The 5 best options where to invest your

The 5 best options where to invest your

Andrés, I have $3,000 saved that I want to invest, but the bank It offers me very low profits. whatWhere cánido I invest my money to achieve high profitability without risking too much?

This exact question A Gananci reader made it for me yesterday that he wrote to my dirección de correo electrónico.

You’d be surprised how often I’ve been asked the same thing over the years. It’s many more times than I cánido count!

But I totally understand.

For quite some time now We live in a time when things are not easy…

Having a job no longer means having securitybecause at any moment they perro throw you out on the street without caring about your personal situation or how much you have worked for them.

Banks perro go bankrupt at any time, and politicians send a country to canalla with their actions as is happening in Venezuela.

That’s why we are so concerned now how to make a good capital income (and maintain it) with the minimum possible risk.

Because money, whether you like it or not, it takes to live.

Perhaps now, especially if you are a young person, you don’t think much about it; but someday your future will come, and maybe you want to start a family, have your own house, and enough capital so that they do not lack for anything.

If you have come this far it is because you are someone intelligent with common senseand you are looking for the best solution that exists right now to all those problems: invest your money.

For this reason, I have created this guide in which I will espectáculo you EVERYTHING I have done until now to get a good flow of capital each month without fear of losing it due to external events.

What will you find in this guide?

What do I do if I don’t have money to invest?

4 basic consejos for investing money

Where to invest money to multiply your capital

In a bag

In cryptocurrencies

in real estate

in mutual funds

Being an angel investor

what do i do if I have no money to invest?

I have seen that in many places on the Internet where they talk about where to invest money they take it for granted that people who reads those articles has large amounts of capital what to spend

But in my personal experience, both with my students and with Gananci readers, I know that is not always so.

Many people are interested in investing to grow their earnings, but they have less than 50 dollars to do it, or directly have nothing to achieve it.

If you are in this situation, here I am going to teach you three ways to get the capital you need for you to start investing a small portion of money.

1. Fill out paid surveys

Does this solution seem unrealistic to you? Well that’s how all my students, the readers of Gananci who followed my advice, and myself We got the first money to start investing.

Filling out paid surveys will not make you rich. You won’t even make a full month’s salary.

If someone tells you that you perro get it, is lying to you.

But answering surveys is the best way to earn some plus money and then invest it in the methods that I share below.

Clic on the blue button below to go to the free list of companies that I use, and register in ALL that apply in your country.

>> Free list of paid surveys <<

I’m not going to keep anything to myself, and I’m going to teach you How did I manage to raise enough capital? to start investing doing surveys.

The first thing was to register on all the pages that applied to my country.

By filling out my profile, I made it as attractive as possible to send me more surveys every day.

These companies want people from between 18 to 35 years old, with children, with work and an average salary (who earn about 1,000 dollars a month), and who regularly buy all kinds of products (trips, cars, varied food, clothing, technology…).

If when filling out your profile you indicate that you do not have a job, that you earn very little money, or that you do not travel or have a car, chances are you will receive very few surveys.

So make sure that in your profile you put good data so that they send you as many questions as possible.

Once this was done, what I did was check my dirección de correo electrónico twice a dayand as soon as he saw a new survey, he did it on the spot.

This is very important: do not wait to do the surveys the next daybecause the most likely thing is that they tell you that they already have the quota full, and you lose those questions.

With those fácil strategies I managed to raise $45 in the first month that I was saving to invest later.

2. Save a part of your money

If you want to invest, the first thing you should do is Check what you’re wasting your money on.

And creating a savings plan is the best way to find out.

When preparing a budget to save you will realize all the unnecessary expenses that you have, and you will get the money you need to start your investments.

I recommend you to read the next two articles to learn how to save in your day to day:

  • How to make a budget to save (and not get out of it)
  • 24 effective methods to save money

3. Get a part-time job

Another good way to get capital to invest is taking a second job to provide you with plus money each month.

