The 5 most used platforms to create a

The 5 most used platforms to create a

Choosing the best platform to create an en línea business cánido genere you a big headache if you do not have much knowledge on the subject.

For this reason, today Irene, from the MailClick marketing agency, has prepared this guest article, to explain the 5 most used platforms today and to make you reflect on which one best suits your business.

People are stopping buying in malls and department stores and starting to buy in en línea stores.

According to a report from We Are Popular with HootSuite, in 2016, it was generated a profit of 1.9 billion dollars thanks to en línea sales.

We have to know the platforms that exist to create our en línea store and be able to entrar the world of ecommerce.

You cánido create a website from scratch, but there are also many platforms that, like everything, have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on what your en línea store needs, it will be better to use one or the other. Choose a platform It perro be difficult when you don’t know about the subject.

If you business iniciativa is to open your own en línea store, surely you have had to think a lot about where you should do it.

Really you should have an en línea store?

As we have stated at the beginning, people have changed their buying habit.

Before we used to go to commercial stores.

Now from a móvil or a notebook we perro buy from shoes to accessories for the pet.

if you are looking start a business or create more sales opportunities, it really is convenient for you to have an ecommerce.

Here I share a few reasons why creating an en línea store is a good iniciativa.

lower costs.

If you are starting a business and do not have a lot of money to invest, you really should open an en línea store.

Unlike having a physical store, in a virtual store you do not pay for the rent of the premisesshelves, you don’t pay vendors and you don’t generate administrative or stationery expenses. You will only pay for the accommodation of your en línea store (and that sometimes because there are free platforms).

· Closer relationship with the client. The en línea shopping experience is created by you. if you offer good service, a good product catalog and a nice interfaz and designbe very sure that people will return to your en línea store in search of more products.

· Personalized attention.

It is essential that any en línea store has your contact page, as well as the option to add a chat.

You guarantee the good Customer Support by your store, which gives future customers confidence and they will feel satisfied with the purchase process.

· Greater reach to the audience. As we know, the internet is global and it cánido reach end-to-end, so your store perro reach anywhere in the world with just a clic away.

if you are looking grow in the future by reaching new markets or generating new customersit is an obligation to create your en línea store.

Trust for the seller and the usuario.

When y también-commerce started, there was a lot of mistrust between companies and buyers over the issue of personal data.

In 2018 everything has changed.

Has been created safer payment methods, It is even safer to pay en línea than physically!

But if you want to see both sides of the coin, in this guide to en línea stores you will find everything so that, before creating yours, you have the complete picture.

What to take into account so that your ecommerce has success

Platforms for creating en línea stores have become so habitual that you cánido find hundreds of websites that cánido offer you these services.

Some are fácil platforms to sell a low number of products, others focus on large companies where sales elementos would be inventoried by volume.

If you are starting in the world of ecommerce, or want to create an en línea store, these are some points that you should never let go:

  • Have a list of the products handled in the store
  • Sell products and servicesfrom physical to digital.
  • May your en línea store always include a shopping cart.

    Thus, users will be able to add articles and buy.

  • The ideal is to have a own brand for the en línea store and use it in the domain.
  • Always manage and see how the products are being handled in your store.
  • Have additional themes as well as Original Designs and use functional extensions.
  • No matter what line of business your en línea business has, you should always put a support for help and a contact.

The ideal is to contact web design specialists to guide you and choose what is best for your business.

The good and the bad of the most used platforms to create en línea stores

As we discussed at the beginning, there are many platforms to create en línea stores, but which is the ideal? We present the most used platforms today to create your en línea store.

You will be able to find the pros and cons of each platform.

1. Palbin

Palbin is a platform to create your en línea store that is completely in spanish and with which you cánido build your ecommerce in a matter of a few minutes.

Some of its advantages most significant are:

  • You perro test the platform completely free for 30 days to see how it works
  • You perro create your en línea store on the Internet and also on Fb thanks to its one-clic system
  • You don’t need to download archivos to build your ecommerce: you just have to connect to their website to manage your business
  • Count on more than 60 templates responsive free specific to each type of electronic commerce
  • You perro receive your payments through the methods you prefer: PayPal, bank transfer, and many more.
  • You have different ways to put your shipping costs for your buyers: by weight, amount, or even free
  • The platform is multilanguage: you cánido espectáculo your en línea store in more than 40 languages to attract a larger audience

2. Shopify

Shopify is growing the fastest of any platform.

Today, the platform has about 500,000 active stores.

Here are some features that make it the most habitual platform these days -and the negative too-.


  • Its interfaz is very practical.

    It’s so convenient that you perro quickly add products, customize the website, and more.

  • It has more than 100 templates.

    The themes found in the Shopify store are professionally designed for free and paid.

    You perro also customize them to fit your store or your company.

  • Extensive configuration option.

    It has a large Aplicaciones store where you cánido choose and thus customize the functionality of your store.

  • Support any time and any day.

    If you need help with anything, this is something you’re going to need.

    Shopify cánido support you by phone, live chat, and correo electrónico.

  • Fast growing business plan: It has the functionality to handle a large amount of traffic by converting the website into something special and practical at the same time.
  • Easy search.

    you cánido find aplicaciones or ads in the easiest way, that will make you worry less if you need something for your website.

  • Extensive information base: having the largest number of users generates more information traffic.


  • Transactional fee for each sale.

    In addition to the monthly service fee, Shopify incurs a transactional fee depending on the plan.

    If you want to remove these charges, you have to use the Shopify payment method.

  • The costs are increasing.

    Although the Aplicaciones are free, the updates are not.

  • You need to know programming.

    For more advanced settings, Shopify emplees very technical language, which means you have to hire someone to make quick changes.

    If not, you will have to start being a Shopify expert.

