The 5 most successful Youtubers in México and their

The 5 most successful Youtubers in México and their

If you have heard about “Luisito Communicates”or Kimberly Loaiza, you are probably familiar with some successful Youtubers from México.

These young people have achieved incredible success as content generators, and today, they earn millions of dollars thanks to their projects on this platform.

Simply, they have been able to monetize this great vídeo network successfully.

And from it, other business opportunities have arisen that they have also been able to take advantage of satisfactorily.

Mexican Youtubers that do not stop growing:

The story of the most successful Youtubers from México could motivate you to pursue your dreams and transform your life forever.

They have managed to monetize highly attractive and powerful Internet businesses.

To the point that they have been able to conquer their financial independence from a very young age.

Below we will tell you how these successful Youtubers have managed to diversify their sources of income to the maximum and live entirely from their digital ventures:


Luis Arturo Villar Sudek (Luisito Communicates)

Luis Villar Sudek is popularly known as “Luisito Comunica”, since that is the name of his successful YouTube channel.

Although his beginnings go back to this massive vídeo platform, it is undeniable that he has managed to go further, growing on unsuspected scales.

At the moment he fulfills functions as an actor, Estrella de youtube, entrepreneur and businessman; being one of the most multifaceted personalities in the country.

“Luisito Communicates” has 37.3 million subscribers, and according to data from Popular Bladeis in the top of the 100 channels with the most followers on all of YouTube.

This Mexican joined this network in 2007 and at first his channel was called “Piano For Cool People”.

However, when he decided to move to México City, he decided to venture with “Luisito Communicates” and started sharing vídeos about this new experience in her life.

But what he did not anticipate was that the desire to narrate his move, (from the perspective of an outsider), would catapult him to success.

Until now, Luis Sudek has launched a tequila and a clothing line on the market.

In addition, he has acted in movies and feature largometrajes, has published a book, and even founded a mobile phone company.

According to estimates of Net Worth Spot, He is one of the highest paid successful Youtubers in the country, since his annual income exceeds $4 million dollars.


Kimberly Loaiza

Kimberly Loaiza is also part of the most renowned successful Youtubers in the Mexican Republic.

Her YouTube channel has 30.6 million followers and in the beginning she dedicated herself to sharing challenges, tags and many controversial vídeos that she produced herself.

His name equipo off all the alarms prematurely, since in just one week his channel managed to add some 100,000 subscribers.

However, after becoming a mother, her editorial line changed drastically, and now she focuses mostly on posting vídeos about her motherhood.

She is currently considered “the most influential Estrella de youtube” in México, and her main focus is on her trips around the world.

According to Statsmash, his monthly income exceeds $200 thousand dollars and his channel is valued at approximately $16 million dollars.


Mariand Castrejon (Yuya)

«Yuya» He is one of the most successful personalities in the YouTube platform. At just 16 years old, he joined this platform and since then he has not stopped savoring the honey of success.

It all started with a makeup contest in which she had to share a vídeo showing her talents as a makeup artist.

Although her passion for this beauty industry, along with her charismatic and captivating personality, led her to the pinnacle of success.

At the moment, she is not only part of the highest paid successful Youtubers in México, but she has also succeeded as a businesswoman.

Indeed, in 2017 she launched her own makeup line and immediately successfully positioned herself in this competitive market, dramatically expanding her heritage.

“Yuya” She is the first and only YouTuber to have a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame, which is a direct inference to her success.

Her YouTube channel’s monthly earnings are estimated to exceed $23,000, making her one of the highest-paid content creators in the country.


Juan de Dios Pantoja (JD Pantoja)

This is another of the most well-known and beloved successful Youtubers in México.

He has almost 20 million subscribers to his channel and since its inception he has been faithful to the Vlogging format.

Although in recent months his creative line has changed a bit and he has been in charge of publishing music vídeos in the company of his wife: Kimberly Loaiza.

Despite the fact that their career and their earnings on the Internet took off thanks to YouTube, today this couple has crossed the Mexican borders and has closed million-dollar contracts with renowned chains, as would be the case with NBC.

Statsmash It has been estimated that JD Pantoja, another of the successful Youtubers in México, has generated more than $150,000 dollars only with his successful channel on this vídeo platform.

Recommended books:

5.Gabriel Montiel (Werevertumorro)

Gabriel Montiel could not miss this edition of the successful Youtubers who have stolen the hearts of millions of Mexicans.

He started creating content in 2007 on his comedy channel “Werevertumorro” under the modality of vlogs, short largometrajes and sketches.

The ease with which he makes others laugh has been his triumphant strategy and has also allowed him to earn money in dollars living in Latin America.

He generates about $19,000 dollars monthly with his YouTube channel.

And that’s how he went from being a footballer to working entirely on-line.

Successful Youtubers born in México:

These five successful Youtubers have something in common: their nationality.

These are extremely creative and talented Mexicans who changed their lives thanks to the Internet.

Undoubtedly, YouTube offered them the oportunidad to become financially independent and to evolve as entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Today, these successful Youtubers are successful in their native country and are highly influential personalities, especially in the business and entertainment ámbito.

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 The 5 most successful Youtubers in México and their
  The 5 most successful Youtubers in México and their
  The 5 most successful Youtubers in México and their

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