It is harder and you will have to spend more time than with surveys or saving, but it also works and cánido be a good method to improve the economy of your house.

Here you have many options: from getting a job for the weekends, do jobs that take no more than two hours a day like taking care of children or cleaning houses, even working en línea with your computer for a few hours a day.

You should check how much free time you have, how many hours are you willing to put inand find the jobs that best suit you.

I, for example, dedicated myself to do translations for clients on the Internet through job search pages for 1 hour each day, thus generating an plus income of between $200 and $300 each month.

4 basic consejos to invest your money wisely

Before telling you where to invest your money to generate more capital, I want to share with you some basic consejos What should you keep in mind to make the most of this opportunity?

1. Beware of greed…

If you want to invest because you want have economic security, improve your life and that of your family, Being able to give them comforts, and get something better, seems like a fantastic plan to me.

But if only greed moves you and to be able to win millions of dollars, it is better that you retire now and do not try to invest a single penny.

With that kind of mentality you will lose more money than you cánido winand in the end you will be ruined.

2. Invest what you have left over

You must invest not the money you have, but the money you have left over. Eating and paying your house and bills is the most important thing.

You family is the most important thing; so do not invest money that you do not have or that you will need in a few days to pay for something you need.

I have already told you above three different ways to get plus money to be able to invest it.

So use that capital to invest.

Avoid getting into debt!

3. start with little money

I will share you below 5 methods to invest your money easily and with minimal risk.

Each of them requires a different capital.

I don’t know how much money you have now to make your investments, but whether you have $1,000 in your account or $50,000, I recommend you start at the bottom.

It’s the best way to see how this world workslearn little by little about the market, and scale your profits to generate more and more.

The smartest thing is start with the methods where you only have to invest $10 or $200 instead of launching yourself into buying a $30,000 house or putting up $50,000 to participate in a business as an investor.

4. Diversify your investments

Once you’ve started investing and see some results, that’s when you should start investing. diversify your capital and think of other alternatives.

Look at it this way: if you invest all your capital in one place and, for whatever reason, it goes bankrupt, you will lose your source of income and you will have to look for another.

But if you invest, for example, in 3 different sites, and one of them doesn’t work, losses will be less and you will still keep the other 2 sources of earnings.

5 places to invest money for multiply your capital

1. Invest in the depósito market

Investing in the depósito market is one of the activities that moves and generates the most money per year.

For this reason, more and more people escoge to invest part of their capital in the depósito market.

There are different depósito markets in which you perro invest; but the one that I recommend In this ámbito They are binary options.

Are are a type of investment operations in which you will basically have to escoge if an asset goes up or down, and how long it will last.

Also, the good news is that there are brokers with which you perro start investing. if you only have 10 dollars in your account.

This was the first method that I used for my investments for 3 reasons:

  • I perro start with a small capital to operate on the depósito market.
  • you perro start with in a few steps after registering on their page
  • And the results of your investments you will see are in short term

In my case, I started investing a small part of my capital in each operation from my home using my computer, and little by little I was learning how this system worked.

After a couple of months doing real trading, I learned to analyze the market and earn money for having guessed the direction it would take.

if you are looking a way of investing where starting has no insurmountable barriers for you, and in which little money is neededyou should definitely start with this option.

It’s the one I still use to this day. the one with the lowest deposit (you cánido start with just $10)and they also have a free demo account that you cánido practice with before investing real money, and exclusive vídeos that will teach you All you need to know.

* General risk alert: Your capital may be at risk The financial products offered by the company have a high level of risk and perro lead to the loss of all your funds.

You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

2. Invest in cryptocurrencies

Update March 26, 2023

Due to recent development and market conditions, we cánido no longer recommend Etoro.

So we suggest that you use IQ Options for small deposits and Libertex for deposits over 100 USD.

