The 4 questions that made him win 1.25

The 4 questions that made him win 1.25

Do you dream of being a millionaire? Or with retiring at an early age? Grant Sabatier achieved both objectives at the age of 30 and has confessed that he is now prepared to live entirely on income.

He is currently considered one of the greatest exponents of the movement Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE), in the United States, which promotes financial independence at an early age.

Sabatier only took five years to make $1.25 million, and thanks to this great feat he was able to “buy his freedom.”

Questions that brought you closer to financial independence:

Today we want to share with you the four questions that this young American asked himself before taking action to achieve his Financial Freedom.

They were the prelude to success and allowed him to leave a depressing lifestyle in just a few years.

Sabatier told the BBC that he “lived in a miserable apartment and spent almost all his time working and saving money” until he decided to turn his life around 180 degrees.

This was his action plan: he studied digital marketing, got a job and founded his own company.

Then he bought several properties and decided invest in the depósito marketwith the purpose of living comfortably without having to work.

These were the four questions that helped him achieve his financial goals in the short term and successfully:


How would the money help you reach your goals?

He knew from the beginning that he would not chase money, but rather use it as a tool to help him live the life he wanted.

Sabatier believes that “the most important thing is to ask yourself first what you really want in life.”

And once you have the answer, you should ask yourself how “money could help you” to get what you really want.

In his opinion, chasing money without a clear purpose is a mortal mistake, and those who commit it end up turning it into “the objective and not a tool.”

The importance of starting as soon as possible:

Another critical success aspecto is to act as soon as possible, instead of putting off your aspirations, or waiting to see what might happen in the future.

If you have no iniciativa what you like, or what makes you happy, try this fácil exercise and see how it goes: Define five or ten things that make you happy.

They perro be fácil things, like going for a walk, watching series or movies, or walking your pet.

The iniciativa of ​​this practice is that you understand that most of the time you don’t need money to be happy.

According to Sabatier, it is very likely that you will discover that some of those things that make you feel fulfilled “are free or cost very little”.

Also, this young entrepreneur He reflects on how “we tend to think that we need $1 million dollars, or $10 million dollars to be happy, when what makes you happy is right in front of you.”

From list to action:

Now, what else would you have to do with that long list of things that make you happy?

According to Sabatier’s experience, you should calculate how much money you need to continue doing all that you like for the next few years.

But this is something you should do calmly.

His advice is that if you don’t have any money, “start with $1,000 or $5,000,” and then work your way up gradually.

Also, as you progress, do not forget to ask yourself how you are feeling with the efforts made and what is the degree of freedom that they offer you.


What are you willing to sacrifice?

This is one of the most transcendental questions that you perro ask yourself if you are interested find true happiness, and if you want to know how much an hour of your life is worth.

And this last point is intrinsically connected to the greatest sacrifice you will have to make to achieve your goals and be financially free.

We refer to time; that intangible resource that you cannot recover and that is not equated with money, because of the latter “you cánido always have more and more”.

Sabatier invites you to define how much of your life you would be willing to sacrifice in exchange for money.

Although this question is also related to savings, because to achieve your financial independence you will have to sacrifice or cut some expenses.

In fácil words, you should start saving, and this starts by understanding that “every time you have the opportunity to save and you don’t, you are sacrificing an amount of your future freedom.”

Save with purpose and wisdom:

Sabatier argues that you should save with purpose and wisdom so that you don’t have to sacrifice your little pleasures, like “having a coffee, a beer, or a monthly subscription of series and movies.

You must identify expenses that have the potential to dilute your saving capacity significantly, such as housing, and then take appropriate action.

In any case, you must be clear that you will need to make sacrifices to achieve the expected results in the future.


How perro you increase your investments?

Making investments is one of the best strategies you perro carry out if you want to become financially independent as a young person.

In this sense, Sabatier recommends that you should invest “most of your money in a depósito index.”

For him, the safest and most advisable thing to do is to invest in a fund that tracks a depósito index, such as the Estándar & Poor’s 500 (S&P 500).

He has commented that “in the last 100 years, after discounting dividend payments and inflation, investing in one of these depósito indexes, such as the S&P 500, generates an average return of 7% per year.”

In addition, when that percentage is reinvested, the interest manages to generate more interest, and this reveals the great potential of compound interest.

Sabatier considers that it is precisely there “when money makes more money and that increases exponentially over time.”

The power of investing in real estate:

On the other hand, during his own process he decided to diversify his investment portfolio and ended up investing in the real estate campo.

In relation to that, he has said that “the most habitual way to achieve financial independence is by owning a property.”

In fact, most of the young people who have invested in this ámbito have successfully achieved their financial freedom.

If you do not have experience in this regard, this American entrepreneur recommends that you investigate the practice of house hacking

This consists of renting some of the rooms in your home to pay off your mortgage more quickly.

According to a report from foxnews, This practice is very effective in certain cities in the United States to cover the mortgage expenses of a house, as well as to be more disciplined on a financial scale.

Start your own business:

Start a business His own was another of the actions that allowed him to become financially independent at just 30 years of age.

So if you want to build or increase your wealth you must take this leap of faith and become your own boss.

This way you will be able to “control your time, and if the business goes well for you, you cánido sell it and do another one”, but if you fail and lose all your money, you must understand that this is also “part of learning”.

Specifically, Sabatier considers that you should invest your savings in the foundation of your own companies, in shares and in properties.


How are you developing your skills?

Identifying and recognizing your skills is essential in this process of being financially free, since “they are the best way to predict how much money you cánido earn in the future.”

For Sabatier, they are “your currency of the future and the more skills you develop, the more opportunities you will have to earn money.”

But this is something you have to do wisely, because certainly some skills are more useful and in demand than others, so you perro’t lose focus.

In addition, you have a great tool in your favor, and it is “that you live in a time in which many profitable skills perro be learn en línea for free.

Sabatier believes that “you perro learn everything on YouTube”, or by getting side jobs that cómputo with your main job, to be increasingly competitive.

However, the best school he has had to learn new things has been to start his own business.

In this regard, remember that “many of the richest people in the world they have one thing in common: they are all entrepreneurs”.

Learn from your mistakes:

Sabatier managed to grow his bank account from having $2 dollars to $1.25 million dollars, after many mistakes and missteps.

Which espectáculos that the path to financial independence is not always rosy.

On several occasions he has confessed that he failed “a lot at the beginning and made a lot of mistakes… spending money on things and people that weren’t really important.”

As if that weren’t enough, he tried to get rich quick, which led to dismal failure, but he ultimately “learned a lot from that experience.”

And that is what it is about, preparing deeply and taking the time necessary to move in the right direction.

Along with understanding that entrepreneurship is a steep path and that the best experiences are obtained from the worst mistakes.

Today, Grant Sabatier spends his days figuring out how to make more money, despite having over $1 million to his credit.

In addition, he has dedicated himself to writing books and even founded the successful website Bank Plus, so you are more than ready to live the rest of your life off your efforts and the rents.

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 The 4 questions that made him win 1.25
  The 4 questions that made him win 1.25
  The 4 questions that made him win 1.25

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