The 5 millionaires who do not plan to leave their

The 5 millionaires who do not plan to leave their

Having millionaire parents would make our lives much easier.

It means fewer worries, studying at prestigious universities and traveling the world whenever we wanted.

Interestingly, there are certain famous millionaires who do not intend to leave their fortune to their children.

Rather they plan to donate it to foundations and have their children build their own wealth.

Here are 5 millionaires who don’t plan to leave their fortune to their children:

The founder of Fb who became the fifth richest man on the planet according to the Forbes list of 2017, has a fortune close to 56,000 million dollars.

However, his daughter Max will not inherit this money, as in a letter Zuckerberg and his wife pledged to donate 99% of their Fb shares, which is around $45 billion or more.

The objective of this donation is to advance in the development of human potential and empower the childhood of the next generations.

Bill Gates, the richest man on the planet, does not intend to leave his fortune to his three children.

He even explained to them that although they will have access to a good education, they will not have access to all of his wealth.

«Our children will receive an excellent education and some money, and thus they will never be bad, but they will have to make their own decisions and build their destiny.

Leaving them a large amount of money is not a favor you do them, it distorts whatever they do…” Gates said.

Much of his wealth is destined for the foundation that Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have, which is destined for different projects around the world.

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Although the most successful investor of all time He has managed to accumulate a rather interesting fortune, he promised to donate 99% of his wealth.

He has even invited other people with afín wealth to do the same with their fortunes.

Although my family will not receive large sums of money, this does not orinan that they will not receive.

However, I still believe in the philosophy that a rich person should leave her children enough to do anything, but not so much that they do nothing.”

The wealth of this famous author is around 350 million dollars; and his thought is to donate the majority and not give it to his son Jaycee.

This successful author has founded his own foundation, which helps young people in Hong Kong to obtain scholarships.

George Lucas is one of the most successful Hollywood directors, he has even accumulated a fortune of more than 5,000 million dollars.

Like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, this directivo promised to donate 50% of his fortune.

“Most of my wealth will be dedicated to improving education, this is the only way for the human race to survive,” argued the creator of Star Wars

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 The 5 millionaires who do not plan to leave their
  The 5 millionaires who do not plan to leave their
  The 5 millionaires who do not plan to leave their

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