Both brokers are 100% stable, these They are fully regulated by international institutions,They have low rates and I have worked with them for more than 5 years

I apologize for recommending Etoro in the past.

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies which have become very habitual in the last two years because their value is growing more and more.

The best known and the ones with the best profitability are the bitcoin and the Ethereum, and currently they are the assets that are giving me the most profit of all my investments.

What makes these products so special is that its price is increasing every dayand that is why they are a safe investment since they hardly have falls in the depósito market.

An example: in January 2015, Bitcoin was priced at $183.

Today, in May 2022, this coin is worth $30,872.

For two years I have been investing in these cryptocurrencies and recommending them to my readers and students (You perro see here the article I wrote in 2015).

And all theThose who followed my advice have achieved great income trading these currencies.

To invest in this you have two options: one of them is to buy coins now, and sell them within a time when its value is greatest.

The drawback is that you will need a lot of capital to do it.

Buying a single Bitcoin coin will cost you $30,872, and buying a single Ethereum coin costs $2,038.

But if you have the money to do it, it is a very good option and I encourage you to do it as soon as possible.

To buy Bitcoin I recommend the website localbitcoinsand to buy Ethereum coins the best page is coinmama.

The second option, and the one that I recommend if you don’t want to start with so much capital, is to Invest in cryptocurrencies through a broker.

eToro It is a good option to do it.

They also work with Bitcoins and Ethereum, and as I told you before you perro start making just an initial deposit.

3. Invest in real estate

Investing in real estate is a good way to have a secure income.

It’s about buying goods as perro be a house, premises or land to later sell or rent it.

Although here you should keep two things in mind: the investment is usually a bit high (buying a thing or a piece of land is not cheap), and it will take time to recover your capital with its benefits.

For example: if you buy a house for $20,000, and rent it for $500 a month, you will not recover your investment until 40 months have passed (3 years and 4 months).

And the same happens if instead of renting it, you want to sell it for 40,000. You will have to wait a while until its price is revalued to be able to do it, and get a profit of 50%.

Yes, it is one of less risky options that exist, since the asset you buy will probably increase in value and you will be able to rent or sell it for a good price.

The good news is that they are little knowledge what will you need to begin with, and in the long run it cánido be a very profitable business for you.

4. Participate in mutual funds

If you think that you are zero in finance and you prefer that others with knowledge do it for you, there are institutions that are in charge of analyze which are the best stocks to invest in the depósito market, and buy them through a broker.

Of course, for this service remember that you must pay a commissionand that there are some companies that will charge you a fairly high amount.

It is a financial alternative where several investors deposit their money, and a management company invest that money to make it grow.

The advantages of investing in funds mutual it is that you do not need technical knowledge, it is not necessary to invest large amounts, it is done immediately and they are safe investments.

The investments made by this management company are made by professional investors and supervised by government entities.

Although as in everything These professionals perro also be wrongand you lose a part of your investments.

There are many companies that are dedicated to offering this type of service, so it is best that look for which are the best in the country where you live.

5. Become an angel investor

I have left this option where to invest money for last because, although I think it is good, it also has some major disadvantages compared to the previous four.

Angel investors are tasked with find companies that have just been created or ideas about to be launched on the market, and invest in them so they perro grow.

The investments here are between $25,000 and $250,000.

But in return the benefits you will get are also much greater.

The goal of an angel investor is to invest with a certain amount of money and, in return, have a shareholdingto later sell those shares generating a high return.

The problem is that these types of investments also carry a very high risk, because many companies go bankrupt within 3 years, and with them the money of their investors is lost.

But if you find a good company that is growing, has a future in its campo, and you have the necessary capital to participate in it, it’s a good kind of investment for the high profits you cánido get.

And you, Where are you going to invest money from these 5 options from now on? Leave me a comment below and tell me what questions you have on this topic.

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 The 5 best options where to invest your
  The 5 best options where to invest your
  The 5 best options where to invest your

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