The 5 types of jobs you perro

The 5 types of jobs you perro

The great resignation continues strong: A record 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in November 2021, according to the latest report from the Tarea Department on January 4 of this year.

If you’re looking for a job that pays well, is challenging, isn’t too stressful, offers room for advancement, and provides a work-life cómputo, consider the best jobs in America for this year according to US News & World Report, which published its annual list on January 11.

“The Great Resignation, coupled with widespread economic growth over the past year, has led to a tipping point where there are far more job openings than there are applicants,” said Antonio Barbera, senior consumer advisory editor for US News & World.

Report, in a press release.

In other words, if you’re looking for a change, “now is a great time to change careers,” says Vicky Salemi, racing expert at

The top five jobs pay six figures and require specialized undergraduate or graduate degrees.

If you still don’t qualify, don’t give up: It’s easier than ever to get those degrees en línea, Salemi says.

When there is a job that requires specific education, training or degrees, it is important to keep your eye on the prize and realize that this does not happen overnight.”.

The positions are also in expanding fields like technology and healthcare, which means that these jobs “are not only in demand right now, but they will be in demand in the future and will continue to see demand grow,” says Salemi.

Here are the “best jobs in America” ​​for this year, how much they pay, and what degree you need to get each one, according to US News & World Report.


Information security analyst

Median salary: $103,590

Degree Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in a computer related field

Projected job growth: 33%, or about 47,000 new jobs by 2030

Information security analysts ensure that “piratas informáticos and cyber attacks do not infiltrate the information systems and networks of banks, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and anywhere else that emplees data-based services.” in the cloud,” according to the report.


Nurse Practitioner

Median salary: $111,680

Degree Requirement: Master’s

Projected job growth: 52% or about 115,000 new jobs by 2030

The nurse practitioners, who may be called advanced practice registered nurses, have responsibilities afín to those of physicians, according to the report.

They cánido “diagnose health problems, prescribe medication, and more.”


Physician assistant

Median salary: $115,390

Degree Requirement: Master’s degree (not a medical school degree)

Projected job growth: 31%, or about 40,000 new jobs by 2030

Physician assistants “diagnose and treat patients, prescribe medications, assist with surgeries, and perform certain procedures in various areas of medicine,” the report says.

Employment in this field is growing at a much faster rate than the average occupation, according to the Bureau of Tarea Statistics.


Health and Medical Services Manager

Median salary: $104,280

Degree Requirement: Bachelor’s degree, often a master’s degree preferred

Projected job growth: 33%, or about 140,000 new jobs by 2030

Health and medical service managers are the workers who run medical practices.

They are responsible for “hiring staff, monitoring budgets, maintaining and organizing facility records,” among other things, according to US News & World Report.


Programa developer

Median salary: $110,140

Degree Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Programa Engineering, or a related field

Projected job growth: 22%, or about 409,000 new jobs by 2030

If you’re using a computer or móvil to read this article, you perro thank the programa developers for creating the aplicación.

Programa developers are the brains behind easy-to-use computer programa and mobile aplicaciones.

Considering how ubiquitous aplicaciones are, these jobs are not going out of style, according to US News & World Report: “Almost everyone takes advantage of the work done by programa developers«.

To end

Those near the bottom of the curve continue to suffer.

Most jobs pay less than $10 an hour, and 21.2% of workers are employed in the lowest-paying industries, including retail, food preparation, and lodging.

People who want to change careers often find it difficult to do so due to low income and lack of job stability in these positions.

At the same time, conditions for employees earning just over $10 an hour are improving.

Both part-time employment and median hourly earnings are increasing.

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 The 5 types of jobs you perro
  The 5 types of jobs you perro
  The 5 types of jobs you perro

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