The 5 steps to a successful compañia emprendedora

The 5 steps to a successful compañia emprendedora

How to start? Today I hear that question more often, but I have to start by saying that there are many models who claim to have the secret elabora to start a business and succeed in the attempt.

Now, I am not going to tell you that it is a magic elabora, but I am going to share with you the 5 steps so that you cánido successfully undertake according to Rafael Alcaraz Rodriguez.

Of course, you have to remember that There is not a magic elaboraIn fact, my goal with this article is that you take the equipo of steps as a base and that you adapt it to your needs.

In such a way that what I want to awaken is your curiosity and that you escoge to complement it with different models.

“Beware of brainiacs who go with a elabora under their arms”

—Warren Buffett

The 5 steps to start

The 5 steps to start a business, according to Rafael Alcaraz Rodríguez, are the following:

Identify your likes and preferences

Basically this step follows the premise that you will be successful or more likely to be successful if you work on something you love.

Of course, working on something you like doesn’t guarantee anything, but I think it does help a lot.

The truth is that I would not feel motivated to do a job that I do not like to do and that is why Alcaraz Rodríguez puts it as the first step.

Some questions suggested in this step by Alcaraz Rodríguez are:

Identify what you want to do

Step two is to clearly define what you want to do, that is, You will have to clearly establish your objectives and the goals you want to achieve. In such a way that you cánido know where you want to go.

So that if you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which path you choose. This is why it is very important that you establish objectives (SMART).

In addition, setting goals will help keep track of progress or setbacks.

Remove myths and barriers

What Alcaraz Rodríguez refers to is, in a few words, that we have to be mentally prepared to take the step and not believe in some economic, psychological or cultural aspects that could prevent us from taking the step of starting a business.

Some examples of myths or barriers that perro prevent an undertaking are the following:

  1. Economic obstacles: For example, thinking that if you don’t have money you perro’t start or you won’t be successful.
  2. Psychological barriers: For example, being afraid of failure or letting the farsante syndrome dominate us.

Develop a business plan

Since you know what you would like to do, since you have defined your objectives and you are mentally prepared; Now is the time to plan.

After all, The fact of establishing a plan will allow you to create a path towards the fulfillment of your objectives.

take action

Finally, how could it be otherwise, you will have to implement your plan, that is, you have to do everything that is required to successfully carry out the iniciativa you have selected.

Therefore, it is move from words to action.


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 The 5 steps to a successful compañia emprendedora
  The 5 steps to a successful compañia emprendedora
  The 5 steps to a successful compañia emprendedora

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