand that interests you, it is possible that you perro subscribe en línea.

You cánido do sales in the conventional way, holding meetings and looking for applicants from door to door.

But you also have other options, how to do it en línea on platforms like Mercalibre or Ebay or having a small store in a shopping center.

52. Give outdoor dance classes

There are always interested people to take dance lessons and all you have to do is dance!

So this is one of the small profitable businesses easier to start.

For you to have a more interesting and professional service, it is best that you specialize in a type of dance, such as urban rhythms, dance therapy, tango, salsa, zumba or create your own mix and your own brand.

Why not?

The next step will be locate the space where you will give your classes, It has to be a park or a square where it is allowed and that has enough shade so that you do not suffer from sunburn during class.

A good iniciativa is form a group of students and create a challenge that consists of completing a tour of your entire city giving classes every Saturday, for example.

The dance competitions they are also an excellent business iniciativa.

53. Create an en línea pet accessories store

The time when you had to be a programmer to create your website is over, now you cánido design your own store from platforms with original and easy-to-configure templates.

So you already have the most important thing in this business, when you create your en línea store, think about the accessories you want to sell.

I give you three options.

The first is locate providers in your areaso you perro create your inventory and get good prices by buying wholesale and if it is direct from the manufacturer, the better.

The second option is design your own accessoriesit will take a little more time because you have to create your brand, but it is a business that perro be expanded as much as you want.

And the third option is do it with dropshippingthat is, you locate the suppliers, publish the accessories and pay for them when you receive a purchase, the supplier will take care of the shipment and you will not need an inventory.

54. Sell ​​crafts and objects made with recycled materials

If you are an expert in what has to do with “do it yourself” the time has come to start your own business and get your hands dirty, literally.

There are many types of crafts that you perro do with quality and even luxurious materials or with recycled materials.

The best part is that on the Internet you will find interesting ideas for your designs.

Some examples of crafts are message cards, rings and pendants with goldfield or jewelery with materials such as nickel, mother-of-pearl, precious metals and stones.

To start a business with less budget, you cánido use organic waste such as food, and inorganic such as plastic packaging and bottles to make ornaments, lamps, baskets, among others.

55. care for the elderly at home

Elderly care is a business that It is growing all over the world.

It becomes more and more common that families hire caregivers to stay at home with grandparents and elderly relatives.

This is a more comfortable optionsafe and accessible to all.

You don’t have to have a degree for this business if the clients do not have special needs, because you will simply be a caretaker.

Another option, which is worth the investment, is create a care agency and hire nurses and caregivers who provide the service through your agency, you will only dedicate yourself to managing the business and you will earn a percentage for each client.

56. make a fitness club

With all the high-calorie foods out there and misleading company advertising, having a healthy weight is a real challenge.

Create a fitness club It is an iniciativa that is not yet known in many cities, so you could have the advantage of being the first in the locality in which you live.

Another advantage is that it will be very easy to find interested parties, and since what you are going to offer is a healthy lifestyle, the results are practically guaranteed.

You cánido give different approaches to the clubit perro be motivational with weekly sessions, sports with exercise sessions, or training or eating with nutrition plans.

A good option is create your own brand, so you perro expand your business without more limits than those of your imagination.

Do you want to start any of these business ideas? Tell me below in the comments.

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