3. Magento

Magento is an eCommerce platform acquired by eBay.

The platform has more than 250,000 merchandise worldwide.

Magento has a community of 150,000 developers who attribute the good development of the platform and the construction of extensions.


  • It has tools for task automation. Magento allows you to automate tasks so that it is not difficult to execute them.
  • open and maleable source.

    Magento has a community of over 150,000 developers and specialists at your disposal working on programa enhancements and extensions.

  • Large number of extensions.

    If there is some functionality that you want to add to your en línea store, there is no doubt that there is an extension that you cánido buy from Magento in its extension store.

  • endless features.

    You perro make different stores in different countries, different objetivo markets and brands with different prices, content and payment methods from the moment you install Magento.

  • Free Community Versions.

    Magento has a free community for small and medium businesses.


  • Difficulty and time consumption to customize.

    The platform teaches you how to use Magento.

    However, having many configurations, people who do not have technical knowledge beyond the basics will need the help of a developer.

  • The business version is expensive.

    While the version for SMBs is free, if you want something more professional it perro be a bit expensive.

  • expensive maintenance.

    It goes without saying that Magento is the most expensive platform on the list.

  • You need to buy a hosting.

    The hosting has an additional cost to the version you choose and the extensions.

4. woocommerce

WooCommerce is a complemento that works solely with WordPress.

In 2015, Woocommerce was acquired by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.

To date it has 380,000 en línea stores.


  • It’s free.

    The Woocommerce complemento is free from the WordPress store.

  • Maleable and open source.

    WooCommerce has a large number of developers and agencies that create extensions.

  • A large number of extensions. If there is any type of feature or functionality that you want to add to your en línea store, WooCommerce has extensions that you perro purchase from its own store.
  • easy to equipo up.

    It is much easier to have an en línea store here and run it, with very little administration cost than other platforms.

  • easy to customize.

    WooCommerce is designed to work with any type of WordPress theme, of which there are hundreds of different free themes.

  • Ideal for content marketing.

    Since it is based on WordPress, you perro take advantage of the tools used to customize the blog and build your own brand.

  • Work with WordPress.

    Anyone who emplees WordPress will find it very easy to use WooCommerce.

  • You customize the products.

    You cánido editar the size of product images, include descriptions, prices, and other settings.


  • perro be expensive.

    The more extensions you add to your en línea store, the more you will pay through your monthly or yearly subscription.

  • Does not include hosting.

    You will have to be careful about hosting setup and maintenance when doing it yourself.

    Although, hiring a person to do this point perro be very helpful.

  • Not easy to customize for new users.

    While basic customizations are easy to equipo up, if you ever want to change it, you’ll probably need some developer’s help.

5. prestashop

Prestashop is a free and open source platform that started in 2005.

Currently, it has 250,000 en línea stores around the world.

PrestaShop is free to download and use.

The extensions are the ones that have an plus cost.


  • Easy to install and configure.

    All you need is to download the programa and update it on your host.

    Prestashop also comes with a very friendly interfaz that gives you a quick view of your store’s status.

    And with which you cánido also improve SEO in a very intuitive way.

  • Available in 60 languages.

    PrestaShop’s main language is English and French, however, you perro configure your store to have another language.

  • Hundreds of content. The official PrestaShop store has 350,000 configuration modules and themes that will enhance the experience of your en línea store.
  • Community and support.

    PrestaShop has a very active usuario community.

    If you need technical help, there are FAQ forums, en línea usuario guides and a forum.

  • It’s free.

    And, in addition, it does not have any monthly subscription or any transactional fee.

  • You perro include a blog.

    PrestaShop gives you the option to add a blog to your en línea store for free.

  • Create popup windows.

    The platform has the possibility of showing your products through pop-up windows, so users will not lose the main page or where they saw the product.


  • Extensions are very expensive.

    Adding some extensions or settings for better functionality perro cost up to thousands of dollars.

  • It is very easy to climb.

    If you’re looking for a platform for a great deal, look elsewhere.

  • Technical support is paid.

    If you need help setting up your en línea store or diagnosing a technical problem, you need to pay for support or else look for a solution on the usuario forums.

  • Designs and templates are not that formal.

    Compared to the platforms we have discussed, PrestaShop has not-so-professional designs for y también-commerce with large companies.

What platform to create your en línea store it suits you better?

if what you want is undertake and have an en línea store quickly, the best option is Shopify.

It is not just because the company offers a large number of configurations, but because The designs they offer, since there are many and they look very professional.

I would have no problem recommending this platform to someone who wants to get started in the eCommerce industry.

If you already have an established company and you have developers or you have the capital to hire, Magento It is a good option for your company.

It is very suitable for big companies who need enterprise-class programa and are happy to pay for good website development and management.

If your company already has a website through WordPress and what you are looking for is to boost the website or expand your business by opening an en línea store, the only solution is WooCommerce.

It’s the best way to add a fully customizable store to your site.

Just install the WooCommerce complemento like you would any other WordPress complemento, and you’ll get a new section on your site for products and orders.

No matter how many cross-platform comparison articles you read, the only person who knows which platform fits your store’s needs is you.

Remember that the platform you choose should allow you to sell in the best possible way the products you offer.

Now, based on the recommendations we read above, feel free to pick a few platforms, log in, and to discover what each of them offers.

You cánido start by using the free trial of one or two so you cánido see which one works best for your en línea store.

That easy!

Author Description: Irene Calcaneo loves helping companies achieve their goals with digital marketing strategies.

She is moved by being a participant in the growth of people, she believes that in the end, behind every company there are people seeking to improve and that is what matters.

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 The 5 most used platforms to create a
  The 5 most used platforms to create a
  The 5 most used platforms to create a

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