The 4 mental approaches of people

The 4 mental approaches of people

I am convinced that the results we have in our lives; Both in the short and long term, they are the product of the decisions we make every day and what we dedicate our energy to.

As stated T.Harv Eker, what you focus on expands. So your most predominant thoughts define what actions you will take each day and ultimately, what your life will be like.

So if we want to change our life we ​​will have to change our focus. And that’s what this article is about.

The approaches of successful people:

After reading the Club of the 5 in the morning of Robin Sharma, I found many tricks, lessons and learning to apply in my life. Especially the approaches of successful people.

In this article I want to share the four elements that make up the life philosophy of successful people.

Simply put, these approaches represent epic ways to deal with each and every day. Under this philosophy, every decision we make during the day matters, every day is important and contributes to the final results of your life.

So if you want to lead a great life, I invite you to apply these four approaches in your day to day and get extraordinary results.

1. Capitalization

What makes a person great and extraordinary is not the amount of talent they are born with, but the ability to capitalize on this talent.

The vast majority of successful athletes and successful people are not more talented than others. The difference is their dedication, commitment and conviction to maximize the strengths they have.

How to access this type of results in your life? Every time you choose to do what is right over what is easy, you ease your way into the world of success.

However, the problem is that we tend to minimize our abilities and escoge to play limited with our abilities. We stop behaving like leaders and creative creators full of possibilities, and we prefer to act like victims.

For example, we repeat the same excuses so much that we train our subconscious mind to think they are true.

We tend to blame others and external conditions for our battles and results in life. And unfortunately, over time mediocrity becomes acceptable in our lives.

Immediate action: Start capitalizing on your abilities, find that life purpose that allows you to develop your strengths and make them grow.

2. Freedom from distraction

As manifested Robin Sharma in his book, hehe addiction to distraction is the death of creative productivity.

The reason why the vast majority of people make so many mistakes is because they are not being aware of it.

Their concentration and focus have been hijacked by the disproportionate use of technology, the cost of which is the inability to create their best work and improve their lives.

If you want to take the approach of successful people, and model the great masters of history, strip away all the layers of daily complexity. Simplify.

How to achieve it in your daily activities?

Focus on a few projects so you perro get big results instead of diluting your attention on many things at once.

Socially, have few friends but be deep with them so that your relationship is rich. Accept fewer invitations, enjoy yourself to the fullest and study and master, fewer books, the place to browse many.

An intense concentration on what is truly important is how successful professionals achieve victories.

Stop managing time and start managing your focus.

Why is it important to develop this kind of concentration and focus? Because as expressed abraham maslow, “If you plan to be anything less than what you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy every day of your life.”

It is important that you lead your life to the height of your potential, that you do not settle and work every day to improve and strengthen your abilities.

Cognitive Bandwidth:

Eldar Shafira psychologist at Princeton University explains that we all have a limited amount of mental capacity when we wake up each morning.

As we turn our attention to numerous influences—from the news, messages, and en línea platforms to our family, work, exercise, and spiritual lives—we leave small pieces of our focus behind in every activity we engage in.

So the invitation is quite fácil, take care of your cognitive bandwidth and focus on those actions that will allow you to increase your productivity.

Immediate action to get away from distraction:

One of the ways that successful people avoid complexity was to incorporate calmness and serenity into the early part of their days.

This discipline gave them time away from overstimulation to enjoy life itself; to be aware of your blessings, practice the habit of gratitude, recharge your creativity, and develop your higher self.

3. Practice of personal mastery

The quality of your morning habits determines the caliber of your daily performance. So to invest in your personal mastery, spend time honing your skills.

Each morning focus on improving each of the four internal empires, as your creativity, productivity, performance and impact on the planet are an expression of what is happening within you.

The four inner empires are: mind, heart, soul and health.


Many people believe that the mentality is the only area that we must work on within ourselves.

Although it is important to cultivate our mind; either through habits such as meditation, being careful in the quality of our thoughts and the internal conversation that we have daily, there are other equally important aspects on which we must work.


It is your emotional part. Even if you have a strong mentality that characterizes world leaders. You will not win if you are filled with anger, sadness and resentment.

Many of us know what to do mentally, but nothing extraordinary happens because our emotional life continues to be a mess.

To work on this interior, you cánido write in a journal, talk to a professional, or even meditate yourself, which allows you to become aware of what you’re feeling. In this way you will let go of the past and let go of unhealthy emotions that hurt you.


The days are better when you include healthy habits such as sports.

The empire of health is about connecting and strengthening your physical dimension in such a way that your brain operates at its highest level of cognition, raising your energy level and reducing stress in your life.


Because we are in a race, we have forgotten that part of us that is the most intelligent, special and eternal.

Most are programmed by society to acquire the goods that increase their popularity and validate them. They spend their lives looking to gain recognition from their posts and habitual results that legitimize them.

In conclusion, remember to work the four empires:

  • The mind is about your psychology
  • The heart of your emotion,
  • The health of your physiology and,
  • The soul of your spirituality

4. Stack days

Each of your days represents your life in miniature. To guarantee a successful and meaningful life, you will have to own each of your days.

One way to do this is to fix and make 1% improvements every 24 hours. This is known as the Kaizen method, and when you work in this mode, the results will pile up.

Good habits that are done in a day will become weeks, then months, and these will become years. Remember the following phrase:

Small, daily, and seemingly insignificant improvements, when done consistently over time, lead to amazing results.

People who know how to be successful understand that what they do every day matters, and a lot, compared to those sporadic habits.

What does this orinan? That consistency is a primordial ingredient of mastery. and that the regularity is a must if your intention is to create important results.

In conclusion, start developing these four approaches to successful people in your day to day. Remember that each of the decisions you make on a daily basis, no matter how small, will impact the outcome of your life.

To learn more about this topic, you perro purchase Robin Sharma’s 5 in the Morning Club, a book full of recommendations and inspiration to take your life to the next level.

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 The 4 mental approaches of people
  The 4 mental approaches of people
  The 4 mental approaches of people

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